We had the opportunity as guests of a Disney Parks Blog event to check out Pop-up Disney! A Mickey Celebration at Downtown Disney. On our voyage into the former ESPN Zone, we found a delightful and bright space ripe with literally countless photographic opportunities.

Your social media accounts will be overwhelmed with mad content you’ll create to keep your street cred intact as a mega influencer… or you’ll have some nice pictures to show mom or make into nice greeting cards. Whatever your intent, even the most jaded anti-photo visitor should find at least one opportunity that they can’t resist snapping, gramming, booking, or tweeting.

What to Expect


  • Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration at Downtown Disney DistrictAdmission into the space is done in small groups which helps keep lines for various photo-ops very short
  • The space is very well lit with soft diffused light throughout. You’ll basically be able to leave your camera flash off for most photo-ops
  • Disney maintenance! We saw crews in here a few times cleaning scuffs and smudges in various exhibits
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  • Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration at Downtown Disney DistrictYou’ll want to adjust expectations for this experience. It’s a selfie/photo journey. Little ones (or fidgety big ones not interested in pictures) may get impatient as they move between rooms.
  • It actually feels a little short! When we got to the end we were hoping to still see even a little bit more!
(The above image is © Disney. All rights reserved.)

Inside Pop-Up Disney


20190426_140744 20190426_121723


If you dined inside the ESPN Zone before it closed then check-in for the event is in the same place as it was for the restaurant. This is where you’re given a color-coded grouping card. You’re invited to relax in the lounge to the left.

20190426_122216 20190426_122226

The color-coded grouping card is a second ticket of sorts once you check in. When it’s your time, all guests with your color card are taken together into the experience together. Our group was about 20 people or so and that seemed to be about the size of each group before and after.


The lounge has Mickey seats and also couches to sit and relax before you go in. There’s also a few photo-ops to get those shutter button fingers warmed up.


Pop on a pair of Mickey Beats by Dre headphones and listen to a playlist of Mickey specific songs. Check out that playlist, you’re bound to go down memory lane here!

20190426_122442(0) 20190426_122501


A giant infographic in the waiting area helps you map out your journey.


Mickey and Minnie’s Love

20190426_135422 20190426_123301 20190426_135426 20190426_123636 20190426_123602 20190426_123608


Hidden Minnies can be found in every room.

It All Started With a Mouse

20190426_124216 20190426_124254 20190426_123953 20190426_123752


Mickey’s Friendships

20190426_124351 20190426_124307 20190426_124357 20190426_124502 20190426_124614 20190426_124520

Sorcerer Mickey’s Magic

20190426_124806 20190426_135506 20190426_124850 20190426_124825 20190426_124839 20190426_125145

Mickey Around the World

20190426_125044 20190426_125110 20190426_125402 20190426_135551 20190426_135533 20190426_135541


Forever Mickey

Two walkways and a room are all lined with mirrors and decorated with Mickey ear hats to make for some fun and unique infinity photo-ops.


20190426_135618 20190426_135628 20190426_125808 20190426_130230 20190426_130239 20190426_130310

Mickey and Disneyland


20190426_130726 20190426_130718 20190426_130950 20190426_131556 20190426_131022 20190426_131312 20190426_131125 20190426_131052 20190426_131351 20190426_131421


Pop-Up Disney Gift Shop


The shop is full of some of the latest and greatest merchandise celebrating Mickey and Minnie. There’s also a selection of exclusive merch items specifically for the Pop-Up including tees, a spirit jersey, and more.

20190426_132105 20190426_132219 20190426_132051 20190426_132116 20190426_132030 20190426_132132 20190426_133007 20190426_133019


Sweet Treats

If you take your Pop-up Disney ticket over to Marceline’s Confectionery in Downtown Disney you can purchase some exclusive treats including this sugar explosion of a non-ice cream Premium Mickey Bar (that somehow tastes EXACTLY like an actual ice cream bar and yes it comes with a bite taken out of it already XD) and the amazing strawberry marshmallows with chocolate (these were actually very very tasty).

20190426_142904 20190426_142934


As guests of the Disney Parks Blog event, we were treated to the two treats shown above.

Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration – Treats

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See it for Yourself

Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration is now open at Downtown Disney.

Ticket Information

Tickets are sold in 10-minute intervals so you need to pick your arrival time. Missing your time slot will invalidate your ticket.

Pricing Varies

  • $30 Weekdays  — Monday to Thursday (before 4 PM)
  • $38 Evenings and weekends — Monday to Thursday from 4 PM to closing and all day Friday to Sunday
  • Free — Children under 3 years of age do not need a ticket

More to Know

  • Tickets for the experience MUST be purchased online, in advance. NO TICKETS MAY BE PURCHASED AT THE VENUE.
  • Parking can be validated for five hours with admission into Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration.

BUY TICKETS: Tickets are on sale now.