Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival is ready to awaken your senses with a California-inspired festival with a Disney touch. The celebration brings a blend of imaginative new and familiar favorite flavors including options that are gluten-friendly and plant-based.

The Festival Marketplaces are a hallmark feature of the event and we tasted several items that are ready to tempt the palate and are ready to share our reviews. Enjoy now our first-taste look at the food and drink available for the 2023 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival!


EVENT DETAILS: Everything to know for the 2023 Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival

Getting Ready to Taste

As part of our culinary adventure, we utilized a 2023 Disney California Adventure Food and Wine Festival & Savor Tasting Passport. This money-saving option is available to ALL guests creating the opportunity to taste your way through your choice of EIGHT different dishes or non-alcoholic beverages from the Festival Marketplace kiosks.

This pass can typically be purchased at various locations throughout the park, including Festival Merchandise Kiosks, Seaside Souvenirs, Elias & Company, Atwater Ink & Paint, and Rushin’ River Outfitters.

20230303_111257Sip & Savor Prices:

  • Regular ($59)
  • Magic Key ($54)

VALUE ALERT: To get the most bang for your buck out of your Sip & Savor Tasting Passport, you’ll just want to make sure you don’t get any of the items that cost less than $7.38 (Regular) or $6.75 (Magic Key). Considering the prices, that shouldn’t be terribly difficult as long as you avoid desserts and drinks!

Saving Time… Maybe!

If you’re a pre-planner, Festival Marketplace kiosks are equipped to sell you items from ANY of the multiple kiosks! That means you can make all of your purchases at once from a single booth. Just take your receipt to each appropriate kiosks to retrieve your items! The only thing to be aware of is that sometimes items DO sell out. They are usually re-stocked that same day but caveat emptor!

Ok, enough setup. Ready to eat? Let’s go!

20230303_121040 20230304_085017

What We Tried

Elote Paleta


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️⚫⚫

Elote Paleta ($6) features sweet corn paleta with parm crema, chile-lime seasoning, corn crunch, and cilantro. A really weird combo but the ice cream itself is great and the toppings work with varying degrees of success. It’s better than last year’s guac pop.

BBQ Beef Brisket Slider


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

BBQ Beef Brisket Slider ($9) features Fiscalini Farmstead Smoked Cheddar with dill pickles on salt and pepper brioche is a classic through and through. No surprises here, just a great meld of delicious flavors that should satisfy even picky eaters.

Camarones a la Diabla


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️⚫

Camarones a la Diabla ($8.50) features a spicy shrimp with California chile and cilantro rice. The sauce has a good flavor and there’s a nice crunch from the chips on top. The rice was not bland but it just did not measure up well against the shrimp.

Honey-Habanero Wings


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Smoked Honey-Habanero Chicken Wings ($8.50) features chicken wings tossed in honey-habanero seasoning. These were such a surprising hit for us. The dry rub tastes exactly like BBQ potato chips making this a salty sweet delight.

IMPOSSIBLE Al Pastor Tacos


RATING: ☀️⚫⚫⚫⚫

IMPOSSIBLE Al Pastor Tacos ($7.25) features an al pastor taco with IMPOSSIBLE pork topped with grilled pineapple and avocado-tomatillo sauce. This is our least favorite dish, it’s mealy and there’s no caramelization which is crucial for this dish.



RATING: ☀️☀️⚫⚫⚫

IMPOSSIBLE Nacho Mac & Cheese ($7) features a cheddar mac with seasoned IMPOSSIBLE ground beef, tomatoes, olives, jalapeños, and guacamole. The guac has no texture and tastes store-bought. The mac is bland. This is an easy skip.

Blueberry Pancake Cold Brew


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Blueberry Pancake Cold Brew ($6.75) features Joffrey’s Mexico Origin Coffee, brown butter, maple and demerara syrup, and oat milk with a blueberry sweet cream made with cream, oat milk, vanilla syrup, and purée garnished with cinnamon-flavored cereal crumble. Very sweet, very good!

Bulgogi Fried Rice


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️⚫

Bulgogi Fried Rice with kimchi, egg, pickled cucumbers, green onions, and sesame seeds is a great option. You’d be hard-pressed to know this was plant-based. Really great flavors all around although the rice is a bit of a miss.



RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

IMPOSSIBLE Gyro Waffle Fries are topped with gyro-spiced IMPOSSIBLE ground beef, cauliflower cheese sauce, tomatoes, cucumbers, onions, tzatziki, and pita bread. This is a delightful twist on a gyro with great flavors and textures. It’s a winner!

Beet and Goat Cheese Flatbread


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Flatbread ($7.25) is a really wonderful earthy dish. If you like these flavors you’re in for a treat. Wish we had a little bit more beets on there and that the basil pesto was a little less oily but this is a nice one.

Grilled Peach Toast with Prosciutto


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Grilled Peach Toast ($9.99) with ricotta-mascarpone spread and arugula salad on toasted sourdough bread with prosciutto and a balsamic vinaigrette reduction. Exactly the type of inventive dish you’d expect from a festival. Do not miss!

Beef & Barley Poutine


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️⚫

Beef & Barley Poutine ($9) features potato bites with braised beef short rib, cheese curds, stout gravy, and lager micro sponge. This is pretending to be fancier than it is but it tastes great. The sponge is light and sweet providing a great contrast.

Crackers & Cheese


RATING: ☀️⚫⚫⚫⚫

Crackers & Cheese ($8) features House-made herb crackers with white cheddar-infused fromage blanc, spicy salami spread, and cherry jam. We tried this in previous years and were surprised to see it back on the menu, this was a cacophony of good ideas gone very bad.

Grilled Top Sirloin


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Grilled Top Sirloin ($9) features roasted garlic-Gruyère smashed potatoes with black garlic chimichurri. We tried this in previous years and found this to be a strong contender for best of the fest with savory hearty flavors balanced by a bright chimichurri. Must try!

Snickers Mickey Macaron


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

SNICKERS Caramel-Peanut Milk Chocolate Mickey Macaron ($6.75) features a chocolate Mickey macaron filled with caramel ganache and SNICKERS pieces. We tried this in previous years and it really is just a great morsel of chocolatey goodness!

IPA Sausage Dog


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

IPA Sausage Dog ($7.25) features a soft pretzel roll with onion-pepper jardinière, cheddar cheese sauce, and malt vinegar-onion crunch. We tried this in previous years and it’s a winner. There’s so much going on here and it’s glorious. You do not want to miss this dish!

Artichoke Toast


RATING: ☀️☀️⚫⚫⚫

Artichoke Toast with California Olive Tapenade ($8.75) features a toasted sliced baguette with artichoke cream cheese, topped with olive & artichoke tapenade and drizzled with olive oil. We tried this in previous years and while it’s absolutely delicious it’s not particularly mind-blowing.

Chile Relleno Empanada


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️⚫

Chile Relleno Empanada ($8.50) with Arbol Pepper Salsa featuring Oaxaca and Cotija Cheeses is a great meat-free option. We tried this in previous years and the fun handheld treat features bold flavors and a little bit of heat. It’s not a must-try but definitely worth a buy!

Glazed BBQ Pork Belly


RATING: ☀️☀️☀️☀️☀️

Glazed BBQ Pork Belly ($9) with Furikake-Togarashi Mac Salad might have been our favorite dish. We tried this in previous years and found every bite to be bursting with flavor from the salty sweet meat to the robust mac there’s a lot to love.

Novelty Souvenirs

Purple Glow Grapes and Green Glow Grapes are novelty glow cubes that can be added to any drink for a colorful splash! They can be purchased for $6.25 each from most Festival Market place kiosks.

20220319_103135 20230304_092804

Sonoma Terrace also features a Food & Wine Corkcicle® Jade Stemless Wine Glass ($30) and a Food & Wine Corckcicle® Dragonfly Stemless Wine Glass ($30).

20230304_110806 20230304_110847

Complete Festival Marketplace Menus

20230304_084017 20230304_084048 20230304_103254 20230304_103312 20230304_085000 20230304_103346 20230304_084921 20230304_085220
20230304_085412 20230304_085850 20230304_091029
20230304_085730 20230304_085741

I Heart Artichokes


  • Artichoke Pizzetta – Artichoke & Roasted Garlic Cream Cheese with Sun-dried Tomatoes, Pickled Onions and Lemon Olive Oil-drizzled Micro Greens – $7.25
  • Artichoke Toast with Olive Tapenade – Toasted Sliced Baguette with Artichoke Cream Cheese, topped with Olive & Artichoke Tapenade and drizzled with Olive Oil – $6.75


  • Passion Fruit Rum Cocktail – White Rum, Italian Amaro, Passion Fruit Nectar, Orange & Lime Juices and Guava Purée, garnished with an Orange Wedge – $16.00

Food at LA STYLE


  • Glazed BBQ Pork Belly – with Furikake-Togarashi Mac Salad – $9.00
  • Impossible™ Gyro-Inspired Naan – Gyro-inspired Flatbread featuring Impossible™ Ground Beef with Chipotle Hummus, Tzatziki and Spiced Crispy Chickpeas – $8.00


  • Echo Park Cooler – (non-alcoholic) Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co.® Ceylon & Raspberry Rose Tea, Raspberry Purée, Lychee & Rose Syrups and Lime Juice, garnished with a Lime Wheel – $7.00

Berry Patch


  • Kenny’s Family Cheesecake – topped with Mixed Berry Compote – $6.50
  • Blueberry Buttermilk Pie – $6.50


  • Blueberry Pancake Cold Brew – (non-alcoholic) Joffrey’s Coffee & Tea Co.® Mexico Origin Coffee, Maple, Brown Butter & Demerara Syrup and Oat Milk, with a Blueberry Sweet Cream made with Cream, Oat Milk, Vanilla Syrup, Blueberry Syrup and Purée, garnished with Cinnamon-flavored Cereal Crumble – $6.75

Golden Dreams


  • Elote Paleta – Sweet Corn Paleta with Parm Crema, Chile-Lime Seasoning, Corn Crunch and Cilantro – $6.00
  • Roasted Beet and Goat Cheese Flatbread – with Basil Pesto – $7.25


  • Central California Cooler – (non-alcoholic) Peach Purée, Apple, Orange & Lemon Juices, garnished with an Apple Chip – $6.75



  • Beef & Barley Poutine – Potato Bites with Braised Beef Short Rib, Cheese Curds, Stout Gravy and Lager Micro Sponge – $9.00
  • Cubano Slider – Slow-roasted, Mustard-crusted Pork and Sliced Smoked Ham with Melted Swiss Cheese and Pickle, served on a Hawaiian Roll – $8.75


  • Apricot Tequila Colada – Reposado Tequila, Aperol, Apricot Purée, Coconut Cream and Orange & Lime Juices, garnished with a Lime Wheel – $15.00
  • Sake-Melon ’75 – Sake, Ginger Liqueur, Prosecco, Rock Melon Syrup and Lemongrass Citron Purée, garnished wtih an Edible Purple Orchid – $15.00

Nuts About Cheese


  • Petite Burrata – Grilled Ciabatta with Tomato & Olive Jam, Burrata Cheese, Pesto and Freeze-dried Balsamic – $8.75
  • Crackers & Cheese – House-made Herb Crackers with White Cheddar Fromage Blanc, Spicy Salami Spread and Cherry Jam – $8.00
  • Mickey Mouse Shaped Macaron made with SNICKERS® – Chocolate Mickey Macaron filled with Caramel Ganache and SNICKERS® Bar Pieces – $6.75


  • Flowers & Bees – Gin, Elderflower Liqueur, Lemon Juice, Honey, Hibiscus & Lavender Syrups, garnished with a Purple Pansy – $16.00

Garlic Kissed


  • Carbonara Garlic Mac & Cheese Featuring Nueske’s® Peppered Bacon – $8.50
  • Grilled Top Sirloin – with Roasted Garlic-Gruyère Smashed Potatoes and Black Garlic Chimichurri – $9.00


  • Raspberry Limoncello-Ade – Limoncello, Grapefruit Liqueur, House-made Mint Syrup, Raspberry Syrup and Lemon Juice, garnished with a White Orchid – $16.00
  • Guava-Lychee Mule – Vodka, Guava Nectar, Ginger and Lychee Syrups, Lemon Juice, topped with Guava and Grapefruit Hard Cider, garnished with a Lemon Wheel – $17.00



  • Smoked Honey-Habanero Chicken Wings – Chicken Wings tossed in Honey-Habanero Seasoning – $8.50
  • BBQ Beef Brisket Slider – Featuring Fiscalini Farmstead Smoked Cheddar with Dill Pickles on Salt & Pepper Brioche – $9.00


  • Chipotle-Pineapple Bourbon Sour – Bourbon, Pineapple and Lime Juices, Honey Syrup and Chipotle Sour Purée, garnished with a Dried Red Pineapple Wheel – $17.00
  • Smoked Cherry Mezcal-iki Cocktail – Dark Rum, Mezcal, Cherry Purée, Grapefruit & Lime Juices, Vanilla Syrup and Bitters, garnished with a Dried Grapefruit Chip – $16.00

Avocado Time


  • Impossible™ Nacho Mac & Cheese – Cheddar Mac featuring Seasoned Impossible™ Ground Beef, Tomatoes, Olives, Jalapeños and Guacamole – $7.00
  • Impossible™ Al Pastor Taco – Al Pastor Taco featuring Impossible™ Pork with Grilled Pineapple and Avocado-Tomatillo Sauce – $7.25


  • Blackberry-Lavender Lemonade – (non-alcoholic) Blackberry Purée and Syrup, Lavender Syrup, Pineapple & Lemon Juices, garnished with a Lemon Wheel – $6.50

Peppers Cali-Ente


  • Chile Relleno Empanada – with Arbol Pepper Salsa and Oaxaca & Cotija Cheeses – $8.50
  • Camarones a la Diabla – Spicy Shrimp with California Chile and Cilantro Rice – $8.50


  • Cantarito-Style Paloma – Reposado Tequila, Habanero-infused Pineapple Juice, Lime Juice, Rock Melon Syrup and Fresca®, garnished with a Pineapple Wheel and Chile-Lime Seasoning – $15.00

California Craft Brews


  • IPA Sausage Dog – on a Soft Pretzel Roll with Onion-Pepper Jardinière, Cheddar Cheese Sauce and Malt Vinegar Onion Crunch – $7.25


  • La Bodega Brewing Company, Buena Suerte – Helles Lager, Whittier, CA (4.8% ABV) – $14.25
  • Unsung Brewing Co., Buzzman – Light Ale, Anaheim, CA (5.2% ABV) – $14.25
  • Harland Brewing Co., Rumbler – Double Dry-Hopped Pale Ale, San Diego, CA (5.4% ABV) – $14.25
  • Altamont Brewing, Maui Waui IPA – Livermore, CA (6.5% ABV) – $14.25
  • Barrelhouse Brewing, Mango IPA – Fruited IPA, Paso Robles, CA (6.2% ABV) – $13.00
  • Delahunt Brewing Co., 1924 Raspberry Blonde – Blonde Ale, San Clemente, CA (4.8% ABV) – $14.25
  • Brewery X, Pineapple Vanilla Milkshake – Milkshake Double IPA, Anaheim, CA (8.3% ABV) – $13.00
  • Bottle Logic Brewing Co., Aurora Borealis – Green Honeydew and Lime Hard Seltzer, Anaheim, CA (8.0% ABV) – $14.25
  • Chapman Crafted Beer, Zodiac Series – Hazy IPA, Orange, CA (7.0% ABV) – $13.00
  • Crowns & Hops Brewing Co., The Dopest Hazy IPA – Hazy IPA, Inglewood, CA (6.8% ABV) – $14.25
  • Golden Road Brewing, Strawberry Cart – Wheat Ale, Los Angeles, CA (6.0% ABV) – $13.00
  • Ballast Point Brewing Co., Watermelon Dorado – Double IPA, San Diego, CA (10% ABV) (10oz Pour) – $14.25
  • Russian River Brewing Company, Happy Hops IPA – Santa Rosa, CA (6.5% ABV) – $13.00
  • Bright & Balanced Beer Flight – La Bodega Brewing Company, Buena Suerte – Golden Road Brewing, Strawberry Cart – Harland Brewing Co., Rumbler – Chapman Crafted Beer, Zodiac Series – $17.50
  • IPA Beer Flight – Altamont Brewing, Maui Waui IPA – Crowns & Hops Brewing Co., The Dopest Hazy IPA – Brewery X, Pineapple Vanilla Milkshake – Ballast Point Brewing Co., Watermelon Dorado” – $17.00
  • Fun with Flavor Beer Flight – Unsung Brewing Co., Buzzman – Delahunt Brewing Co., 1924 Raspberry Blonde – Barrelhouse Brewing, Mango IPA – Bottle Logic Brewing Co., Aurora Borealis” – $17.50

Uncork California


  • California Artisan Cheese Plate – Featuring Marin French Cheese Co. Jalapeño Triple Cream Brie, Fiscalini Farmstead Purple Moon Cheddar & Craft Beer Cheddar – $8.50
  • Celebration Chocolate Fudge Brownie – Gooey Chocolate Brownie with Pecans, topped with Chocolate Pecan Glaze and finished with Chocolate Pearls and Silver Stars – $6.50


  • Century of Magic Mimosa Flight – 1923: Prosecco, White Cranberry Juice, White Peach Syrup and Lemon Juice, 1939: Prosecco, Pineapple & Orange Juices, with Passion Fruit and Guava Nectar, 1955: Prosecco, Dragon Fruit & Rose Syrups and Lemon Juice – $18.00
  • 1923 Mimosa – Prosecco, White Cranberry Juice, White Peach Syrup and Lemon Juice – $17.00
  • 1939 Mimosa – Prosecco, Pineapple, Passion Fruit & Orange Juices with Guava Nectar – $17.00
  • 1955 Mimosa – Prosecco, Dragon Fruit & Rose Syrups and Lemon Juice – $17.00
  • Daou Vineyards, Chardonnay, Paso Robles, California – $17.00
  • Meiomi, Rosé, Coastal California – $11.75
  • Duckhorn Vineyards, Sauvgnon Blanc, St. Helena, California – $16.25
  • McBride Sisters Wine Company, Red Blend, Oakland, California – $14.00
  • Garnet Vineyards, Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast, California – $15.00
  • Robert Mondavi Vineyards, Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon aged in Bourbon Barrels, Napa, California – $11.75
  • Scharffenberger Cellars, Brut, Mendocino County – $14.00
  • White Wine Flight – Duckhorn Vineyards, Sauvignon Blanc, St. Helena, California Daou Vineyards, Chardonnay, Paso Robles, California Meiomi, Rosé, Coastal California” – $18.50
  • Red Wine Flight – Garnet Vineyards, Pinot Noir, Sonoma Coast, California McBride Sisters Wine Company, Red Blend, Oakland, California Robert Mondavi Vineyards, Private Selection Cabernet Sauvignon aged in Bourbon Barrels, Napa, California – $19.00

More to Savor

Aside from Festival Marketplace kiosks, there’s also several locations around the park where you can use your Sip and Savor pass to acquire Sip and Savor tasting-size portions of special new menu items.


20230304_084422 20230304_085609 20230304_092203 20230304_093120 20230304_111142 20230303_114527 20230303_131712 20230304_083918

Cappuccino Cart

  • Horchata Cold Brew – creamy blend of Cold Brew and House-made Rice & Cinnamon Beverage – $7.25 (Sip and Savor option available)


  • in Hollywood Land: Tiramisu Churro – $6.75 (Sip and Savor option available)
  • Willie’s Churros: Pineapple-Coconut Churro – $6.75 (Sip and Savor option available)

Cocina Cucamonga

  • Strawberry Horchata – House-made Rice and Cinnamon Beverage with Strawberry Sauce – $5.49 (Sip and Savor option available)

Festival Food and Beverage Cart

  • Pretzel Bites – with beery cheese sauce – $7 (Sip and Savor option available)

Pacific Wharf Café

  • Grilled Peach Toast – with Ricotta-Mascarpone Spread and Arugula Salad on Toasted Sourdough Bread – $9.99 (Sip and Savor option available)
  • Berries and Cream Bread Pudding – Seasonal Berry Bread Pudding with Whipped Topping, Strawberry Sauce and Crème Anglaise – $14.00

Paradise Garden Grill

  • Bulgogi Fried Rice – with Kimchi, Egg, Pickled Cucumbers, Green Onions and Sesame Seeds – $14.49 (Sip and Savor option available)
  • Buffalo Mac and Cheese – topped with Roasted Buffalo Cauliflower, Ranch and Carrot & Celery Salad – $13.99 (Sip and Savor option available)
  • Impossible™ Gyro Fries – Waffle Fries topped with Gyro Spiced Impossible™ Ground Beef, Cauliflower Cheese Sauce, Tomatoes, Cucumbers, Onions, Tzatziki and Pita Bread – $12.99 (Sip and Savor option available)
  • Peach-Blueberry Cobbler – $6.49 (Sip and Savor option available)
  • Torta de Chilaquiles – Fresh-made Telera Bread with Green Chilaquiles, Chorizo Beans, Chipotle Crema, Pickled Onions, Cilantro and Avocado Spread – $13.99
  • Wine Float Cocktail – Tequila, Triple Sec, Agave and Lime & Orange Juices with a Red Wine Float – $16.00

Sonoma Terrace

  • Half Sandwich Black Forest Ham Grilled Cheese – Sourdough Grilled Cheese with Black Forest Ham, Smoked Mozzarella and Red Wine-poached Pear Jam, served with Sun-dried Tomato-Cheese Sauce – $8.00 (Sip and Savor option available)

Studio Catering Co.

  • Korean Fried Chicken Sliders – Korean Fried Chicken topped with Gochujang Sauce, Kimchi, Coleslaw and Pickled Onions, served on Sweet Hawaiian Bread – $11.49 (Sip and Savor option available)
  • Watermelon Punch – Korean-style Watermelon Punch with Sprite® and Oat Milk – $5.99 (Sip and Savor option available)

Terran Treats

  • Like a Lemon-Raspberry Pie Churro – Raspberry-flavored Spiral Churro topped with a Lemon and Marshmallow Glaze and Pie Crumbles – $6.75 (Sip and Savor option available)

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See it for Yourself

Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival celebrations at Disney California Adventure take place from March 3 to April 25, 2023.

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