When you think of San Diego Comic-Con, you don’t usually think of baking shows or a chef coming to do a panel. Well, that’s not the case for popular chef Duff Goldman from Food Network. The past four years he has been a regular fixture at the Marriott for his Sunday Comic-Con panel.

He is known for staying, talking, and taking pictures with people hours after his panel is already finished. So it came as a shock to everyone waiting on Sunday when we were told Chef Goldman was stuck in New Orleans filming his new show DESSERT GAMES.

Instead of cancelling the panel, Chef Goldman sent along a personal message and the first episode of his new show! He also sent some amazing baked cupcakes just for us as well. We were also told that if we took pictures of the two amazing cakes he baked out front of the room he would respond back on twitter. Which he did to us! His Slimmer cake was insane!

Taking over Guy Fieri’s Flavortown market, Duff has four pastry chefs ready for his games. The format for the show has been seen before, but with dessert as key element. It feels like a fresh new take given the antics Fieri and Goldman get into. After Guy hands the chefs a recipe card for ravioli, Duff challenges them to turn those ravioli ingredients into a transformative dessert. Next, the chefs must make an ice cream sundae featuring treats from Duff’s Dessert Cart, that Guy has replaced with some bizarre ingredients! Finally, a spin of the Pie Chart determines the classic pie flavor that the final chefs must capture in their show-stopping dessert if they want to win $10,000!

While disappointed in not getting to see my dessert idol, it was very sweet and much appreciated that the panel itself wasn’t canceled and we got a little something sweet in return! Can’t wait to go again next year.

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