The 2023 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival is back again with plenty to nosh, nibble, and sip through the flavors of the Golden State. The event features not just food and beverage options but a slew of entertainment, shopping, and other experiences including the return of Soarin’ Over California!

Here’s a look at what you can expect for the 2023 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival! ENJOY!

Food and Drink

Festival Marketplaces


Not just food and wine but beer and dessert, appetizers and entrees, a whole world of feasting options abound this year. Check out all of the menus plus reviews of some our favorite items we’ve tried this year.

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Event-Exclusive Menus


It can be overwhelming trying to get a full scope of the entirety of the event but we’ve got you covered with a full look at all the menus to enjoy!

MORE INFO: GUIDE: All of the menus available for 2023 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Downtown Disney


Not to be left out of the fun, Downtown Disney has its own roster of special events, food, and drink that can be enjoyed without needing a park ticket.

MORE INFO: GUIDE: Downtown Disney offering exclusive events and menus

Food & Wine Discovery

Culinary Demonstrations

In Hollywood Land, find local, visiting and Disney chefs prepare favorite recipes, live on stage––available Friday through Sunday.

MORE INFO: Culinary Demonstrations

Signature Events

Many special signature events, demonstrations and seminars will require a separate fee.

Wine, Beer, and Mixology Seminars

Sommeliers, brew masters and mixologists divulge industry expertise during these 45-minute sessions.

COST: $25.00 per person (tax is included)

MORE INFO: Wine, Beer, and Mixology Seminars

Carthay Circle Winemaker

Enjoy hand-selected California wines, masterfully paired with an array of small plates to please the senses.

COST: $150 per person—plus tax and gratuities

MORE INFO: Carthay Circle Winemaker Reception

Hotel Events and Classes

Join chefs, mixologists and winemakers as they share their culinary expertise in the Hotels of the Disneyland Resort

COST: $159 – $225 per person—includes tax and gratuity

MORE INFO: Hotel Events and Classes


Soarin’ Over California


Soarin’ Over California is back for the length of this year’s Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival!

MORE INFO: BACK AGAIN! Soarin’ Over California returns for limited run during 2023 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Jammin’ Chefs

Chip and Dale along with a band of merry culinary music makers bring a rhythmic beat to the Hollywood Land street!

MORE INFO: Jammin’ Chefs return with a cornucopia of fun for 2023 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival

Unbirthday Party

Minnie Mouse joins in on the fun for Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Unbirthday Party where kids aged 3-11 can decorate a cupcake!

MORE INFO: Alice’s Wonderland Bakery Unbirthday Party complimentary cupcake decorating is back for 2023 Food and Wine Festival

Chef Goofy

Untitled photo

Chef Goofy is dressed in his culinary best and is ready for hugs at this Meet and Greet in Hollywood Land.

Palisades Stage

Enjoy the sounds of groups in a large energetic space including Phat Cat Swinger, The Tina Aldana Band, and Subrban Legends.


Paradise Gardens

Enjoy the sounds of groups in a more intimate setting including Faultlines, Island Reggae Band, Denean’s Soul Foundation, and StandardMel Quartet.


Arts and Crafts

Kids can find arts and crafts stations near Paradise Park.

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More to Explore

Merch Run

Disney has stocked its shelves with merchandise to commemorate the return of the popular culinary event.

MORE INFO: MERCH RUN: What you can buy during 2023 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Magic Key Dining Area


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Décor and More



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From the Sponsors

Some of the festival sponsors have fun facts and details about their brands on display.

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See it for Yourself

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival celebrations at Disney California Adventure take place from  March 3 to April 25, 2023.

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