Since its initial world debut on June 17, 1972, the Main Street Electrical Parade has lit faces across multiple Disney Parks with its familiar festival pageant of nighttime magic and imagination. Now, as a special summer encore, the fan-favorite returns to close out the 2019 summer season! We were in the park for its debut tonight along Main Street USA!

As part of the welcome back, new merchandise and food offerings are also available!

Full Parade Video

Check out our video from the 10:45 pm performance on August 2, 2019!

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More to Explore



Fantasia Waffle Bowl Sundae ($9.99) is a tasty concoction although based on what we were handed Friday night we can say the presentation is certainly lacking. If you can’t sort heads from tails here what you’re looking at is brightly-colored waffle bowl (they come in multiple colors) and it comes filled with special Fantasia-flavor ice cream (a nostalgic blend of cherry, pistachio, and banana ice cream featuring chipped pistachios and cherries) plus caramel sauce, multi-colored chocolate candy, whipped cream and a cherry.

Other goodies are repeats of what Disney featured in 2017 when the parade returned including the below Cheshire Cat Linzer Cookie, Pineapple Coconut Parfait, Lady Bug Macaron, and Main Street Electrical Parade Cake.


IMG_2838 IMG_2842


There’s a whole bunch more to enjoy for a limited only!

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A slew of merchandise is also available not the least of which are the tees and trinkets below.


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See it for Yourself

MAIN STREET ELECTRICAL PARADE can be seen nightly at Disneyland Park now through September 30, 2019.