As the June 4, 2021 debut of AVENGERS CAMPUS lurks around the corner, the Disneyland Resort is heading into unprecedented waters opening a brand new Marvel-theme land AND new attraction in the midst of restrictions still in place surrounding the COVID-19 pandemic.

There’s several considerations to be aware of if you plan on visiting the new land.


STEP-BY-STEP: How to secure Virtual Queue access for ‘WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure’ attraction at AVENGERS CAMPUS

Accessing Avengers Campus

Here’s some important things to know to see the new Marvel-themed expansion.

Standby Queue

  • When Avengers Campus reaches capacity, a standby queue to enter Avengers Campus will be available
  • Access into the land is only available to the right of its main entrance by the Worldwide Engineering Brigade (also known as WEB), just past Carthay Circle Restaurant and across from Golden Vine Winery.

Virtual queue for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure

The only way to skip the land’s standby queue is with a virtual queue boarding group for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure.

  • Keep in mind that unlike the land itself, there is NO standby line for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure so you will need a virtual queue in order to access the attraction — we have previously detailed a step by step guide on how to secure your virtual queue boarding group.
  • Once your WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure boarding group is called you will head to the left of the land’s main entrance along the parade corridor.

Mobile Order

  • Utilizing Mobile Order for Avengers Campus dining locations does NOT guarantee immediate access into the new land.
  • Be sure to only utilize the service only AFTER you have entered the land.

Other Things to Know

Park Admission

Since reopening earlier this year, Disneyland Resort theme parks require both a valid ticket AND theme park reservation.

MORE INFO: Disneyland Resort simplifies process for tickets and theme park reservations

Travel Updates

As previously reported, Disneyland Resort theme parks is limited to California residents only until  June 15, 2021. Additionally, party size is limited to no more than three households.

See it for Yourself

AVENGERS CAMPUS Marvel-themed land opens at Disney California Adventure on June 4, 2021!

Need to know more? We have a top-level breakdown of everything you can expect in the new land in our coverage below.

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