Jessica Rabbit now dons a new look inside the classic Roger Rabbit’s Car Toon Spin attraction to Disneyland in Mickey’s Toontown. Debuting this past week in a bright yellow trench coat and fedora reminiscent of Dick Tracy, the sultry lounge singer from WHO FRAMED ROGER RABBIT has taken on a new calling as a private investigator within the attraction’s storyline.

A change of outfit wasn’t the only update on deck for the character. A new figure in the attraction’s opening scene finds Jessica Rabbit in command about to apprehend a Weasel who is about to unload some Dip from his car. In the previous incarnation, she had found herself tied up and thrown into the trunk, a visual that is thankfully interpreted with more scrutiny for today’s audiences.

The welcomed update also features Jessica Rabbit at the end of the attraction — still donning her new trademark look — continuing to carry a giant mallet with which she is able to subdue her Weasle attackers.

You can see all the changes for yourself in our video below.