It was a decidedly less busy than usual weekend at the Disneyland Resort, or at least at Disneyland Park which saw pleasant crowd levels compared to sister park Disney California Adventure which saw attraction times soar over an hour across the park.

As the Spring Break period powers through, Project Stardust projects continue to wrap up while new ones unveil around the park. This week, we’ll get an updated look at INSIDE OUT EMOTIONAL WHIRLWIND which has seen thematic elements go into position, Sleeping Beauty Castle seemingly has given us a look at its full color palette, plus Pixar Pals Parking Structure, Galaxy’s Edge, and a nice merch run at the end.

All of this and much more in our latest park pictorial. ENJOY!

Going Green… literally


In celebration of Earth Day on April 22, the Disney Environmentality Art Challenge has returned once again with art projects crafted by Cast Members from around the Resort. If more than 5,000 votes are received by guests and cast members, the Disneyland Resort will light the more than 10,000 energy-efficient LED lights of the Pixar Pal-A-Round attraction in green on Earth Day.

MORE INFO: PIXAR PAL-AROUND going green on Earth Day if you vote now in the 2019 Disney Environmentality Art Challenge!

Entertaining Reservations

-2019-03-09 09_11_04

Disneyland Resort confirmed the expansion of their Disney MaxPass service to include digital Disney FASTPASS selections for select entertainment in both Disneyland and Disney California Adventure!

MORE INFO: MaxPass expands to include select entertainment offerings at Disneyland Resort

A Whole New Preview

-2018-10-11 19_52_17

ALADDIN is getting a sneak peek at Disney Parks in the US starting April 19. A special 10-minute preview of the film will be shown at Disneyland in the Main Street Opera House while Disney’s Hollywood Studios will include this advance look at a portion of the film as part of the Walt Disney Presents attraction.

MORE INFO: ALADDIN sneak peek preview coming to Disneyland, DHS

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


20190414_114608 20190414_114611 20190414_114616 20190414_114621


MORE INFO: News and Information about STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE

STWGALAXYSEDGE2018001_DC11 reviseExplore Early?

The public won’t get their chance to explore Galaxy’s Edge until May when the new land opens at Disneyland (and then again later in the year a clone of the land opens in Walt Disney World) but Marvel is ready to take you to the planet of Batuu — and specifically the Black Spire Outpost. A host of new books and comics will take us deeper into that Galaxy not so far away.

Edging Closer

Star Wars: GalaxyÕs Edge Ð Ronto Roasters

It’s no secret that the Star Was: Galaxy’s Edge expansion (or unofficially Star Wars Land for the uninitiated) will be an incredible undertaking when it lands at both Disneyland Park in Anaheim and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park at Walt Disney World and now we have more info than ever before about the impressive new undertaking opening as early as this summer in California and later this year in Florida!

MORE INFO: PHOTOS: A look at the food, merch, and rides coming to STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE!

Around Disney California Adventure


The Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival continues on through April 23, 2019!


Pixar Pier is enjoying the last of its pink blooms.


World of Color platform raised in the morning.




IMG_1739 IMG_1734 IMG_1735 IMG_1740 IMG_1751 IMG_1738
20190414_090207 IMG_1736

Silly Symphony Swings still shows little visible progress.


The new Marvel themed land continues moving along. Aerial shots are a little fuzzy from the morning haze.

IMG_1742 IMG_1743 IMG_1744 IMG_1749


Looks like that tractor is heading straight for the old Red Car Trolley gates near Guardians of the Galaxy: Mission Breakout.


A flock of birds flew right up to my gondola when I reached the highest point of the Pixar Pal-Around.

IMG_1756 IMG_1757

They sat on the wheel and stayed there as it turned until the very last possible moment. I swear each said “Bye, Eddie” as it flew past. Weird.


Those sun rays, though.


Walking past Grizzy River Run we noticed a familiar voice coming from the attraction. Turns out the new safety spiels are done by classic Disney character Ranger Woodlore! Check it out below!

How many different Grizzly River Run logos can you count? It really is time for a revamp of this attraction. A nice meaty rework introducing Ranger Woodlore would be a fantastic direction. Incorporate Humphrey Bear, the indelible music from the classic shorts, and they could have a strong winner here. Or maybe Country Bears?

20190414_093259 20190414_093327 20190414_093345 20190414_093603


Poncho Recycling bins.

Around Disneyland


Walls have gone up around the Main Street Mad Hatter shop.


Easter Sunday is around the corner and these gorgeous treats are a bright way to celebrate! The hatching chick apple, FTW!


These cake pops were flying off the shelves.


Mickey Pops are still so cute.

20190414_101054 20190414_101206

I guess these are Briar Rose Gold treats?


Walls are still up around the Hub as part of Project Stardust.

20190414_101405 20190414_101416 20190414_101433 20190414_101511


Info Booth relocated temporarily between Adventureland and Frontierland.


The Adventureland entrance caught a bit of social drama last week when word got around that the entrance marquee was going to be reworked and rebuilt as part of the on-going Project Stardust.

20190414_101642 20190414_101659
20190414_102317 20190414_102334 20190414_102337


20190414_101754 20190414_101816



With all the talk about the entrance being widened, we got to thinking that the Tiki Juice Bar would also make an easy removal to open things up even more at the entrance.


Since Dole Whips are now available at the next-door Tropical Hideaway, it makes this location superfluous aside from the fact that it and its exterior queue eat into walkway space. With this location gone, the machines could be moved over to the Adventureland Fruit Cart near Bengal Barbecue where Dole Whips there could be Mobile Order only.

20190414_101713 20190414_102409


The walkway between Frontierland and Adventureland has reopened.

20190414_102022 20190414_101957

The planters on the Frontierland side have been made a little smaller.

20190414_101801 20190414_101825

The fort wall and sign creating an arch over the walkway has been removed.

20190414_102053 20190414_102128

On the Adventureland side, there’s a little more walking space.


Bonanza Outfitters continues to move along on its exterior refurbishment. Planters have also been swallowed up.



I wonder what happened to Rosita?


So many sporks!


The tables in the main dining area of the Tropical Hideaway are all colorful now. Not sure how long ago these changed out from the natural wood tables that debuted when the restaurant opened last year.

20190414_102428 20190414_103323


Walls have receded at Sleeping Beauty Castle unveiling the new curb-free walkway in front of it.



Looks like we have a full look at what the new castle’s full color pallet will entail!

20190414_103632 20190414_103658



Walls are down near Peter Pan’s Flight, too.


The planter has been made smaller creating more usable area for either stroller parking and/or extended queue.


The tree remains in place with some fancy metal grating.

20190414_103957 20190414_104013

That wall is DYING for your selfie.


20190414_103931 20190414_104044

Still a ways to go with Project Stardust here.



I spy another tree that could lose the planter around it to create more space.


20190414_104602 20190414_104656


Astro Orbitor is still not back yet.


Walls are down at the exit of the Autopia.


The planter was given a small wrap-around walkway and the flooring around it is light blue.

20190414_105201 20190414_105012


From the new walkway that cuts through the planter, you can see portions of the foliage that were hacked away to make the new walkway.


New blue stones line the planter giving a fun sparkly look.

Around the Resort


New dining patio coming along at Black Tap.


Walls confirm where the new Sugarboo & Co. location will be going. Still not clear where the new Rinse soap shop will be going.


Perhaps this sidewall at the former ESPN Zone will provide storefronts for new locations that will take up residence here?


The Pop-up photo-op boutique celebrating Mickey and Minnie shows no visible signs of being ready for the April 26 opening.

20190414_111617 20190414_111633
20190414_111450 20190414_111535

Still no word on what’s going on at the former Rainforest Cafe or AMC Theatre locations.


New patio and dining area moving along at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

20190414_112844 20190414_112847


Just last week, this walkway was available for guest use and has now reverted back to Cast Member usage.


The Downtown Disney marquee has been removed and it looks permanent. Never quite made sense here and was not terribly iconic or memorable.

Pixar Pals Parking Structure


20190414_081102 20190414_081052 20190414_081057 20190414_081116


Concrete poured for what appears to be the new tram route or a walkway.


Looks like the new pathway is turning back in to the structure here inbetween Mickey and Friends and Pixar Pals.


Connecting walkway between Mickey and Pixar.

20190414_080928 20190414_080926
20190414_114207 20190414_114223 20190414_114245

The Mickey and Friends escalator signs have been replaced. For the first time, it seems they’ve been printed overly dark to account for the fading that happens here due to the harsh sunlight hitting the south-facing signs all day long. Oddly, they’re still using the off-model artwork that’s used through-out the structure. Elevator buttons could use a refresh, too.

20190414_081339 20190414_081353


Merch Run


Wishables. Forget Ufufy, forget Tsum Tsum. Are you in?


20190414_094914 20190414_094927 20190414_095758 20190414_095808 20190414_095812 20190414_095836


Disney Egg-Stravaganza


The Disney Egg-Stravaganza is back for the 2019 spring season! All around the Disneyland Resort, giant Easter eggs have been hidden and it’s up to you to find them all! For your efforts, you’ll be rewarded with a special prize. ENJOY NOW THROUGH APRIL 21!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Disneyland Resort has hidden eggs on property and you can earn prizes for finding them all!

Food and Wine Continues


It can be overwhelming to try and process all the things to see, do, eat, and drink during Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival so that’s why we’ve assembled this handy guide to help you find your way through it all!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: A complete look at 2019 ‘Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival’

But wait, there’s more! Fresh tastes abound this year and we’ve got a great look at what you can expect to enjoy from the Festival Marketplaces in 2019. BON APPETIT!

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: A look at the 2019 Disney California Food & Wine Festival marketplace menu items!

The festival runs from now through April 23, 2019.

Selfie Game

Pop-Up Disney-concept-art-2

Disney recently confirmed April 26, 2019 opening (daily after that from 10 AM to 9 PM) for the new Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration and tickets are available for sale now!

MORE INFO: DETAILS: Tickets from $30 for new POP-UP DISNEY! exhibit, opening April 26 at Downtown Disney

Disney Channel Fan Fest

disney channel fan fest

Disney Channel Fan Fest is coming back once again to Disney California Adventure on Saturday April 27, 2019. The event gives fans the ultimate change to see many of their Disney Channel favorites live and in person with interactive main stage sessions, Q&A, presentations by talent and creators from Disney Television Animation, musical performances, sneak peeks from the highly anticipated Disney Channel Original Movie “Descendants 3” and more.

MORE INFO: Disney Channel Fan Fest returning once again to Disney California Adventure

Policy Changes

20190330_100751 20190330_101016

Some recent changes at both Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World resort caught national media attention when Disney policy updates for stroller sizes, smoking areas (or lack thereof), and loose ice! The rules will be going into effect on May 1, 2019.

MORE INFO: Smoking, Stroller, Parking changes coming to Disneyland, Walt Disney World


IMG_1468 20190315_120355

For a limited time, guests visiting Disney California Adventure can visit with Marvel’s latest superhero Captain Marvel! Carol Danvers herself makes several appearances daily in the Hollywood Land section of the park taking to a giant hangar converted for S.H.I.E.L.D. to play tribute to the new.

MORE INFO: WATCH: Captain Marvel has landed at Disney California Adventure, appearances daily

20190315_112933 20190315_114718



GET YOUR EARS ON – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration is a new festival at the Disneyland Resort to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of everyone’s favorite mouse duo. #Mickey90

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Disneyland celebration invites you to GET YOUR EARS ON with new offerings

Hungry for More Mickey?


MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: Disneyland’s festive menu for ‘Get Your Ears On’ Mickey 90th celebration

Magical Savings on Admission

Disneyland is currently offering several ways to save a little money and visit the Happiest Place on Earth. Each have various restrictions so you’ll want to find the one that works best for you.

  • $60/day; Disneyland Resort.  MORE INFO
  • $70 ticket offer, hotel discounts; Disneyland Resort.  MORE INFO
  • US military discounts for tickets and hotels; Disneyland, Walt Disney World.  MORE INFO

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