New refurbishment projects around the entire Disneyland Resort are bringing a bunch of walls to the Happiest Place on Earth while existing construction projects speed along. We’ll get a pulse check on notables including Haunted Mansion, Snow White’s Scary Adventures, King Arthur Carousel and more plus get sights on the new Avengers Campus Marvel-themed land and, of course, a merch run for you at the end.

All of this and much more are found in this park pictorial. ENJOY!

Tasting Soon


The 2020 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival returns once more to the Disneyland Resort bringing its fun blend of California-inspired festivities with classic Disney twists.

MORE INFO: WHAT TO EXPECT: 2020 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival introduces new tour, brings back favorites

AP Perk: Popcorn Refills


Starting February 6, 2020 Passholders can once again take advantage of discounted popcorn refills with the purchase of a special bucket. Inspired by the beloved 1928 cartoon short, the refillable Steamboat Minnie popcorn bucket will be available for $20 (while supplies last) and can be taken to participating popcorn cart locations in either Disneyland or Disney California Adventure for $1.50 refills until March 29, 2020. For purchasing details see the official page below.

MORE INFO: Passholders: A Refillable Steamboat Minnie Popcorn Bucket Is Paddling Your Way This Winter

Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway

MORE INFO: News and information about Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway


Curse Me Kilts!


New promotional artwork for Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway features Huey, Dewey, and Louie. Pluto can also be seen caught up in the tornado along with a picnic basket that seems to be an important element to the storyline! 

MORE INFO: Huey, Dewey, and Louie feature in new ‘Mickey & Minnie’s Runaway Railway’ marketing artwork #MouseRulesApply

Avengers Campus

MORE INFO: News and information about AVENGERS CAMPUS Marvel themed land


IMG_4824 IMG_4838


Walls up near Mater’s Junkyard Jamboree shield some of the construction sight lines into Avengers Campus but not all of them.

IMG_4825 IMG_4820



20200201_101354 20200201_101359


Scrims have gone up on the construction behind Luigi’s Rolllicking Roadsters. The artwork printed on the scrims shows what the new building will look like.

IMG_4833 IMG_4834 20200201_101824 20200201_101829


New test footage showcases Spider-Man soaring through the air and while Disney didn’t confirm it in their posting, it seems all but certain that the web-slinger is actually a “stuntronics” robotic figure which we’ve seen tested by Disney previously (watch that footage in the link below).

MORE INFO: WATCH: Spider-Man confirmed to soar over the rooftops of AVENGERS CAMPUS this summer at Disney California Adventure

Around Disneyland


Rope drop continues to be a busy period now at the Disneyland Resort as guests amass to try and get boarding groups for the opening of the RISE OF THE RESISTANCE attraction.


Tulip time is here!!


Sleeping Beauty Castle is still missing some of its finial details.


Construction scaffolding and scrims are visible poking up behind the castle.


King Arthur Carrousel is in the process of being dismantled for its refurbishment.



Photos with the SWORD IN THE STONE are currently unavailable. Coincidentally, the movie also appears to have been removed from Disney+.


Steady as she goes!


Signage up on the Carrousel provides some historical context on the opening day original.

20200201_081903 20200201_081848
20200201_081856 20200201_081911 20200201_081841


Walls are not just up on the Carrousel but also Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique and Snow White’s Scary Adventures.


Walls don’t completely surround the area but they still take up valuable real estate in this cramped part of the land.

20200201_081438 20200201_081504

The popular princess makeover shop remains open during the refurbishment.


Artwork on the scrims seems to confirm some changes in paint scheme. Also, although it doesn’t likely mean much, the “Scary Adventures” is removed from the attraction marquee over the entrance in the concept art.


Instead of a darker more scary tone, it looks like the castle will be painted more to match the one in the SNOW WHITE film with brighter stonework and some red turrets. You can compare the colors in the artwork to how the attraction looked a few weeks ago below.



Artwork on the refurb walls teases new scenes coming to the attraction.

20200201_081527 20200201_081544 20200201_081730 20200201_081516


Even Chewbacca needs a boarding group to enter the RISE OF THE RESISTANCE.


Droid Depot still seems to be packing them in.


Still absolutely adore the R2 serving bowls. Feel free to send one over my way.


Tables added outside of Docking Bay 7 increase capacity for the land’s main eatery.


Sporks are back at Docking Bay 7 but only if you purchase them. They’re a lofty $10.99 each! Yowza!

20200201_082959 20200201_083016

Mobile Order is available at Docking Bay 7 and the sporks ARE available through this service.


The label on the cloth sheath reads SPORK – Property of Docking Bay 7 which makes light of the fact that when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge first opened last year, the utensils at the restaurant proved to be quite the pillager’s delight. By the third week of public operation, the location had switched to regular forks and knives following weeks of theft.


A visit to the refresher is in order before using your newly acquired utensil.


The Haunted Mansion is also down for an extended refurbishment and its entrance also features concept art and historical details.


This sign is a fun tribute to the original opening days of the attraction. A similar poster was posted outside prior to the attraction’s opening in the 1960s.


20200201_091318 20200201_091324 20200201_091328 20200201_091332 20200201_091338



The scrim here features concept art of the attraction.

20200201_091116 20200201_091030


The Mark Twain remains in dry dock.

20200201_091111 20200201_091519


The north side of the Tomorrowland entrance looks just about ready for its re-emergence.


One of the trees in front of Space Mountain (behind the construction walls on the right side of this picture) has been removed.


With the tree gone, it’s a little easier to see progress on the new stairs.



If you’re missing the Disney Holidays, you can still get a taste of them year-round on Main Street!


Walls are still up in front of Mission Breakout! for the Red Car Trolley track re-route.

20200201_100753 20200201_100811


Nobody was greeting at the Cozy Cone.


Cruz Ramirez was out greeting guests near Ramone’s.


We noticed the colorful new hot food bags a few weeks ago but totally missed the Angry Dogs hot food bags. How cute!

20200201_102922 20200201_102923


Grizzly River Run is also down for refurbishment. It always seems uncharacteristically high temperatures seem to pair with refurbishment schedules for this attraction with temps in the mid 80s seen this weekend.


You can still take pics with the bear.

20200201_112920 20200201_112549

The areas in and around the attraction are off limits during the refurbishment.

20200201_112646 20200201_112720 20200201_112744 20200201_112755



The signage is using the original 2001 logo.


Rushin’ River Outfitters is also closed during the refurbishment.

20200201_112810 20200201_112829

It’s not enough space but wouldn’t it be awesome if this were a new Country Bear Playhouse?


The lookout binoculars are gone leaving just a pole. Wouldn’t it be neat if augmented reality was used on these to add more life to the scenes? Maybe Humphrey Bear sneaking by with one of Donald’s picnic baskets. A hanglider soarin’ over the mountain. Spike the bee flying in and around some flowers.

Around the Resort


Crowds in the morning continue to run uncharacteristically high with people rushing to get to Disneyland before park opening for RISE OF THE RESISTANCE boarding groups!


Bring patience if you’re trying to access Disneyland within the hour of its park opening.


New signage posted up on the carcass of the AMC Theater.

20200201_074451 20200201_074503


Jamba Juice looks about ready to open its doors!


Thew new elevator at Mickey and Friends seems about ready to begin operation.

Merch Run

Lunar New Year


Looks like the AP t-shirt might be the only Lunar New Year merch still available. We didn’t find ANY other merch anywhere else in the park. The kiosk near Ariel’s Undersea Adventure was pushing general 2020 merch.

Space Mountain


Space Mountain Minnie is looking faboo.

20200201_114012 20200201_114018

Mug and Cookie Jar ready for ignition.

20200201_115027 20200201_115114 20200201_115015 20200201_114958

Retro Magic


20200201_114850 20200201_100253 20200201_114855 20200201_114906
20200201_100132 20200201_114733 20200201_114753 20200201_114658


20200201_114704 20200201_114715 20200201_114722 20200201_114947
20200201_114839 20200201_114827 20200201_114801 20200201_100304




20200201_094039 20200201_094146


20200201_094130 20200201_115005

More in Store


20200201_100429 20200201_100441  20200201_094123 20200201_094751


20200201_114524 20200201_114543 20200201_114550 20200201_114606



Tiny Kingdom pin set.


Comes with a starter castle pin.


Blind boxes.

20200201_115240 20200201_094721


Valentine’s Day just around the corner.


Star Wars X TOMS


If you’re at Curl Surf in Downtown Disney, you can pick yourself up one of several different kinds of STAR WARS X TOMS shoes. The kind folks at TOMS sent us some shoes in return for sharing it with our readers here on MouseInfo. After we got them in the mail, we couldn’t help but to take them with us straight to Batuu!

MORE INFO: The Force is strong with the new #StarWarsxTOMS collaboration

20190811_124451_blank 20190811_124506 20190811_125253 20190811_124034

Year of the Rat Mouse

The Lunar New Year is here with the zodiacs showing that it is the Year of the Rat Mouse and Disney California Adventure is ready to celebrate in style! The cherished holiday tradition returns once more to the Happiest Place on Earth with a fantastic festival featuring fine feastables, fortuitous findables, and fascinating spectacles celebrating the wonders of China, Korea, and Vietnam.

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: A complete look around 2020 Lunar New Year celebration at Disney California Adventure

Tasty New Year

A ton of flavors have been packed into the park creating a miniature food festival of sorts to ensure a tasty new year. Several fan favorites have returned and new menu options are available to tempt the palate all around the park. It was so much food we had to do a whole separate posting about it which you can see below.

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: 2020 Lunar New Year at Disney California Adventure brings bright new flavors

Resistance Ready?

When it comes to the STAR WARS: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE Virtual Queue / Boarding Group process at Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, no result is typical but we were equipped with an understanding for how the process worked from this earlier info guide. There are as many suggestions for securing a Boarding Group as there are twinkles on Cinderella’s dress so ultimately you’ll want to follow the steps that feel right for you.

If you like to live vicariously through other people’s experiences, we invite you now to follow along on our process for enjoying STAR WARS: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE on its first official Saturday of operation at Disneyland!

MORE INFO: TIPS AND INFO: How we got our Boarding Group for STAR WARS: RISE OF THE RESISTANCE at Disneyland

Full POV: Rise of the Resistance

Rise of the Resistance is here and we’ve got your ticket into the full experience without the need for a boarding group! Join the adventure!



Perhaps in the interest of driving more sales at a formerly quiet corner of Disney California Adventure, Disney opted to turn the Alfresco Tasting Terrace into an Annual Passholder exclusive location starting this past Sunday. See our pictorial below for more details and to learn more about those snazzy new drinks!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Alfresco Tasting Terrace opens as Annual Passholder exclusive location, debuts new cocktails

Dark Days Ahead

Disneyland After Dark season is here and while 80s Nite has already come and gone, there’s still more opportunities to rock the night away in special after-hours parks experiences at the happiest place on earth. Each event offers a different theme complemented by unique entertainment, specialty food, collectible merchandise and more!

MORE INFO: Details, Dates, and Pricing revealed for 2020 DISNEYLAND AFTER DARK; 80s, Sweethearts, Pixar, and Villains

Magical Savings on Admission

It’s one of the questions we get asked the most, how can you save a little money on Disneyland tickets? Below is what’s available now.

  • Spring 2020 Discounts for for tickets and hotels: Disneyland Resort. Through 5/21/20. (MORE INFO)
  • 2020 US Military discounts for tickets and hotels; Disneyland, Walt Disney World. Through 2020. (MORE INFO)
  • Canadian Resident discount for multi-day tickets: Disneyland Resort and Walt Disney World. Through 2/7/20. (MORE INFO)

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