Mickey’s Toontown officially opens on March 19, 2023 but the Disney marketing machine is in full force with a full set of photographs of some of the land’s most famous residents who are ready to move back in now that everything is neat and pretty. Here’s a look at the characters inside the newly refreshed Mickey’s Toontown!

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We start with the Big Cheese, himself. Mickey Mouse in front of his house

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Mickey is set to make appearances in the land in more casual clothing befitting of a guy lounging around his neighborhood!

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You can still spot Mickey filming in his movie barn — you never know what he might be filming when you visit!

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The cutest sweethearts of the land!


Minnie in front of her home.

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The second cutest sweethearts in the land.

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Donald Duck in front of his house.

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Goofy and Clarabelle can be spotted in and around the land.

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13/10 pure pred good boy, Pluto!

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Pete has also moved in to Mickey’s Toontown!

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See it for Yourself

Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland officially reopens March 19, 2023.

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