Disney’s animated series “The Lion Guard” is a sentimental walk down memory lane for parents and a captivating adventure for kids. And to make it even more exciting “The Lion Guard: The Rise Of Scar” is available starting January 9th.

It’s packed with a full length adventure plus 4 additional episodes that your family will love! It’s full of catchy tunes classically experienced in The Lion King and easily pulls you into the new plot twist involving the dreaded Scar.

The classic Lion Guard characters Kion, Bunga, Ono, Fuli and Beshte still take center stage as they defend the pride lands and the circle of life. But they are met with a variety of new challenges made seemingly more difficult due to the dry season. Kion and several characters learn the importance of being a good leader and remaining persistent in the face of struggles.

One of these characters, Makini, makes her debut appearance as Rafiki’s new apprentice. Her enthusiasm is captivating but it also thickens the plot when others try to capitalize on her friendliness.

The hyena antagonists we know, Janja, Cheezi and Chungu, team up with Ushari (the snake) to hatch a plot to overcome their own perceived oppression courtesy of the Lion Guard. Who unknowingly participate in antagonist’s plot that ultimately brings back the villainous spirit of Scar.

Viewers area also treated to 4 additional episodes that showcase the guards compassion and persistence.

  • The Rise Of Scar
  • The Trouble With Galagos
  • Janja’s New Crew
  • Baboons!
  • Lions Of The Outlands

Race to the store today to pick up this perfect addition to your Disney collection!