As we move into the third weekend that a certain galaxy isn’t so far, far away at the Happiest Place on Earth, we find that there’s still more to see and do with new and on-going projects.

In our pictorial this weekend, we’ll head over to Pixar Pier where Inside Out: Emotional Whirlwind is moving into finishing touches on a lot of its show elements as new thematic details appear and Bo Peep has made her debut ahead of the official opening of TOY STORY 4 in theaters. Meanwhile, the new Spider-Man attraction and Marvel-themed land continue moving at fever pitch with more metal reaching up towards the sky. We’ll also take a look at the new Tale of the Lion King show in Paradise Gardens Park which we missed during its debut last weekend.

At Disneyland, we take a few honorary spins on three special attractions which all celebrated their 60th anniversary on Friday having opened June 14, 1959 (Matterhorn Bobsleds, Submarine Voyage, and Disneyland Monorail) and we’ll scope out an odd change to a Disneyland opening day original attraction with the conversion of the Main Street Cinema into a retail location — a move which has sent many of our readers on social media into a vocal frenzy.

Plus, a new bridge has popped up over Magic Way as construction continues on the new Pixar Pals Parking Structure!

There’s more to explore with various bric-a-brac and of course a nice merch run at the end. All of this and more in our latest park pictorial! ENJOY!

The King Has Returned…

Tale of the Lion King is a fun new show that recounts the classic animated story through song and dance. ENDS September 2, 2019!

Pop-Up Merch




Lion King VHS tape pocket book.

20190614_115710 20190614_115726 20190614_115736 20190614_115810


20190614_115823 20190614_115835 20190614_115849 20190614_115853

Mountains, Monorails, and ‘Marines


On Friday, three monumental Disney attractions celebrated 60th anniversaries: Matterhorn BobsledsSubmarine Voyage, and Disneyland Monorail all opened together on June 14, 1959!


A limited edition pin commemorating the special milestone was released on Friday.

20190614_081235 20190614_072353



Special photo-ops were available all day to commemorate the special occasion.

20190614_085408 20190614_085524

MORE INFO: 60 YEARS STRONG: A look at Disneyland’s Matterhorn Bobsleds, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, and Disneyland Monorail!

Main Street Cinema… & Store


In a very unpopular — although not wholly unexpected — move, Disney turned the low-key classic Main Street Cinema into a new merchandise location. For now, the setup seems entirely temporary and even a little awkwardly arranged within the existing cinema which still continues to screen vintage Mickey Mouse cartoons.

It would seem the general consensus from very vocal fans on our social media is that during a year in which #Mickey90 is commemorating the legacy of Mickey Mouse, it rings entirely tone deaf to take the one place in the park that pays specific tribute to that very character (one who is literally the foundation upon which entire company was built — “it all started with a mouse”) and turn it into a cheap way to hawk even more of the exact same merchandise that can literally be found all around the Disneyland Resort, including other shops on Main Street (next door and directly across the street.)

It casts an ill spirit not just on the #Mickey90 campaign itself — which can arguably be defined as a strictly commercially driven endeavor — but also towards the respect to which the company pays to its own legacy and its fans. And yet, the move is not entirely unprecedented. Magic Kingdom’s similar cinema attraction was converted to retail several years ago.

With the recent Project Stardust aiming to soak up crowds and create more space and things for guests to enjoy, the timing of this also seems ill-suited. Perhaps a better use of this truthfully underutilized real estate could be devised. We always thought a sort of history of Disney, Mickey, and Disneyland setup in here would be kind of neat with each screen playing vintage footage of different important moments in Disney history. A sort of carrousel of progress in its own right.

Let us know your take on social media or in the comment section below!

20190614_123333 20190614_123341


20190614_123451 20190614_123403 20190614_123424 20190614_123500


20190614_123517 20190614_123524 20190614_123538 20190614_123547


Around Disneyland


Disneyland’s braille map is updated with Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge.

20190614_094234 20190614_094239


June gloom continues to lock its grey grip on the mornings at the Happiest Place on Earth.


Figaro is still gone. Been looking for that darn cat for several weeks now.


Alice was sympathetic to our plight. She too has been known to run into trouble with disappearing cats. Curiouser and curiouser!


The Adventureland sign seems to have more completed elements since we last checked.


The temporary crates have given way to the new foundation for the sign post.

20190614_094000 20190614_094014


New Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge banners in the esplanade.

Marvel-Themed Land


IMG_2010 IMG_2019 IMG_2011 IMG_2018 IMG_2012 IMG_2017 IMG_2013 IMG_2014

MORE INFO: Find more articles about the upcoming Marvel-themed land.

Around Disney California Adventure


Forky from TOY STORY 4 now greets guests as they come into Pixar Pier.




Also in anticipation of the TOY STORY 4 theatrical release next week, Bo Peep has made her debut in Pixar Pier. You can spot her, often with Woody, at various times throughout the day.

20190614_120934 20190614_120946

We’re happy to finally call off Zurg Watch. The toy has returned to Pixar Pier and can now be seen above the juice box at the Poultry Palace instead of on the ground as stroller target practice. This new location makes a lot more sense and turns a previously awkward photo-op into a hidden-in-plain-sight Easter Egg. Would be neat if the eyes occasionally flashed and a tinny sound recording emanated.


Things are getting colorful at the Inside Out: Emotional Whirlwind.


IMG_2002 IMG_2008 IMG_2005 IMG_1998 IMG_2006 IMG_1992 IMG_1999 IMG_2016 20190614_105439 20190614_105451 20190614_105511 20190614_105607
20190614_122114 20190614_122211

The dining area for Award Wieners is still under wraps.


Some new eats available at Award Wieners.

Pixar Pals Parking Structure


Pixar Pals Parking Structure is looking so close to completion but still a ways to go. Will it make it for June 24th when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge opens to the general public?

20190614_124804 20190614_124814 20190614_124857 20190614_124810


Safety signals for official vehicles are already in operation.

IMG_2028 IMG_2033

Tables are in place for security screenings. The digital signage was not on today but lights on every level of the structure were!


Our guess is that a giant Pixar Ball is what’s currently under wraps here. It’s at the base of the three escalators, likely as a reminder for guests as to which side of the structure to head towards at the end of the night. Would be great for a similar Mickey structure to appear on the opposite side to complement.


The new bridge has certainly made significant strides since last weekend when there was none!


Early in the morning when we arrived, street access was blocked as the bridge was being placed.

20190614_125627 20190614_125736

There’s lots left to do on the Downtown Disney side of the bridge.

20190614_125723 20190614_125747


Walls are down revealing the foliage that’s gone up under the bridge.

20190614_125719 20190614_125759


20190614_125821 20190614_125837

Painting and touchups.


Looks like Magic Way will once again house an entrance into the structure.

20190614_125917 20190614_125949

Merch Run

20190614_094646 20190614_094827

Magic Mirror and Imagination Pink are two new merchandise lines that are ready for the Instagramming.

Make it Pink

20190614_094845 20190614_095327 20190614_094831 20190614_095635 20190614_122541 20190614_094858

Make it Magic

20190614_094715 20190614_095425 20190614_094946 20190614_095001 20190614_095620 20190614_094917

Toy Story 4

Knick’s Knacks in Pixar Pier is ready for TOY STORY 4.


 20190614_121330 20190614_121338 20190614_121350 20190614_121358 20190614_121411 20190614_121421


More in Store


The Mickey 90th Anniversary doll pairs are on sale for $50. AP and CM discounts will still apply on top of this.

20190614_122623 20190614_122629

Finding Star Wars Land


Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge is finally here. In case you missed it, we have a WHOLE BUNCH of looks into the land, its shops, its dining, and its (for now) single premiere attraction! In case you missed it, check out our pictorial guides below below!

More to Explore

Have Your Own Reservation?


Guests who have reservations to access STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE should receive communication about how exactly the check-in process will work for accessing the unprecedented new expansion at Disneyland.

Below are the details on what to bringhow to check in and how to enter the land.

MORE INFO: HOW TO: Use your reservation to access STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE at Disneyland

Toy Story 4 comes to play


Disneyland (along with Disney Parks locations around the globe) have begun showing a TOY STORY 4 extended preview which includes a custom intro by actor Tony Hale. ENDS JULY 7, 2019.

MORE INFO: TOY STORY 4 at Disneyland brings extended peek of Disney-Pixar’s latest animated adventure

California Soarin’


Are you ready to go Soarin’ Over California again? You can charter your own flight now! ENDS JUNE 30, 2019.

MORE INFO: SOARIN’ OVER CALIFORNIA to return to Disney California Adventure for limited time this summer

Wake the Dead!


Disneyland is inviting you to help come wake the dead with a special after-after hours party (from 1am – 4am!) to celebrate the Haunted Mansion! Commemorating 50 years of the chillingly awesome attraction, this “under the hill” soiree will take include a bunch of earthly delights including spirited sips and bites, special entertainment, character encounters, photo ops, and access to several west-side park attractions, plus a few other supernatural surprises.

MORE INFO: After-after hours HAUNTED MANSION parties at Disneyland welcome you to wake the dead between 1am and 4am!

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