You might have seen several of our pictorials from this weekend covering the extensive relaunch of Halloween Time this year at the Disneyland Resort. There’s quite a lot to take in but outside of the fall celebration, there’s still a regular update to be had! We’ll take you to the Star Wars Galaxy’s Edge construction site once more for a peek at the progress plus a check up on existing projects around the Resort. Of course, a nice big merch run at the end. All of this and more in our latest pictorial, ENJOY!

Halloween Time is Here!

Now through November 2, 2017, the Hallloween Time celebration is here. You can see a few of our other pictorials highlighting all the new and returning favorites:

Galaxy’s Edge

Construction continues to send more metal skyward. Topping out was a few weeks ago and now thematic rebar pieces are starting to go up on the mountain peeks to give it it’s bluffs and craigs.

Halloween Party Parade backstage.

Helpful cast members with PAs helping guide guests to empty tables/lines.

Around Disneyland

Noticed a new Fantasmic! poster in the entrance tunnels. So awesome!

Corn Dogs are back!

River Belle Terrace refurbishment continues.

New card readers have started to spring up resort wide. They allow slide, chip and touch payments. For now, no chip. Just sliding and contactless payments.

Bengal Barbecue recently started offering a combo option for skewers that pairs choice of 2 skewers with rice and slaw for $15.99. Seems a little steep if we’re not even counting a drink yet.

You can always opt for Plaza Inn’s Catch of the Day.

Plaza Inn Kid’s Meal.

This is not the stroller you’re looking for.

Fuel Rod kiosks continue appearing all over the Resort, each appropriately themed for their land.

Merch Run

Glow in the Dark Ooogie Boogie containers.

Adorable new mini tea sets have sprung up on shelves.

All sold out, don’t bother looking for them!

Get off the roof, get off the roof!

Tee Time!

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