Cartoon Voices is always a fan favorite at San Diego ComicCon, not just because we get to put a face to those familiar voices, but also because of the hilarious demonstrations of these actors’ talents.

On this year’s panel we had Jeff Bergman who you would recognize as the voice of Fred Flintstone, George Jetson, Bugs Bunny and many others from the Looney Toons entourage; Grey Griffin who you’ve heard as several characters in The Grim Adventures of Billy and Mandy, The Replacements, and Scooby-Doo; Josh Robert Thompson who is probably best known for his voice work on the Late Late Show with Craig Ferguson as well as a host of celebrity impersonations; Mick Wingert who voices Po in Kung Fu Panda 2 and Tony Stark in Avengers Assemble and Guardians of the Galaxy TV series; Kaitlyn Robrock, a rookie Comic-Con panelist who voices several characters in Mr. Pickles; and finally, Richard Horvitz from Angry Beavers and Invader Zim.

One of the more interesting questions directed to the entire panel was, “what are you LEAST known for.” Or, what work have you done that people wouldn’t have known was you. Griffin, for example, started out doing trailer voice-overs for unique adult films on the spice channel. Bergman does a dead-on impression of Seth Rogan which he uses for ADR (automatic dialogue replacement or dubbing) when Seth is not available to do it himself. The most jaw dropping however was Josh Robert Thompson’s Morgan Freeman impression, which must be heard to be believed. If I didn’t see it in person I would not have believed the sound was coming from his mouth.

A running theme in the panel is how difficult it is to break into the industry. Working hard for a single shot at something that will get noticed and lead to something larger. The wide variety of voices you have to have at your disposal that then make it harder for others to get cast because a show may have 10 characters all voiced by two actors. All of them agreed however that it’s the best job in the world and they wouldn’t have changed a thing.

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