It’s hard to imagine that a week after Disneyland Resort officially opened Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to the general public that there would be any new things opening and we find this weekend THREE new debuts including Pixar Pals parking structure, Pixar Pier’s Inside Out: Emotional Whirlwind, and a brand new Haunted Mansion 50th Anniversary exhibit at the Disney Gallery.

Aside from exploring all the new offerings, we’ll revisit Batuu once more, check in on crowds around the park, and get a look at new and on-going projects across the resort. Of course, a nice merch run at the end loaded with new wallet drainers plus much more. ENJOY!

Summer Discount Ticket


From now through August 30, 2019 Annual Passholders can purchase a 1-Day Park Hopper tickets for $99. Each Annual Passholder can purchase a maximum of three (3) specially priced tickets per day TOTAL so either one for themselves (if they are blocked out) and up to two (2) guests OR a maximum of three (3) tickets for guests if their annual pass is still valid for admission on that day.

MORE INFO: AP PERK: Summer Bring-A-Friend ticket offer, $99 for 1-day Hoppers

Glowing Again

In an exceedingly odd move, Disney has decided to resurrect the Main Street Electrical Parade for another limited time encore engagement starting August 2, 2019. To make way for the new parade, Disney also confirmed that Mickey’s Soundsational Parade will be closing July 17.


New Exhibit Materializes


It’s been five decades since a certain foreboding manor along Disneyland’s Rivers of America flung open its doors to mortal visitors and now the Disney Gallery on Main Street is paying tribute to the Haunted Mansion with a fantastic new exhibit: Happy Haunts Materialize: Fifty Spirited Years of the Haunted Mansion.

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: ‘Happy Haunts Materialize: Fifty Spirited Years of the Haunted Mansion’ opens at Disneyland

 An Emotional Opening


The Inside Out: Emotional Whirlwind is finally here! Completing the last major change to Pixar Pier since it officially reopened just over a year ago, the attraction is hardly recognizable from its previous incarnation as Flik’s Flyers in “a bug’s land.” The imaginative new take on the classic spinner brings some needed movement to the land and adds a whole lot of color.

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: ‘Inside Out: Emotional Whirlwind’ takes Disney California Adventure by (brain) storm, NOW OPEN!

Pixar Pals Parking Structure


We were in Disneyland a day before the grand opening of the Pixar Pals parking structure. The structure opened officially June 30, 2019. There’s still a good bit of work before everything is finished and ready.

20190629_081839 20190629_081843 20190629_150255 20190629_150305
20190629_082741 20190629_082743

We explored the new tram loading area in last week’s pictorial.


Since last week, Disney replaced Eve on a bubble that previously seemed to feature accidentally incomplete artwork of a Mary Poppins penguin.


Why is THIS the silhouette they went with for Maleficent? What is she even doing here??


More water fountains with bottle fill please!


20190629_082912 20190629_082931 20190629_082946

Also changed since last weekend are these signs where all but one had been misprinted without the name of the level.




20190629_083103 20190629_083114

The temporary walkway to Downtown Disney.



The temporary walking path has you exit out on to a sidewalk that makes you turn left towards the intersection to cross the street and then double back on the otherside of the street to get towards Downtown Disney. We saw several people jay walk rather than take the extra steps to go down to the cross-walk. Expect this until September when the bridge is expected to open and this walkway will close.


Meanwhile, the bridge is getting a new roof.

20190629_083231 20190629_083300 20190629_083250 20190629_083313




The bridge construction continues through the summer for an expected opening in September.

20190629_083547 20190629_083558 20190629_083607
20190629_083707 20190629_083721

Marvel-Themed Land


IMG_2103 IMG_2107 IMG_2108 IMG_2110 IMG_2111 IMG_2112


MORE INFO: Find more articles about the upcoming Marvel-themed land.

Around Disney California Adventure


The dining area for Award Wieners remains behind construction walls.

20190629_090530 20190629_090549


Looks like Tale of the Lion King showtimes have been pushed back to later in the afternoon when the sun is a little less oppressive.


We didn’t think they’d do it but Disney found a solution to cover up the previously uncovered “back” sides of the animal silhouettes on the stage for the Tale of the Lion King show. Fabric coverings now cover the formerly solid black backings of the animals which had support poles attached to them.


Mickey is still missing atop the Silly Symphony Swings.


Hard to see but the second window was added to separate the dining area for the Lamplight Lounge from the main boardwalk.

20190629_091424 20190629_091429
20190629_091511 20190629_091530

The billboards were updated on Pixar Pier. Minor changes but now Wall-E and Eve share a spark/kiss and the tagline changed from “Find Your Special Moment” to “Spark a Special Moment” and the other now features a line from Dory at the bottom.

20180621_143131 20180621_143138

Here’s how the billboards looked last year when they first debuted.


They added a separating wall that now obstructs your ability to see Edna Mode in the Incredicoaster’s first show scene. Previously, you could see into the little room including some support elements not visible from the coaster….


Before they added the new wall, you could easily see how the static Edna figure was secured to the ground in the first show scene for the Incredicoaster.

IMG_0874 IMG_0877

Some of the details in the “lounge.”


Some over-sized cards were tacked onto the side of the Midway Mercantile building.


Around Disneyland


20190629_105001 20190629_105025

The wait board reflects land status for Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and also wait time for Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run.

20190629_105332 20190629_105343

Still no Figaro or blue bird here.


The obnoxious merch carriage has resumed its former spot near the Bibbidi Bobbido Boutique negating the positive benefits of the recent walkway widening in this area.


The carriage had previously taken up temporary residence here (while the castle was under refurbishment) and worked A LOT better there with A LOT more room for it, freeing up the precious little space in that castle forecourt.


Don’t remember RAINBOW RIDGE STAGE DEPOT on here before. Pretty funny that this former payphone bank now serves as a random shade structure. Not mad at it!


Quick snacks now available on the Big Thunder Trail in case you need a taste from home before travelling to Batuu.


The plant-based burger at Hungry Bear is surprisingly good! You won’t be fooled that it’s not beef but it’s pretty close and pretty tasty!


Blue Berry Lemonade is a wonderful refresher on your way in or out of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. Its color and the blueberries even make it look like a Batuuan specialty.


After we finished ours, we added water to make our own spa water. Pinkys were lifted.


Trio of helicopters soared over.

20190629_121607 20190629_121516

We shared this new Churros & Lemonade ODV cart in Critter Country in last week’s pictorial but the weather was blah. Here it is again, neat and pretty!



Jolly Trolley has been gone for several months now. Hopefully it’s getting a nice thorough refresher.


When the parks are super busy, Disneyland switches Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge to boarding group access only. If you don’t do it through the mobile app you can grab a paper boarding pass at various locations around the park including here near the Matterhorn.

20190629_110554 20190629_110858

Temporary signs have been added all around the park to let guests know about their boarding group status. This is fantastic move on Disney’s part to make the process as easy and seamless as possible.

Back to Batuu



This is the first official weekend of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the land is noticeably busier than any of the days we visited during the reservation period.


This is the back of the line for Oga’s Cantina. You can see at the center of the picture the actual Cantina entrance, it’s the yellow building with a black banner hanging on it behind the rock spire. Even though it’s only open to guests with reservations, the wait with a reservation can still be upwards of 45 minutes or more and there’s very little shade while you wait so we advise being prepared for the elements!

Savi’s Workshop also requires reservations.


Guests who require extra time for loading into Millennium Falcon: Smugglers Run are directed to a different part of the ship with plenty of space for wheelchairs and ECVs to be parked as well as hold service animals.



If you didn’t see somebody get Force-choked, did you even experience the Star Wars universe?

20190629_140130 20190629_140123

Atmosphere shows like this — brief, impromptu, and succint — are exactly what’s needed in Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge. really wish that there were more of these in more places in the land to help with the world-building.

20190629_122203 20190629_122241

Taking a second to appreciate Disney Horticulture and the amazing work they did to bring life to Batuu. Amazing!

20190629_122304 20190629_122608

Really wish there was a Traveler’s Guide to the Botany of Batuu that could point out some of the beautiful flora in the land!




Kyber Crystals remain sold out on Batuu unless you buy a Holocron at which point you are offered either a red or blue crystal.


The proprietor of this butcher stall is not in at the moment. Maybe this is where they make the Nuna Turkey Jerkey?

20190629_131301 20190629_131316 20190629_131331


Around the Resort

20190629_085831 20190629_145016

Looks like something is finally happening at the former Haagen-Dazs which was formerly an info booth.

20190629_084526 20190629_084529

Rainforest Cafe and AMC still sit vacant with no announcements as to the fates of these two locations.


Pop-up Disney banners in Downtown Disney parking lot.

Merch Run

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


Postcards are back at Jewels of Bish. Really beautiful artwork in here! Lots of merch that had been sold out as of last weekend is back in stock throughout the land.

20190629_111134 20190629_111220 20190629_111242 20190629_111307
20190629_111419 20190629_111345 20190629_111505 20190629_111514 20190629_111411 20190629_111644





Droid pocketbooks are back but the backpacks are still sold out.




20190629_131611 20190629_131558 20190629_131652 20190629_131812

More in Store



Closer look at the magnet frame and the etched artwork in the gold water bottles.

20190629_101048 20190629_101205 20190629_101250
20190629_090307 20190629_090323

New Toy Story 4 dress from the Disney Dress Shop.


20190629_085057 20190629_085112


Some really great merchandise paying tribute to Matterhorn, Monorail, and Subs which all just celebrated concurrent 60th anniversaries recently.


20190629_085028 20190629_084821 20190629_084844


20190629_084849 20190629_084827 20190629_084910 20190629_085014


Awesome 90s-style tshirts.


I still don’t get this.


Plenty of patriotic merchandise available around the resort.

20190629_144701 20190629_144704

More ways than ever to force bubbles into everyone’s faces!

Protect the Pride


These special edition Nala and Simba plush support The Lion King Protect the Pride campaign. They are also available at certain Disney stores, on shopDisney.com, and in select U.S. Disney Parks and Resorts locations

MORE INFO: Disney to raise up to $3 million for conservation with new The Lion King PROTECT THE PRIDE campaign

Toy Story 4 comes to play


Disneyland (along with Disney Parks locations around the globe) have begun showing a TOY STORY 4 extended preview which includes a custom intro by actor Tony HaleENDS JULY 7, 2019.

MORE INFO: TOY STORY 4 at Disneyland brings extended peek of Disney-Pixar’s latest animated adventure

California Soarin’


Are you ready to go Soarin’ Over California again? You can charter your own flight now! Due to popular demand, the attraction’s return has been extended! ENDS August 31, 2019.

MORE INFO: SOARIN’ OVER CALIFORNIA to return to Disney California Adventure for limited time this summer

Wake the Dead!


Disneyland is inviting you to help come wake the dead with a special after-after hours party (from 1am – 4am!) to celebrate the Haunted Mansion! Commemorating 50 years of the chillingly awesome attraction, this “under the hill” soiree will take include a bunch of earthly delights including spirited sips and bites, special entertainment, character encounters, photo ops, and access to several west-side park attractions, plus a few other supernatural surprises.

MORE INFO: After-after hours HAUNTED MANSION parties at Disneyland welcome you to wake the dead between 1am and 4am!

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