Universal Studios Hollywood is just about ready to officially hit START on their brand new Super Nintendo World expansion and MouseInfo had the chance to explore the offerings of the ambitious new expansion. Officially set to open to the public on February 17, 2023, the land and all of its offerings are currently in Technical Rehearsal which is Universal lingo for a “soft open.”

While the functioning movie studio hybrid theme park does not have the blessing of size, it still packs a world of fun into a very small footprint. Here’s what you can expect in Super Nintendo World starting February 17, 2023. Letsa go!

super nintendo world hollywood universal studios

Shown here is a look at the full interactive digital map of Super Nintendo World setting the stage for your in-person video game adventure. You can see this map inside the Universal Studios Hollywood app and use it to keep track of your adventures with a Power-Up Band.

Let’s take a closer look…


Mario Kart: Bowser’s Challenge

super nintendo world hollywood ride mario kart bowsers challenge 20230118_110600(0)

There’s only one traditional attraction in Super Nintendo World and it comes in the form of this 3D/4D hybrid attraction that straps you into a Mario Kart vehicle, has you don an Augmented Reality headset, and embark on an interactive journey across some iconic visuals from the Mario franchise.


Power-Up Band Experience

super nintendo world hollywood power up band 20230118_103104

This isn’t a ride but you can level up your experience exploring the land with an upcharge Power-Up Band that is specific to the land and tracks your progress with in-world activities. You can to collect virtual coins and achievement stamps plus unlock interactive elements through a self-guided side quest journey.


Meet the Characters

super nintendo world hollywood character greetings mario and luigi 20230118_130929

Mario, Luigi, and Princes Peach are all ready to meet and greet their fans at Super Nintendo World. Here’s what you need to know…



Toadstool Café

super nintendo world hollywood dining toadstool cafe 20230118_115729

Get your fill inside this ADORABLE quick service restaurant that features a great variety of hot eats and sweet treats.



1-UP Factory

super nintendo world hollywood shopping 1 up factory 20230118_110834

A gift shop featuring tons of Nintendo and Super Nintendo World items to level up your day with some game-changing merch.


Virtual Line Reservation

super nintendo world entrance warp tunnel universal studios hollywood 20230118_140359

On select days, a Virtual Line Reservation may be required to access Super Nintendo World. Check out our guide below for more details.


See it for Yourself

Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood officially opens February 27, 2023.

The new Super Nintendo World expansion is located inside of Universal Studios Hollywood park and access is included with regular park admission. Super Nintendo World is not a separate theme park.

MORE INFO: For tickets, visit store.universalstudioshollywood.com.

Know Before You Go

Before the official opening on February 27, 2023, access to the land is NOT guaranteed. While the land is in Technical Rehearsal, it may be partially or completely unavailable. If you’re in the park before the official opening of Super Nintendo World, check with Team Members about the availability of Technical Rehearsal to get your early sneak peek.

After February 27, 2023, a Virtual Line Reservation might be required for access into Super Nintendo World. See below for additional details.

MORE INFO: Virtual Line Reservations will be used as needed for access into Super Nintendo World at Universal Studios Hollywood

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