All of Mickey’s Toontown was closed recently at Disneyland for a thorough scrubbing and Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin also got a bit of extra TLC during the downtime. Aside from the attraction enhancements that debuted in late 2021, the attraction got a repolish that included fixing a long-defunct feature with brigtly light green water that resembles Dip from the ROGER RABBIT film.

Late in 2021, the attraction received a few updates giving Jessica Rabbit a more prominent role as a private eye detective instead of a damsel in distress. A new figure in the attraction’s opening scene features the character apprehending a Weasel who is about to unload some Dip from his car. In the previous incarnation, she had found herself tied up and thrown into the trunk.

The changes are part of a complete refresh to the entire Mickey’s Toontown land at Disneyland.

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Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin has reopened with Mickey’s Toontown and is now available!

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