Fantasmic! is finally back at Disneyland and all the prime spots for the show require a pay-for-play voucher to get into reserved viewing areas for the Fantasmic! Dining Package. Although there are FOUR different ways to score a great spot to see the show, we feel pretty confident recommending the $50 per person River Belle Terrace Standard Package.

See below for our thoughts on the food, the views, and the process.

The Cost

There’s a fixed price for lunch or dinner and the menu is the same for either reservation period. Tax and gratuity are not included.

  • $50 per adult
  • $30 per child (ages 3 to 9)

The View

It’s the best possible view for the show right in the center section with the ability to go right up to the water’s edge. Although the show is great from just about any vantage point, there’s a special magic of seeing all the projections, lighting, and choreography from where it was stage to be viewed: right in the middle! Check out our video below from opening night.

The Food

For this price point, we would have hoped for slightly better options. Overall, the food was not a strong-point of the experience which is truly unfortunate. There are some solid safe choices but we want to strongly recommend against the plant-based chili which has to be one of the worst things we’ve ever eaten ever at Disneyland… EVER.

The Menu

Here’s a complete look at both the regular menu (which can be ordered from with this package) or the special upgraded River Belle Terrace Standard Fantasmic! Dining Package menu.


The Starters

The Cup of Red Beans and Rice with andouille sausage, peppers, and ham hocks was a big hit at our table. The Strawberry-Pistachio Salad with lettuce blend, radish and balsamic reduction was honestly just ok, ours was under dressed but perfectly suitable — which is a bit relatable if we think about it.

20220528_175942 20220528_180042

The Entrees

The Buttermilk Fried Chicken Sandwich is a solid choice with a BBQ aioli and slaw served on a bun. It comes with a generous side of tots and baked beans. The Pimento Mac & Cheese Skillet also doesn’t usually disappoint although the meat in ours that day was a little fatty and cubed in rather large chunks, still the right flavors are there.

20220528_180544 20220528_180621

PLEASE SKIP THIS ONE. The Plant-Based Chili and Cornbread Skillet was northing short of terrible. The flavors did not meld here at all. Worse, the base does not have a chili texture; it was essentially large chopped mushrooms in a broth mixed with beans. It was topped with cornbread and plant-based sausage which were also incredibly dry leaving no redeeming features. This dish is not mediocre, it’s outright bad!



The Chocolate & Raspberry Dome is a perfectly suitable dessert even if it’s slightly more pretentious in presentation than it needs to be. There’s a great selection of flavors here from the raspberry cake and macerated berries to the mango sorbet. Everything tucked neatly inside of a chocolate dome that was SUPPOSED to melt with the provided hot pink crème anglaise… but didn’t. Whether it was the sauce not being hot enough or the chocolate being too thick, nobody’s dome melted in our group. It all sits atop a bed of Fruity Pebbles.

20220528_183849 20220528_184623

The Process and Tips

The River Belle Terrace Standard Fantasmic! Dining Package is a Goldilocks package of sorts — it’s not the cheapest and it’s not the most expensive — it’s just right. While the $50 price tag is hardly a bargain, it is the mid-range price point of all options available and still gets you access to the best seat in the house which makes it an easy choice if you want a special experience to enjoy a good meal and get a great view of one of Disneyland’s most popular nighttime spectaculars.

Getting Your Reservation

20220611_142941You need to get a restaurant reservation in advance as space is extremely limited. It’s important to know that you CANNOT book the River Belle Terrace Standard Fantasmic! Dining Package in advance. You need to book a regular dining reservation and request the upgrade on the day of your visit.

Because availability is limited, having a dining reservation does NOT guarantee availability for the Standard Fantasmic! Dining Package. So, regardless of what time your reservation is to dine, you’ll want to check in at the restaurant podium when it opens (generally 11am but check the mobile app for most accurate times) to make a note on your reservation that you want the dining package.

Getting Your Viewing Area Voucher

20220528_185340You will also usually have the choice of watching the first or second show. We strongly recommend the second viewing as it tends to be less crowded, making it easier to score a prime spot.

After your meal, you will be presented with your vouchers to enter the reserved viewing area for the Fantasmic! Dining Package. Different packages have access to different viewing areas but this is definitely the best one.

How to Get Into the Viewing Area

20220611_143715Once you have your vouchers, you will check in with a Cast Member to gain access to the reserved viewing area. On opening night, there was a lot of miscommunication amongst Cast Members. We asked five different Cast Members where to go and got five different answers.

We eventually saw Cast Members posted at the ropes of the center viewing area (near Pirates of the Caribbean’s entrance) and after talking to them were granted access into the appropriate viewing area. The viewing areas are (ground) sitting only although if you need to stand, Cast Members will usually let you stand at the back of the section along the ropes. There are also accommodations for guests in wheel chairs and ECVs.

See it for Yourself

Reservations are available from 11:00 AM for lunch and 4:00 PM for dinner. Space is limited so you might not find your preferred time or date but always keep checking back for cancellations, especially in the days leading up to your visit date as people cancel to avoid penalty.

MORE INFO: Reserve a spot on the Fantasmic! Dining Package

More Options?

There’s other options besides the River Belle Terrace Standard Fantasmic Dining Package to enjoy a meal and the show. See our additional coverage below.

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