Disneyland Park is celebrating Valentine’s Day in a big way this year with new food and merch options plus an adorable Valentine’s Day scavenger hunt and decorations on Main Street, USA offering some great photo-ops. Take a look at how you can partake in this lovely new celebration…

Lovely Treats

For a limited time, you can sink your teeth into some great treats, sips, and bites to get you into a sweetheart kinda mood. From shareable meals to treats to satisfy any sweet tooth you’re bound to find something to enjoy during the celebration.


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MORE INFO: Foodie Guide to Valentine’s Month 2019 at Disneyland Park

Minnie’s Valentine’s Surprise

If you’re familiar with Disney’s previous Egg-stravaganza events, you’ll get the jist of what to expect here. Minnie has hidden secret Valentine’s all around the park and you can try to find them all using a Scavenger map with hints!

Your reward? A pack of Valentine’s Day cards! As with similar events in the past, you can chose to redeem your reward at time of purchase or do the scavenger hunt and return later.

The Hunt


Purchase your map ($6.99) and use the provided stickers to mark fof each clue as you find them in the park. Once you have them all you can redeem and get your reward…

The Prize


You can choose between a yellow box and a green box. Each of the two boxes contains six Valentine’s Day cards featuring different characters. We opted for the yellow box shown above but you can see the green box here.

Ready to get yours? You can pick up the kit at Bonanza Outfitters, The Briar Patch, Disney Showcase, Disneyana Emporium, Little Green Men Store Command, and Pieces of Eight.

Cheat Sheet

SPOILER WARNING: Below are pictures of all the hidden Valentine’s. We cropped in tight to help hide where the locations are hidden but just skip this section if you want to try to find these yourself.

If you want MORE help as to the locations just click each image to view our gallery which has an upclose and establishing shot for each.


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More to Explore

Main Street, USA is all aglow for Valentine’s Day with decor on the buildings and Main Street Vehicles. Plus, there’s special photo-ops with new hearts in the entrance Mickey floral and a new sweethearts photo-spot with floral hearts featuring nods to Mickey and Minnie… Disney’s best known sweethearts.

20190122_122601 20190122_122718


20190122_154206 20190122_155207 20190122_181936 20190122_182155


See it for Yourself

Disney’s Valentine’s Day celebration takes place at Disneyland from January 22 through February 18, 2019.

But Wait, There’s More!

Valentine’s Day this year is tied into Mickey’s 90th celebration and it is a global festival! Below are some of the recent events that helped kick off the celebration:

The #Mickey90 celebration is also extending the fun into 2019 with special events across the country:

  • Disney Parks celebrations around the globe.
  • Merch galore in Disney Stores around the globe including dozens of new books, arts and crafts and comics from Disney Publishing.
  • Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Special Celebration touring throughout the Asia Pacific region this year.

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