Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park – Hitchhiking Ghosts

Welcome back, Foolish Mortals for another look into the history and legacy of Disneyland’s HAUNTED MANSION. Anybody who’s anybody knows that the decrepit dwelling is home to 999 happy haunts but if look closer you’ll find there’s lots of fun facts about this old house and its historic legacy!

Join us now, courtesy of Disney, as we take a look at the HAUNTED MANSION, by the numbers!

  1. 999 ghosts haunt the attraction with “room for one more.”
  2. 13 candles sit on top of the birthday cake in the Grand Hall in the Haunted Mansion.
  3. 3 hitchhiking ghosts are looking for a ride out of the Haunted Mansion: Ezra Beane, Professor Phineas Plump and Gus.
  4. 20 tombstone tributes exist both inside and around the exterior of the attraction. The epitaphs on the tombstones are written in honor of Disney Legends and Walt Disney Imagineers who created and maintain the attraction.
  5. 7 tombstones are featured in the pet cemetery outside of the attraction.
  6. 1 unique exhibit at Disneyland Park, “Happy Haunts Materialize – The Art of Haunted Mansion,” provides an inside look into the story of the Haunted Mansion for a limited time at the Disney Gallery.
  7. 3 of the trees located at the Haunted Mansion are: Southern Magnolia (Magnolia grandiflora), Weeping Mulberry Tree (Morus alba “Chapparal”) and Tolleson’s Blue Weeping Juniper (Juniperus scopulorum).
  8. Since 2001, the Haunted Mansion has been transformed each fall into Haunted Mansion Holiday, a tradition celebrated by guests year after year.
  9. More than 400 flickering candles create a ghostly glow on the façade of the attraction during Haunted Mansion Holiday.
  10. Nearly 7,500 square feet of snow cover the graveyard inside Haunted Mansion Holiday.
  11. More than 200 bones are gathered by Jack Skellington’s ghost dog Zero in Haunted Mansion Holiday to use as décor, garland and presents for the seasonal overlay.

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More in Store



Mega fans of the attraction have the opportunity at Disneyland to help wake the dead with a special after-after hours merchandise release party (from 1am – 4am!) The “under the hill” soiree will take include a bunch of earthly delights includingspirited sips and bites, special entertainment, character encounters, photo ops, and access to several west-side park attractions, plus a few other supernatural surprises.

MORE INFO: Learn more about the event, details and pricing, including how to purchase tickets here.

‘Happy Haunts Materialize’ Exhibit


The Disney Gallery on Main Street is paying tribute to the Haunted Mansion with a fantastic new exhibit: Happy Haunts Materialize: Fifty Spirited Years of the Haunted Mansion.

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: ‘Happy Haunts Materialize: Fifty Spirited Years of the Haunted Mansion’ opens at Disneyland

See it for Yourself

Disneyland’s Haunted Mansion turns 50 on Friday, August 9, 2019. It’s open now through August 25th when it closes its annual conversion into the Haunted Mansion Holiday.

Haunted Mansion at Disneyland Park – Hitchhiking Ghosts