The rain fell hard this weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth and while it does slow down construction and refurbishment projects, there’s no question that it’s an undoubtedly BUSY off-season.

Construction and refurbishment projects continue all around the Resort and this week we’ll pop in for a look at Star Wars: Galaxy Edge, plus an update on Project Stardust which is refurbishing Sleeping Beauty Castle, Main Street sidewalks, and more.

Plus, we’ll check out the new addition of Vampirina to the Disney Junior Dance Party, try some new menu items, visit with a few Disney characters and a littl merch run for you at the very end. All of this and more in our latest park pictorial. ENJOY!

Vampirina Joins Disney Junior Dance Party

Since it debuted summer 2017, the Disney Junior Dance Party! has been giving young fans to come face to face with their Disney Junior favorites and now Vampirina has been added to the lineup!

MORE INFO: WATCH: Vampirina joins DISNEY JUNIOR DANCE PARTY at Disney California Adventure

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It’s Ebay or the highway

mickey90 ap bucket popcorn refill

The $1 popcorn refill program has returned for Annual Passholders. The bad news is that the new Steamboat Willie themed popcorn buckets are already sold out. If you managed to snag one (or are going aftermarket on ebay) then you can secure $1 refills through March 7!

MORE INFO: Popcorn refills for $1 return for Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders

Mobile Redesign

mobile order disney parks

After several successful tests and roll-outs, Disney Parks are unleashing a newly redesigned Mobile Order experience through their standard mobile apps. Both theDisneyland App for Disneyland Resort and coming soon to the My Disney Experience App for Walt Disney World Resort are updated with enhancements that aim to make the already-easy process of ordering food through your phone even better.

MORE INFO: Re-designed Mobile Order experience unveiled for Disneyland, Walt Disney World

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


20190203_143758 20190203_143821 20190203_143824 20190203_141408


MORE INFO: News and Information about STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE

STWGALAXYSEDGE2018001_DC11 reviseExplore Early?

The public won’t get their chance to explore Galaxy’s Edge until June when the new land opens at Disneyland (and then again later in the year a clone of the land opens in Walt Disney World) but Marvel is ready to take you to the planet of Batuu — and specifically the Black Spire

Around Disneyland


It was a rainy weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth. When the weather is a little soggy many entertainment offerings get canceled, character greets get moved indoors, ODV locations close, and some rides temporarily close until things dry up.

20190203_132657 20190203_132809

Project Stardust continues along all around the park including Main Street where re-sloping is occurring to remove the curbs on the sidewalks to help relieve crowd congestion.

20190203_132905 20190203_132909

Since the castle is under-going refurbishment, the lasers used in the night time evening entertainment have been moved to the Main Street Station.


Still not digging the party hats on the Mickey planters.

20190203_133211 20190203_133215


The rainy windy weather forces tarps to be removed from scaffolding which affords rare views of refurbishment and construction projects around the park such as here at Sleeping Beauty Castle.


20190203_135824 20190203_133455 20190203_133642 20190203_133649


Sleeping Beauty and Prince Phillip take a look at progress on their home.


Here’s a look at the new paint scheme for Sleeping Beauty.

20190203_145840 20190203_145846

“it’s a small world” has awakened from a short winter’s nap and the Holiday layover is but a dream!


All visible traces of Astro Orbitor are now gone as it undergoes refurbishment. It returns this year.

20190203_140123 20190203_140131

The Rivers of America loading dock is getting a bunch of TLC.


Fantasmic! and Sailing Ship Columbia are under refurbishment.

20190203_140625 20190203_140302

Oh, dam! Cofferdam, to be precise.


20190203_140957 20190203_140951


French Market is also getting some sparkle.



Hungry Bear Restaurant recently debuted a new menu. While it’s decidedly less interesting than the new menu that debuted a few years ago, there is a highlight worth mention in the form of the completely vegan Messy Melvin’s Vegan Specialty Burger ($13.49). The new option features a Vegan Patty with a “chili” of sorts made of stewed vegetables. It’s served with choice of French Fries or House Slaw. I only wish it was served with fries AND slaw. The meal was surprisingly robust and very flavorful. On a cold rainy day, it was surprisingly hearty and comforting.

20190203_142338 20190203_142325
20190203_141858 20190203_141903 20190203_141908 20190203_141850 20190203_141841 20190203_141846
20190131_200617 20190131_200626

Mickey-inspired Cheeseburger ($12.29) from the Red Rose Tavern features a 1/3 lb. Angus patty with burger sauce and lettuce on a red potato bun with black sesame seeds. It’s certainly not bad but not terribly special, either. If you’re dining at this location, go for one of the other options like the decadent Beast’s Forbidden Burger or the yummy Crispy Cauliflower Samosa Sandwhich.



Prince Phillip was out with Princess Aurora. During Valentine’s Month you never know which Prince you might see out with their respective princesses. We’ve heard that Eric, Charming, and Snow White’s Prince have all been spotted.


Belle was out in her blue dress. A more practical choice considering the weather.



GET YOUR EARS ON – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration is a new festival at the Disneyland Resort to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of everyone’s favorite mouse duo. #Mickey90

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Disneyland celebration invites you to GET YOUR EARS ON with new offerings

New Nighttime Spectacle

In celebration of the 90th Anniversary of Mickey, Disneyland has debuted a brand new projection show that, on select nights, will also feature fireworks: Mickey’s Mix Magic. The new nighttime spectacle is touted as a high-energy dance party in the park and on weekends and peak days will also be supplemented with fireworks — weather permitting.

MORE INFO: WATCH: Disneyland debuts new ‘Mickey’s Mix Magic’ nighttime spectacle

Soundsational Returns

“Mickey’s Soundsational Parade”

Although it’s not available during the rain, Mickey’s Soundsational Parade is back at Disneyland Park and it brings with it a few small updates in celebration of Mickey’s 90th Anniversary for the GET YOUR EARS ON celebration.

MORE INFO: FIRST LOOK: Mickey’s Soundsational Parade returns with new opening floats celebrating #Mickey90

Love is in the Air… Rain or Shine


Valentine’s Day has been tied into the #Mickey90 celebration and will be celebrated for just about a month at Disneyland. ENJOY NOW THROUGH FEBRUARY 18, 2019!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Love is in the air at Disneyland with new Valentine’s Day activities, food, photo-ops

Hungry for More Mickey?


MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: Disneyland’s festive menu for ‘Get Your Ears On’ Mickey 90th celebration

Around Disney California Adventure


Valentine’s Day in some of the window displays on Buena Vista Street.

20190203_180507 20190203_180522


The new Marvel themed land is well under way as all traces of “a bug’s land” continue to disappear.

IMG_0960 IMG_0964 IMG_0963 IMG_0956


Pixar Pier continues to see progress to get it closer to its final completion.


Jessie’s Critter Carousel seems like it could open before the Spring although no official timeline has been given.

20190203_155522 IMG_0976


World of Color continues to plow along.


INSIDE OUT: EMOTIONAL WHIRLWIND appears to be farther from completion.

IMG_0945 IMG_0966 IMG_0957 IMG_0958


The recently completed flooring in Pixar Pier form diamond patterns.


Grizzly River Run refurbishment continues to the Pacific Wharf is a little dry even in the rain.

Lunar New Year


Lunar New Year continues for two more weeks!

20190203_173140 20190203_173156 20190203_173310 20190203_173923
20190203_162546 20190203_162614 20190203_162645 20190203_162720 20190203_162747




Mulan keeps a representation of Cri-Kee with her so she can always have good luck nearby.

20190203_171612 20190203_171741

Disney California Adventure continues celebrating the Lunar New Year and the YEAR OF THE PIG with tasty Festival Marketplaces stalls offering unique and bold flavors plus beautiful entertainment and more. ENJOY NOW THROUGH FEBRUARY 17, 2019!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: 2019 Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure brings food, expanded entertainment

Blue Hour in Cars Land




20190203_174555 20190203_174610 20190203_174635 20190203_174801 20190203_174809 20190203_174830 20190203_174929 20190203_174941 20190203_174951 20190203_175030 20190203_175046 20190203_175247


Around the Resort


New more permanent structures are going into place at the eastern esplanade to support security screenings.

20190203_132100 20190203_132057


Extended queue setup to help deal with crowds while construction on the updated security checkpoint continues.

Merch Run


Disco Mickey sipper. Matches the Disney Junior Dance Party disco balls.


20190203_173614 20190203_173708

AP-Exclusive T-shirt features Mickey holding a piggy bank. Too cute!

20190203_173410 20190203_173456 20190203_173545 20190203_173610 20190203_173749 20190203_173553

Breakfast! Now just $125/person!

disney princess adventures character dining napa rose gch

Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa is the premiere lodging for the Disneyland Resort and they’ve recently announced a new character dining option for breakfast that features the Disney Princesses. The new Disney Princess Breakfast Adventures comes at a premium with a flat-rate cost of $125 per person for all ages. So what exactly do you get?

MORE INFO: What you get with the new $125/person DISNEY PRINCESS BREAKFAST ADVENTURES at Napa Rose



ANAHEIM DUCKS DAY is coming to Disney California Adventure to celebrate Anaheim’s hockey team with meet and greets, hockey-themed activities, photo opportunities, special decor and more! ONE DAY ONLY, FEBRUARY 11, 2019!

MORE INFO: ANAHEIM DUCKS DAY brings fans meet and greets, entertainment, treats, and more

Project Stardust


For several months now, if you’ve been checking out the MouseInfo pictorial updates, you’ve seen Disneyland make several small changes around the parks including making walkways wider, planter areas smaller, and increasing queue capacity space. It turns out these small scale projects are actually part of a large scale project that Disney has internally branded Project Stardust!

MORE INFO: ‘Project Stardust’ initiative is widening walkways, adding seating, and other enhancements at Disneyland

Save Money in the New Year

Disneyland is currently offering several ways to save a little money and visit the Happiest Place on Earth. Each have various restrictions so you’ll want to find the one that works best for you.

  • $60/day; Disneyland Resort.  MORE INFO
  • $70 ticket offer, hotel discounts; Disneyland Resort   MORE INFO
  • US military discounts for tickets and hotels; Disneyland, Walt Disney World.  MORE INFO

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