As has been the case for some time now, the Disneyland Resort is a flurry of activity as work is underway around all corners of the land to promise a busy 2019.

Pirates of the Caribbean reopened its doors this weekend bringing with it the Redd walk-around character, new menu items, and more. Plus, Pixar Pier continues to see rapid changes as they speed along construction for the June 23 opening of the land. Meanwhile, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge inches closer and closer to its summer debut next year.

The new 3D preview of Ant-Man and the Wasp also debuted this weekend at Disneyland’s Tomorrowland theatre plus Downtown Disney continues to see rapid changes as just about every inch of the shopping district moves along as part of a grand reworking.

A tiny merch run awaits you at the end plus a lot more in this week’s pictorial update. ENJOY!

Pirates of the Caribbean Reopens

A really awesome and simple new sight gag scene featuring a pirate with the cursed treasure who turns from skeleton to human as you pass by him. Meanwhile, an Octopus is also getting in on the loot grab.

Bark at the moon.

Don’t be chicken!

Send the hens to Davy Jones!

Shift your cargo dearie, show ’em your flock.

These two galls have official names now. Redd and Chicken Betty.

They burn up the city, they’re really a fright!

I guess he took the opportunity to wash his feet.

MORE INFO: WATCH: Disneyland Pirates of the Caribbean updates with new show scenes

New Character, Redd

You can now meet Redd as she roams around New Orleans Square.

Collectible Card

Cars were handed out commemorating the return of the attraction and the debut of Redd as a pirate instead of a wench.

Seeing Redd

Does the red-head’s new name sound familiar? That’s because there’s also Fortune Red in New Orleans Square and also Redd Rocket in Tomorrowland!

New Menu Items

Blue Bayou – Through June 18

Redd’s Strawberry Cake, a sponge cake soaked in strawberry compote syrup with candied strawberry, coconut Chantilly, and diced pineapple sautéed in brown sugar and vanilla bean.


Cursed Pirate Fried Octopus & Calamari with andouille sausage, rum-soaked pineapple, haricot vert, and remoulade is one tempting dish. If you’re looking for more turf than surf you can opt for Chicken Betty’s Jidori Free Range Chickenwith coconut rice, ham hock, maque choux, fried plantains, and a spiced rum glaze.

Through June 10

Lemon-flavored Golden Churros at New Orleans Churro Cart and the Redd Velvet Cake at French Market Restaurantare only available through June 10.


Pixar Pier

Ready for another progress check on the massive undertaking to convert the land for its June 23 opening?


The new decals for the Incredicoaster are coming along. All the coasters are now red.

The queue is speeding along.

Jack-Jack’s Cookie Num Nums is coming along.

The sun toppers from the lampposts are all stacked up.

Pixar Pal-Around

Not a whole lot of visible progress here.

Jessie’s Critter Carousel

Still in progress for a 2019 debut.

Toy Story Mania

The marquee signage has returned with a new paint scheme. We had speculated for a while now that Disney might be changing the name as early communications about Pixar Pier referred to the attraction by the same name as its Florida counterpart: Toy Story Mania. With the return of the sign, we find that it looks like “Midway” is staying in the name!

The attraction will be closing on June 10 and will not officially be open until the official debut of the land on June 23.

Knick Knacks

Some of the walls have come down around Knick-Knacks revealing new clapboard siding replacing the horrid stucco.

This location will will be closing June 18 and reopen with the official debut of the land on June 23.

Adorable Snowman Frosted Treats

This location will will be closing June 18 and reopen with the official debut of the land on June 23.

Lamplight Lounge

Clapboard siding has also covered some of the stucco at the Lamplight Lounge. A new sketchy chandelier has appeared in the lobby.

Shade structures have returned on the lower levels and the blue shade coverings at the former Cove Bar have also gone red.

Cove Bar sign is gone.

Pixar Promenade

More Pixar Pier

Poultry Palace is a massive new structure. It’s entire design is to feel supersized but in its surrounding environment it seems to dwarf everything else giving it a super-sized look.

The PIER was removed from Paradise Pier sign on the Golden Zephyr. Now that this side of the land is going to be called Paradise Gardens Park it should be interesting to see what they do here.

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

Ant-Man and the Wasp

A sneak peek of the upcoming film in the Magic Eye Theatre. Unfortunately the presentation utilizes NONE of the theaters special 4D effects so it’s just a 3D presentation.

If only there was a venue at the Resort where shrinking down to the size of a bug would have been a better home for this…

Not much visible progress on the removal of the now-closed Tough To Be a Bug Theatre.

Around the Parks

Busy but not too busy.

This seems so un-necessary aside from stylistically completely inappropriate for the land. Why not put a cool statue or lighting fixture instead?

Didn’t realize this was still a thing! >,<

Aladdin’s Oasis entrance has been completely removed offering vistas back into the upcoming dining area for the Tropical Hideaway.

Cave of Wonders still stands… for now.

Tropical Hideaway will soon appear along the tropical shores nestled between the Jungle Cruise and “Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room.” This one-of-a-kind destination will be a popular rest stop for Adventureland locals and weary explorers alike. Guests will be able to rub elbows with their favorite skippers in an exotic traders’ market, featuring all of the sights, sounds and flavors of the tropics.

MORE INFO: THE TROPICAL HIDEAWAY dining experience replacing Aladdin’s Oasis at Disneyland

Took a spin on Splash Mountain. It still lives up to its name.

Have you heard about Disneyland App?

Disney went into over-drive this past week with promotion for Disneyland App.

One of the new features of the Disneyland App is MOBILE ORDER.

Have you had a chance to use Mobile Order yet? It’s really quite easy! We had a chance to use it this week to order a quick meal at the Jolly Holiday Bakery and present to you a series of screenshots recapping the experience!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: A look at MOBILE ORDER at Disneyland Park

Downtown Disney Upcoming Closures

Closures may be subject to change. An official list of closures has not been released.

  • Haagen Dazs – CLOSED May 31
  • ESPN Zone – CLOSED June 2
  • Wetzels Pretzels – CLOSED June
  • Rainforest Cafe – June 16 (reservation), June 24 (walk-ups)
  • Disney Vacation Club Sales Center / Disney Travel – June 24
  • Starbucks West – June 27
  • Alamo Rental Car – June 28 (relocating to Disney’s Paradise Pier Hotel)
  • AMC Downtown Disney 12 – June
  • Earl of Sandwich – June

Disneyland’s New Four Diamond Hotel

The new Four Diamond hotel is currently set to open in 2021, transforming the west end of the Downtown Disney District and anchoring a new gateway into the Disneyland Resort. The stunning 700-room hotel will feature a sophisticated design with dynamic dining, entertainment and hotel experience for resort visitors and local residents. The ground level of the hotel will include shops and restaurants opening onto an expansive landscaped plaza complete with playful water features, creating a gathering place for guests and visitors.

MORE INFO: New concept art and details for Disneyland Resort’s fourth hotel

Around the Resort

Looks like Wetzels Pretzels has closed and its windows are now covered although it’s marquee is still up for now.

Haagen Dazs is being replaced by Salt & Straw.

The satellite Haagen Dazs in the esplanade has also closed.

Not much progress on Ballast Point and Black Craft new locations.

Naples refurbishment continues.

Recently unveiled Napa expanded Patio is quite lovely.

New parking structure at Mickey and Friends continues to shoot upwards.

Merch Run

Just a tiny merch run this week, sorry!

Pixar Fest

This summer it’s a full-blown Pixar Fest at the Disneyland Resort and every inch of the property is ready for the celebration. A whole bunch of new entertainment, food, shopping, decorations, and more have debuted and are ready to enjoy now though September 3! That means there’s 84 days left to enjoy!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: PIXAR FEST launches at the Disneyland Resort bringing entertainment, food and fun

Park-Specific Blockouts now in effect

Disney confirmed officially today to Disneyland Resort Annual Passholders that Annual Passport program will now be moving to Park-specific calendars beginning June 2019.
MORE INFO Disneyland officially announces Park-specific Blockouts from today forward, June 2019 effective date

Pay Checks

The Disneyland Resort announced recently that it has proposed a wage offer that includes an increase to minimum rates of 36 percent over the three-year span of the contract. This would put its Master Services cast members at $15 per hour by 2020, two years ahead of California’s minimum wage.

MORE INFO: Disneyland Resort proposes staggered increase of minimum wage to $15 for hourly “Master Services” Cast Members

Marvel-ous Changes?

Still, the location of the show building for Disney Junior Dance Party! at Disney California Adventure has us wondering if something decidedly more Marvel-ous might be in the plans for the space?

MORE INFO: Is ‘Disney Junior Dance Party!’ closing soon for the upcoming Marvel land?

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