This past Friday, we were invited to Disneyland to take honorary rides aboard three very special Disney attractions which all celebrated 60th Anniversaries that day: Matterhorn Bobsleds, Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, and the Disneyland Monorail!

We also had the opportunity to hear from Disney Archivist Matt Moryc and poke his well-versed brain to learn more about the legacy of these iconic Disneyland originals. He had a wealth of historical knowledge to share and some highlights as to the roles he plays within the Disney Archives. He shared that in his particular role focuses a lot on research; not just on Disney’s illustrious past but also maintaining and recording all of Disney’s present. Part of the daily challenge is forecasting what of today’s history will become treasured memories in the future. To use his own words, Disney Archivists are finders of the magic!

So now, we present a look at momentous milestone attractions! ENJOY!

In the Park


June gloom was in full force but it didn’t take the shine off these three Disneyland classics!

20190614_081235 20190614_072353


Special photo-ops were available all day to commemorate the special occasion.

20190614_085408 20190614_085524

A limited edition pin commemorating the special milestone was released on Friday.


Full POV On-Ride Video