Have you had a chance to use Mobile Order yet? It’s really quite easy! We had a chance to use it this week to order a quick meal at the Jolly Holiday Bakery and present to you a series of screenshots recapping the experience!

Deciding What to Eat

Find a participating restaurant from the MOBILE ORDER page. Explore that locations menu. Customize menu items as you wish. Add your beverages and other extras.

Review Your Order

Review your order summary. Modify your order if necessary. Input your Annual Pass details and you discount is added automatically then set up your payment details. Always double check if there’s any promotions that you can select to add to your order!

Get Ready to Eat!

Pay for your meal and go to the location. Once you arrive be sure to update your app so that they can start preparing your meal and just wait for a response to pick up your food. Follow instruction once food is ready to pick up your order. If you happen to accidentally close the app or exit the Mobile Order screen, it’s easy to get right back in!


The system is exceedingly easy to use. If you are technically literate with modern web and mobile interfaces then navigating through Disneyland’s Mobile Order app will be a breeze.

Aside from not having to wait in line to order food another big perk of the system comes from the fact that you don’t have to physically be AT the location in order to place your order. So that means, for example, while you’re waiting to board Indiana Jones Adventure, you can create your mobile order for some juicy hot skewers at the Bengal Barbecue. As soon as you get off the ride, you can mark the app to “Prepare my Order” and by the time you walk to the Mobile Order window your food may very well be ready!

Another great perk of not having to wait in line to order the food that means the whole family can stay together and try to find a place to sit.

If there’s any draw backs, just be aware that studies have been showing that guests who order food themselves through technological means typically end up ordering more and spending more than guests who order in face-to-face encounters! On a more serious note, the system DOES require use of data communication. That means if you’re not in one of the few wifi enabled locations in the park that you’ll be relying on the strength of your mobile carrier’s data service to move through this process.

Finally, the fact that discounts are automatically applied also makes this a no-brainer for tech-savvy guests who are looking to nosh.

Have you used Mobile Order? What did you think?