Disney Environmentality is a guiding principle that the Walt Disney Company has undertaken in effort to help create operating practices geared towards sustainability and conservation with an overall goal of responsible conservatorship of the planet. From reducing food waste to sourcing alternate means of electricity and beyond, there are many ways in which Disney aims to be more green.

One of those ways to Disney strives towards conversation are new and continued efforts to minimize water usage at the Disneyland Resort.

disney environmentality artificial turf storybook land canal boats

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Artificial turf has been in use around the Resort for a few years now but those efforts promise to increase.

The latest application is on the grassy knoll at the entrance of the Storybook Land Canal Boats in Fantasyland. The photo shown here, courtesy of Disney, features members of the Disney horticulture team in front of the newly installed border turf that surrounds the floral letters of the attraction’s name.

With a goal to reduce water usage, the resort is undertaking other big and small changes to use less water, too. We’ve also recently seen planters in Disneyland shift from water-demanding grassy patches to more water-savvy plants and succulents such as the planters leading into Tomorrowland. Using less water is also likely part of the reason why we’ve seen Disney replacing larger more thirsty trees with smaller ones around the property.

According to Disney, the entire Disneyland Resort uses less water today than it did a decade ago thanks in part to creative solutions to reduce water usage.

From more water-friendly solutions like succulents and artificial turf to other resources such as efficient water drip irrigation systems and moisture sensors to help promote efficient and effective water usage, the Disneyland Resort is continually improving its efforts of Disney Environmentality.

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