Although Universal Studios Hollywood is not ready to hit the start button just yet, a new dish is on its way to the Toadstool Cafe inside the brand-new Super Nintendo World and it may be just as potent as the famous Power Flower. After eating it, Bowser’s Fireball Challenge might just have you breathing fireballs, too!

During the opening weekend festivities, we had the chance to feast our eyes on the upcoming dish that will be added to an already impressive roster of mouth-watering options. Bowser’s Fireball Challenge will feature a 1-POUND meatball with mozzarella cheese, mushroom marinara sauce, and parsley. The face of Bowser stares back from a puff pastry and its served with a side of hot sauce.

The palate-tempting new menu offering is not ready just yet but hungry travelers to the Mushroom Kingdom at Super Nintendo World in Hollywood will see it pop up soon on the menu! In the meantime, take a look at Bowser’s Fireball Challenge below.

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Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood officially opened February 17, 2023.

The new Super Nintendo World expansion is located inside of Universal Studios Hollywood park and access is included with regular park admission. Super Nintendo World is not a separate theme park.

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