With a thorough scrubbing over the past few month’s Mickey’s Toontown at Disneylandhas never looked more gorgeous and the food offerings perhaps never better. Café Daisy is the land’s new eatery (combining the best of the now defunct Daisy’s Diner, Pluto’s Dog House, and Clarabelle’s locations) features a menu that we previously revealed includes pizza, hot dogs, and other kid-friendly options.

We had the chance to get a taste of the fun on opening weekend, here’s our reviews of food and drink items available at Cafe Daisy.

EDITOR’S NOTE: This post was modified 4/2 to add additional photos and review information

What We Tried

Pizza Flop-Overs

Pepperoni Pizza Flop-Over ($10.49) with pepperoni, mozzarella, and provolone with tomato sauce is a perfectly suitable pizza dish. While not the worst theme park pizza, we won’t find ourselves craving this and rushing to try it again. The flavors are what you’d expect and the crust is decent, it’s both spongy and crispy at the same time. Allergy friendly versions are also available.

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Cheesy Pizza Flop-Over

Cheesy Pizza Flop-Over ($9.99) with mozzarella and provolone with tomato sauce is another option with allergy friendly versions are also available. The one shown here is gluten/wheat allergy-friendly version which we found to stand up well against the regular version. The crust is still moist and springy although it is just every so slightly dryer and it doesn’t have the satisfying crunch that we found in the regular Flop-Over.

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Spring Garden Wrap

Spring Garden Wrap ($12.99) combines romaine and quinoa into a wrap with a creamy lemon dressing and toasted pumpkin seeds accompanied with house-made chips. The kettle chips are pretty fun of the mill but we were surprised and delighted by the flavors and textures of this menu item which also includes unlisted edamame. It’s a really nice option that’s also vegetarian although we wish there was an option to add chicken!

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Daisy’s Dressed-up Dog

Daisy’s Dressed-up Dog ($14.49) features an all-beef foot-long hot dog, chili-cheese sauce, mac & cheese, and parmesan potato crispies with house-made chips. It’s a pretty safe bet that should prove popular with a bunch of fun fixings on top. The hot dog itself has a very firm casing with a distinctive snap.

A more straight-forward Daisy Dog is available for $12.99 and features a foot-long hot dog with house-made chips and you have the option of adding on some chili-cheese sauce ($3.99) which we found to be pretty decent!

mickey's toontown cafe daisy 20230319_104321

Minnie’s Mini Corn Dogs

Minnie’s Mini Corn Dogs ($7.99) bite-size corn dogs served with a mandarin orange, applesauce, and choice of small water, small lowfat milk, or soft drink. These are perfectly serviceable and should be a big hit with particularly picky ankle-biters. You can sub your apple sauce for another mandarin orange or vice versa.

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Toontown ‘Tater Chips

Toontown ‘Tater Chips ($7.49) are house-made kettle chips with chili-cheese sauce. These are the same chips that come with the wrap and hot dog and are a suitable option if you’re in the mood. The chili-cheese sauce helps dress them up a bit but it’s hard to say that this is a snack worth the cost.

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Daisy’s Goody-Goody Donuts

Daisy’s Goody-Goody Donuts ($5.99) with cinnamon sugar are surprisingly decent. Despite appearances, they are not like store-bought packaged donuts. They are soft and moist and the flavors are great. Worth the $6, though? Probably not. We also wish they were served warm and with a dipping sauce.

mickey's toontown cafe daisy 20230319_091827

Picnic Time Watermelon Lemonade

Picnic Time Watermelon Lemonade ($6.49) is a refreshing choice with Minute Maid Zero Sugar Lemonade, watermelon premium syrup, and watermelon gummies. We always have a hard time springing Disney prices for their mocktails but this one is tasty and fun.

mickey's toontown cafe daisy 20230319_103336

Specialty Cold Brrr-ew

Specialty Cold Brrr-ew ($6.29) made up of Caramel Mudslide Cold Brew from Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co. with sea salt and whipped topping. There’s nothing unpredictable about this one and that’s just fine. Sometimes a nice standard standby is all you need.

mickey's toontown cafe daisy 20230319_091658

Granny Goof’s Garden Sweet Tea

Granny Goofy’s Garden Sweet Tea ($6.49) features Gold Peak® Sweet Iced Tea with Honey-Mango Premium Syrup and Mango popping boba. It’s sweet, it’s tasty, it’s perfectly refreshing. The boba’s are a great touch. Wish they served with a boba straw.

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Picnic Baskets

On opening weekend the messaging was a little inconsistent but it looks like you should be able to add on a Picnic Basket to your kid’s meal at this location for $19.99 (in addition to the cost of the food) but we also heard that currently the only way to purchase the basket is at Good Boy! Grocers as part of the snack picnic offer.

mickey's toontown perfect picnic basket 20230319_104857

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A Perfect Picnic Basket can be added to any kid’s meal for $19.99. You can also purchase a Picnic Blanket for $14.99.

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If you don’t spring for a basket, the presentation of the packaging leaves a little to be desired but the bags make more convenient carrying vessels than trays, it would seem.

Hungry For More?

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Get a full look at the complete menu available at Café Daisy below.

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