San Fransokyo Maker’s Market is part of the brand new San Fransokyo Square which has officially opened at Disney California Adventure and we’ve got your full look at everything the location has to offer including bots, apparel, and lots of Baymax.

About the Location

The San Fransokyo Maker’s Market is a salvage heap of decommissioned bots from the next door Good Luck Alley. Eagle-eyed fans will notice Mr. Yama’s legendary bot which Hiro was able to best.

This impromptu setup of bot storage cases and parts is intermixed with a bounty of merch including Baymax gifs, apparel and toys plus a selection of bot related items including Spider-Bot’s from nearby Avengers Campus! If you look up in the rafters, you might even spot Hiro’s very own Megabot with its unforgettable mischievous grin.


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What’s in Store


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Ready to Explore?

We’ve got your in-depth visitor’s guide to everything there is to explore at San Fransokyo Square, check out our guide pages below.

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See it for Yourself

San Fransokyo Maker’s Market is now officially part of San Fransokyo Square which opened at Disney California Adventure on August 31, 2023.

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