San Fransokyo Square at Disney California Adventure is taking part in one of the newest trends Disney is trying to capitalize on with a machine dedicated to Collectible Medallions.

The medallions are gold in color and feature designs celebrating the new land and more specifically Baymax. The iconic wind turbine koi kites are on one design, the San Fansokyo Gate Bridge on another while Baymax designs can be found on the other two. The reverse features the SFS monogram seen around the land.

The keepsake souvenirs can be purchased for $6 each or 4 for $20. The machine accepts cash (no change given), credit card, or tap forms of payment. The kiosk can be found near the restrooms in San Fransokyo Square. You can learn about these and other Collectible Medallions at the unofficial site,



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See it for Yourself

San Fransokyo Square opened at Disney California Adventure on August 31, 2023.

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