Disney confirmed that the new WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure attraction in Avengers Campus at Disney California Adventure will require a Virtual Queue boarding group for access.


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That means, in order to start slinging webs with your friendly neighborhood Spider-Man, there’s no standby line! In order to experience the attraction, you’ll have to be coordinated and super-hero-quick!

The process can be confusing so we’ve broken out every step to help you maximize your day!

WHEN To Get a Virtual Queue Boarding Group

As a reminder, the attraction’s Virtual Queue is only accessible via the Disneyland mobile app, and you may only experience the attraction by joining the Virtual Queue. There are two distribution times to secure your spot but you can only snag one boarding group per day:

  • 7 AM: Requests to join the virtual queue at begin at 7:00 AM (prior to park entry). Guests will need to have their park tickets linked to their Disney account AND have a valid theme park reservation to Disney California Adventure park.
  • 12 PM: Requests to join the second distribution of the Virtual Queue begin at 12:00 PM. Guests must have a valid ticket AND theme park reservation PLUS they must have entered either Disney California Adventure park OR Disneyland park (with a Park Hopper ticket) by the second distribution time. Guests beginning their day at Disneyland park may then enter Disney California Adventure park with their Park Hopper ticket after 1 p.m. for their Boarding Group.
  • IMPORTANT: Even though there are two enrollment times, you can only get one Virtual Queue Boarding Group for WEB SLINGERS per day. However, if you miss the morning enrollment, you CAN try again for the noon enrollment.

HOW to Get a Virtual Queue Boarding Group

In order to secure a Boarding Group number in the Virtual Queue for WEB SLINGERS: A Spider-Man Adventure, park tickets already linked to your Disney account AND have a valid theme park reservation as outlined above.

To grab your Virtual Queue Boarding Group:

  1. Open the Disneyland App and make sure you are signed in.
  2. From the Disneyland App home screen, you will see your theme park reservation. Make sure your tickets are also linked.
  3. A minute before the Virtual Queue enrollment begins (see details above), open the Virtual Queue section in the app.
  4. Tap the “Join Boarding Group” button to be taken into the enrollment page.
  5. You can pull down on this page to refresh it. A blue “Join” button will appear for each attraction listed right when enrollment starts. Tap it quickly — YOU ARE NOT FINISHED YET!
  6. You will be taken to a “Create Your Party” section. Quickly tap the “Join” button at the bottom of this screen. DO NOT hesitate on this screen. Reservations typically are gone within the first minute of enrollment start. Tap quickly to confirm your reservation, you can always fix it later if there are problems.
  7. If there are issues with your reservation party (maybe not everyone’s ticket showed up, for example) simply go to a Guest Relations kiosk or to City Hall/Chamber of Commerce and a Cast Member can help you address the issue. Keep in mind, you can always FIX a reservation but you have to have one to begin with!
  8. You’ll receive a push notification via the Disneyland App if/when your group is called to return. You’ll have up to an hour from the time of the alert to go to the attraction entrance. You can also check on your Virtual Queue Boarding Group status from the App at any point during the day.

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