A fun, random and absurd detail that has been part of Mickey’s Toontown since it opened are signs reflecting the zany nature of the Toons. While most signs that existed in the land have been removed, a crop of all new ones can now be enjoyed for a quick giggle. Here’s a look at the silly signs inside Mickey’s Toontown at Disneyland.

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Welcoming all who enter Mickey’s Toontown is this sign confirming it’s friendly neighbors including Duckburg, Spoonerville, Hot Dog Hills, and Mouseton.

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Trashcans aren’t strictly a sign but they do have a sign on them. Plus, find a hardcore Disney fan that doesn’t have thoughts bout Disney trash cans. Yes, it’s a thing.

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The trash services in Mickey’s Toontown are handled by M.A.G.I.C., the Municipal Agency of Garbage Identification and Collection.

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No truer a sign of warning for what you’ll find in Mickey’s Toontown, Children at Play!

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Shoulder Work Ahead, see because Jiminy Cricket… he travels… by shoulder.

mickey's toontown signs 20230325_103807

Keep your animals at bay — er — All Dogs Must Be Kept on a Leash.

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Ducks Crossing, near Donald’s Duck Pond, obviously.

mickey's toontown signs 20230325_104629

Even functional directional signage has been given a “toon” up.

mickey's toontown signs 20230325_105547

CenTOONial Park with a big of legalese on it.

mickey's toontown signs 20230325_103500

What most theme park guests do anyway, so no need for a sign to confirm it. Wrong Turn O.K.

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