Those crowds everyone has been so eager to see assemble at the Disneyland Resort materialized this weekend in such large number that it prompted the temporary closure of the Mickey and Friends parking structure for the first time –as far as we can gather — since the opening of the Pixar Pals extension. Beautiful temperatures in the high 70s made for a lovely day despite the familiar crush of humanity that descended upon the Happiest Place on Earth.

In this week’s pictorial, we’ll take a look at the bleed-over of Halloween Time merch and decorations already showing up plus the return of Project Stardust as Tomorrowland appears to be losing its entrance rock work sooner than later. We’ll take a look at the construction of the new Marvel-themed land plus scope out other projects all around the parks. We’ve got another huge merch run primarily consisting of all the new must-haves for Halloween plus a few other fun things to drain your wallet.

All of this and more in out latest park pictorial. ENJOY!

Ticket Appreciation


Winning a ticket to Disneyland ranks up there as one of the most coveted freebies from a contest or sweepstakes but if you’re Tamia Richardson of Edington, Alberta Canada, visiting Disneyland isn’t an opportunity that presents itself all too often; much less winning your way in. And yet, she was able to visit Disneyland recently with a park ticket that she won… in 1985!! That’s like so totally rad, right?!

MORE INFO: Canadian woman visits Disneyland using ticket she won more than 30 years ago!

Halloween Merch Creeps In

We may still have few solid weeks of Summer but Halloween is already top of mind at the Happiest Place on Earth and store shelves around the entire resort are bringing out the best for the 2019 Disney Halloween Time celebration!


There’s 75 days left until Halloween but here we go!

20190817_082748 20190817_082847 20190817_082709 20190817_102421 20190817_091828 20190817_101325

Halloween Time Plush

20190817_091431 20190817_091958


Dia de los Muertos


20190817_101542 20190817_101531 20190817_101615 20190817_101516 20190817_101631 20190817_101555


Hats and Ears

20190817_092523 20190817_092303 20190817_092538 20190817_092328

Apparel and Accessories


New Halloween Time spirit jersey is catching eyes.



20190817_132912 20190817_092513 20190817_092138 20190817_092017 20190817_092039 20190817_091929


Check out their shadows, so cute!


20190817_092241 20190817_092246


20190817_091657 20190817_093744 20190817_101730 20190817_093752

Trinkets and Toys


20190817_091716 20190817_091628 20190817_093819 20190817_092441 20190817_092348 20190817_093830


20190817_091522 20190817_091539 20190817_094042 20190817_093947 20190817_092029 20190817_091918 20190817_092056 20190817_093957

Snacks and Candy


20190817_092225 20190817_092232

Nightmare Before Christmas


20190817_102330 20190817_101813


Haunted Mansion


20190817_102005 20190817_102014


20190817_102000 20190817_102022


More in Store


20190817_082259 20190817_082317
20190817_101350 20190817_101400(0)

These boxes in Five and Dime were just for display, kinda odd, kinda fun.

Marvel-Themed Land


Spider-Man attraction continues to see vertical construction to retrofit the former “bug’s land” theater.

IMG_3332 IMG_3333


Vertical construction has started on the upcoming Ant-Man themed microbrewery, it will sit conveniently next to the Mission: Breakout for those needing some liquid courage before boarding the attraction.


IMG_3337 IMG_3339

Around Disney California Adventure


A crane is poking up over the DCA skyline as construction continues on the Marvel-themed land.



Walls are still up at the Red Car Trolley loading station.


Scaffolding came down on the Award Wieners dining area facade but there’s still plenty of work needed.

20190817_102621 20190817_102623



Mission Breakout continues to be impacted by Marvel-themed land construction.

20190817_103105 20190817_103652


20190817_111012 20190817_110940

Gyro Fries ($12.99) at the Paradise Garden Grill start with a bed of crispy French Fries topped with Beef Gyro, Tzatziki Sauce, Tomatoes, Onion, Sliced Pepperoncini, Kalamata Olives, Feta Cheese, Cucumber Salad, and a side of Pita Bread. Super solid and satisfying.


My jeans ALWAYS hook onto these two stupid ornamental swirls on the Paradise Gardens chairs.


Riley imagined up some umbrellas for the new seating area in her head. It should cover the people sitting there in the event of brain storms, too.


Not much visibly different at the upcoming Villain Grove for Oogie Boogie Bash parties.


Around Disneyland


The mid-afternoon crowds on Main Street were deceptive as to the status of crowd levels in the parks. The Mickey and Friends / Pixar Pals parking structure reached capacity on Saturday evening for — as far as we can tell — the first time since the Pixar Pals structure opened. This does not bode well for the upcoming Halloween Time season when most Annual Pass types will not be blocked out.


Although Project Stardust was intended to refresh and plus up the park ahead of the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, there’s still more projects to complete as part of this initiative including the removal of the rock work at the entrance to Tomorrowland.


The often maligned rock work has constantly been looked to as a way to free-up walkways and viewing area space for parades and fireworks.

20190817_134551 20190817_130456

Over the coming weeks, we should start to see the vistas here open up.


Since the refurb walls at Tomorrowland’s entrance block the loading area for the Omnibus it seems that the Horseless Carriages are pulling double duty to make up for the lost capacity.


The rock work takes up a significant amount of space in the Central Plaza hub of the park and constricts the entrance and exit for Tomorrowland.

20190817_144053 20190817_144015


The Tomorrowland rock work blends into the rock work for the garden area that leads up to the Pixie Hollow character meet and greet. This space has not seen substantial usage since the House of the Future was removed in 1967.


Work progresses quickly on patching up the hole in the Matterhorn that opened up after a sizable chunk of the crag literally fell off of the mountain while the park was closed.


Huge crowds in front of Sleeping Beauty Castle.


Walls are still up around the pump area in-between Adventureland and Frontierland entrance.


Is it just me or is Jack Skellington grinning at me?



20190817_131446 20190817_131503




First Halloween decorations start to land.


Seems like this entire area in front of Space Mountain could really benefit from a refresh in concept.


I liked how the clouds make it look like the sun is harnessing its energy from Space Mountain. That or a massive cloud flare has touched down behind it.


This part of Tomorrowland (including the outside dining area for Pizza Planet) has always felt like a delightfully absurd worm hole rip completely unchanged by the passage of time.


But then time seems to be catching up with the space. What’s going on in here?


And why is there an active cash register up here?


Time for a signage update.


Supper along the river. Love the classic feel of this menu for the Cafe Orleans.

20190817_165655 20190817_165709

Seasonal Soup right now is chicken gumbo ($7) with andouille sausage and tasso ham topped with rice.

20190817_171502 20190817_171601

Can’t go wrong with a classic Monte Cristo ($21)!

20190817_175108 20190817_175130

This Swinging Wake Cake ($10) is a delightful concoction of layered chocolate and vanilla sponge cake with caramel-banana filling and a banana-flavored buttercream frosting.


IMG_3359 IMG_3361

Preparations for Fantasmic!


Never know what kind of wildlife you’ll encounter aboard the Disneyland Railroad.






Get Your Ears On Celebration brings out all kinds of characters. On Saturday we saw both Tweedles, Stitch, Mickey, Pluto, Goofy, and Max.









Remember those crowds we were telling you about?


The Alien Pizza Planet facade  leaves a little to be desired after dark.


Mickey didn’t poof from the roof on Saturday. =(


Near-midnight run to Batuu!

20190817_233429 20190817_233435





Around the Resort


The elevator is coming along at Mickey and Friends parking structure as is the new plaza connecting it to Pixar Pals parking structure.

20190817_080005 20190817_080300


The new unloading area is coming along.

20190817_080050 20190817_080225


Have never seen the security screening stations backed up so much. This was our first sign that the parks would be busier than normal.


Construction continues on the new bridge and walkways that connect the parking structure to Downtown Disney.


The currently awkward transition period makes guests walk a long way around to get across the street which has prompted many guests to jay-walk the more direct route. We’ve often seen police cars parked here to help mitigate this problem. Once the bridge opens this problem should go away.

20190817_080614 20190817_080616


20190817_080803 20190817_080816
20190817_081019 20190817_081020

Downtown Disney parking remains completely unavailable to the public.

20190817_081323 20190817_081715

Pop-up Disney is closing its doors September 2, 2019.


Progress seemingly at a dead stop on this info booth.


Ticket lines in the morning were so long that they spilled outside of the switchbacks and out into Esplanade. The AP Bring-A-Friend tickets cannot be purchased online which may be caasuing higher-than-normal crowds.


We thought the PIZZA PORT sign in Tomorrowland was really bad but this Downtown Disney braille map (aside from having bird poop all over it) still lists Build-A-Bear, Ridemakerz, and Chapel Hats amongst many other out-dated offerings. At least everything west of the monorail beam has simply been covered over but woof is this a bad look.

Merch Run


It looks like Disneyland finally updated the design for its standard “Disneyland” logo magnet. The previous design was a classic and literally decades old. The new one is also nice using in its pattern and colors familiar blocking of favorite Disney characters.


20190817_093716 20190817_093725



20190817_134916 20190817_134947


20190817_144617 20190817_144623 20190817_144632




Curl Surf still has a wide selection of the STAR WARS X TOMS collection shoes and you can use your AP discount to save 10%.

20190817_082518 20190817_082528 20190817_082540

Star Wars X TOMS


If you’re at Curl Surf in Downtown Disney, you can pick yourself up one of several different kinds of STAR WARS X TOMS shoes. The kind folks at TOMS sent us some shoes in return for sharing it with our readers here on MouseInfo. After we got them in the mail, we couldn’t help but to take them with us straight to Batuu!

MORE INFO: The Force is strong with the new #StarWarsxTOMS collaboration

20190811_124451 20190811_124506 20190811_125253 20190811_124034

Protect the Pride


These special edition Nala and Simba plush support The Lion King Protect the Pride campaign. They are also available at certain Disney stores, on, and in select U.S. Disney Parks and Resorts locations

MORE INFO: Disney to raise up to $3 million for conservation with new The Lion King PROTECT THE PRIDE campaign

Starbucks Exclusives

If a stop to Disneyland’s Market House Starbucks is usually in your itinerary, then you might be excited to know that two Disneyland exclusive drinks — crafted by Cast Members at the location — will be available through the run of the Main Street Electrical Parade (September 30, 2019)!

The two concoctions are the Neverland Sunset (lemonade, peach juice and passion fruit tea) and the Wonderland Frappuccino (mocha frapuccino with a swirl of strawberry puree) paying tribute to iconic floats from the twinkling spectacle of nighttime magic and imagination!

20190810_174401 20190810_174744


This Old Mansion


On Friday August 9, the Haunted Mansion turned 50 years old and Disneyland didn’t let the anniversary go un-noticed. A bunch of special food and merchandise options debuted in celebration but that’s not the whole of it! There was a swinging wake up-charge party ahead of its anniversary and also Midsummer Scream which kicked off celebrations with a Grim Grinning Gala and several events through-out the weekend.

We spent a whole week looking into the Haunted Mansion’s history and legacy, check out the articles below in case you missed any!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Haunted Mansion at 50 — A week of festivities and surprises for Disneyland’s ghostly abode

Halloween Early

Halloween Time at Disneyland Resort – Oogie Boogie Bash Sipper

Disney released a bunch of new information, teasers, and pictures of what we can expect for the upcoming Halloween Time season at Disney California Adventure. From villainous new entertainment to first-time arrivals of Disney characters plus food, merch, and more… there’s a whole lot more treats than tricks this year for Disney’s Halloween Time!

MORE INFO: Disneyland teases new #HalloweenTime tricks and treats; New SHOWS, Cheshire Cat, Merch, Food, and More!

Oogie Boogie Bash

Disney California Adventure will take up the mantel of hosting Disneyland’s Halloween Party this year and the whole event gets a whole new name and focus with the upcoming debut of OOGIE BOOGIE BASH – A DISNEY HALLOWEEN PARTY!

Most event nights typically sell out each year. Dates that are crossed out below are sold out as of the last update of this page. Check the official site for the most updated listings.

  • Sept. 17
  • Sept. 19
  • Sept. 22
  • Sept. 24
  • Sept. 26
  • Sept. 29
  • Oct. 1
  • Oct. 3
  • Oct. 6
  • Oct. 8
  • Oct. 10
  • Oct. 13
  • Oct. 15
  • Oct. 17
  • Oct. 20
  • Oct. 22
  • Oct. 24
  • Oct. 27
  • Oct. 29
  • Oct. 31

Tickets may be purchased online, at the Disneyland Resort main gate, and by phone at 714-781-4636.

MORE INFO: OOGIE BOOGIE BASH brings new World of Color, Mickey show, Villain trail, and more to DCA in 2019

California Soarin’ Away


Are you ready to go Soarin’ Over California again? You can charter your own flight now! Due to popular demand, the attraction’s return has been extended! ENDS August 31, 2019.

MORE INFO: SOARIN’ OVER CALIFORNIA to return to Disney California Adventure for limited time this summer

Popping Out


Pop-up Disney! A Mickey Celebration at Downtown Disney is delightful and bright space ripe with literally countless photographic opportunities. If you haven’t seen it yet your window of opportunity is closing! ENDS September 2, 2019.

MORE INFO: Inside and In-Depth: POP-UP DISNEY! A MICKEY CELEBRATION at Downtown Disney

Glowing Again


The Main Street Electrical Parade is back for a special summer encore and it brings with it special treats and merch options but enjoy it while you can! ENDS September 30, 2019.

MORE INFO: WATCH: Disneyland gets lit with return of ‘Main Street Electrical Parade’ plus special food and merch

Imagineer That!

Imagineering in a Box

Many people are fascinated by Disney Imagineering and now Khan Academy is giving you a peek behind the storied walls and processes with Imagineering in a Box. This free online educational curriculum compiles expertise of Disney Imagineers from hundreds of career disciplines around the world and shares with learners of all ages. As part of the 35 educational videos, the curriculum features project-based exercises that apply science, technology, engineering, art and math that allow learners to create themed experiences.

MORE INFO: WATCH: Disney’s ‘Imagineering in a Box’ launches offering hours of instructional curriculum

Magical Savings on Admission

It’s one of the questions we get asked the most, how can you save a little money on Disneyland tickets? Below is what’s available now.

  • AP PERK: Summer Bring-A-Friend ticket offer, $99 for 1-day Hoppers.  MORE INFO
  • US military discounts for tickets and hotels; Disneyland, Walt Disney World.  MORE INFO

Tee Time!

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