There’s so much going on as Disneyland gears up for the end-of-month debut of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and we’ve got your ticket in to take a look at it all. Project Stardust continues altering the Resort in both minor and major ways with wider walkways, refreshed facades, and even a new look for Sleeping Beauty Castle!

This week, we’ll check in on Pixar Pals Parking Structure, look at updates on refurbishments around both parks (including Inside Out: Emotional Whirlwind and Silly Symphony Swings) plus peek at the new Marvel-themed land which has more vertical construction. We have a gigantic merch run for you at the end plus some special Galaxy’s Edge merch in our TEE TIME section that you definitely won’t want to miss!

There’s a lot to take in with this latest pictorial so get to it! ENJOY!

A Beauty Awakens


Although still not officially open, Sleeping Beauty Castle has given us a first good look at its new color scheme this weekend. She is looking neat and pretty!

The most notable changes are to the color of the stonework (a decidedly cooler color palate than before) and an intense new sapphire tone for the roofs and turrets. New gold details pop throughout the design including some gold sparkles on the center roof section that has been causing a bit of stir on the social media spheres.

Overall, the new look is thoroughly fetching and quite becoming on the 64-year old beauty. Project Stardust continues on!

20190518_093541 20190518_110926

The look of the castle changes drastically depending on the time of day and how much sun light is hitting it. These two photos were taken 2.5 hours apart from each other on the same day.


You can’t walk through just yet but those walls should be coming down very soon!


From far away, the new gold sparkles are hardly noticeable but like good stage makeup on an actor, the look is perhaps not quite as ideal when you look at it closer than intended.


Sometimes, you’ve gotta paint for the people at the back of the room. Or in this case, Main Street.


Gold touches elsewhere on the castle help pop-out its gorgeous detail.

20190518_111207 20190518_111210

The harsh sunlight creates a little glare depending on the time of day and spot you’re standing but some luster added helps soften the intensity.


Again, depending on the amount of light hitting it the castle’s appearance can change pretty drastically.


The backside of the castle is also on display.

20190518_103147 20190518_103153 20190518_103703 20190518_103309


We’ve met before!

20190518_103234 20190518_103332 20190518_103522 20190518_103605


A Galaxy’s Edging Closer


The in-park views of the land haven’t changed much considering that the land will be welcoming its first guests very, very soon!

MORE INFO: News and Information about STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE

May the Force Be With You

Star Wars: GalaxyÕs Edge Ð Ronto Roasters

With grand opening so close, the Star Was: Galaxy’s Edge expansion (or unofficially Star Wars Land for the uninitiated) has unleashed tons of details about what guests can expect once they step foot in a galaxy far, far away.

Around Disney California Adventure



Pixar Pier continues to see a flurry of action!

20190518_082547 20190518_082645

Still no visible progress on the fountain near the IncrediCoaster or the Zurg fun meal toy.


A row of benches lines the front of the Pixar Promenade.


The Inside Out: Emotional Whirlwind continues to see progress by the day!

20190518_084007 20190518_084054

New lighting and speaker fixtures are appearing and all the gold starbursts are now purple.


New railings coming soon.

IMG_1855 IMG_1859

The buckets guests will sit in have been added to the flyers.



IMG_1867 IMG_1856


Hiding the existing concrete forms.


Silly Symphony Swings should also be swinging soon, too!


Looks like actual swings are being added back onto the attraction.

20190518_083950 20190518_084328 20190518_084216 20190518_084237



The new Marvel-themed land is showing some major vertical construction.

IMG_1863 IMG_1864 IMG_1862 IMG_1866


Speaking of Grizzly River Run, another rafting attraction in the So-Cal environs had some special attention on it this week following its extensive refurbishment that breathed new life in to it. We can only hope that a similar approach might be on the horizon for the Disney California Adventure classic!

Our highlight video below will give you a taste of what awaits at the new Calico River Rapids attraction at Knott’s Berry Farm!

MORE INFO: GRAND OPENING: Knott’s Berry Farm’s CALICO RIVER RAPIDS brings new life to classic water ride


Warming Cabin Watch 2019 has thus far provided no viable clues.


This location always seems so dead, perhaps it’s time for a rethink of this space?

Around Disneyland


The Main Street Mad Hatter is looking neat and pretty following its recent exterior refurbishment.

20190518_092825 20190518_092831


20190518_092852 20190518_092914


The recently-painted mural is still awaiting lettering.



Walls are still up in-between Jolly Holiday and Refreshment Corner.

20190518_093325 20190518_093331
20190518_113306 20190518_113348

ELOTE HOT DOG. REPEAT. ELOTE HOT DOG. It’s so stinking good. Available at the Refreshment Corner.


Not much change in the hub compared to last week.

20190518_093434 20190518_093454 20190518_093457 20190518_094000
20190518_121919 20190518_121954

Railings are finally completed on the walkway leading up the Plaza Inn from Main Street.




Dapper Dans of Disneyland!


So nice to have this view back again with the castle poking up behind the Partners Statue!


Stupid umbrella!


The western walkway into Fantasyland by the castle is currently closed.

20190518_103221 20190518_103253

The Bibbidi Bobbidi Boutique is also closed for refurbishment but the Enchanted Chamber remains open, selling dresses and accessories.


The Carousel ODV has been temporarily moved over near the Pinocchio’s Daring Adventure exit while work continues on the backside of the castle.


I’m sure Strollers-in-the-Round is exactly what Imagineers had planned for this obelisk in the Fantasy Faire.


Curious if they might convert Fairy Tale Treasures into stroller parking to get them out of the walkway? They could rename it the Royal Carriage Works.


Figaro and his feathered friend are off on new adventures.


Looks like we’re finally seeing some action on the new marquee for the Adventureland entrance.

20190518_100852 20190518_100843

The adobe wall on the northern side of the entrance has had three slices taken out of it while the crates on the right continue to hide something.


The Adventureland side of the pond has been refilled, now sludge free!


Looks like plaques around the park have been given a good spit-shine. The Petrified Tree in Frontierland was also looking neat and pretty.

20190518_100556 20190518_100646

A busy weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth as it continues welcoming a mix of Grad Nite mix-in guests and spring discount ticket-holders whose passes will all expire on May 23, 2019.


Cafe Orleans has reopened following a brief down-time.


Off-center window is back!




A fresh smattering of pavement or blacktop? Concrete? ¯\_(ツ)_/¯


That lamppost serves in loving memory of a real planter. It was one of the early casualties of Project Stardust.


Hungry Bear continues to add shade to its extending dining patio.



20190518_102717 20190518_102730

It’s nice being able to walk the Big Thunder trail without the haze of the too-close-to-the-walkway smoking area.


Additional pathway widening in progress here leading up to one of the entrances into STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE.

20190518_102827 20190518_102652

Walkways are blocked off into the new land. NO PEEKING.

20190518_102948 20190518_103922

Storybook Land Canal Boats and Casey Jr. Circus Train continue on with their refurbishments.


Fantasy Arts canopy provides shade while the custom-lettering option is gone.



Extended queue in use at the Matterhorn.


Busy busy!


Red Rockett’s Pizza Port is closed for its permanent conversion into Alien Pizza Planet.


20190518_110239 20190518_110243 20190518_110214 20190518_110209



Hyperspace Mountain.

20190518_110336 20190518_110515

Walls are still up in front of Path of the Jedi. We suspect the planters here are being Stardusted.


Pixar Pals Parking Structure


Although it won’t be ready by the end of the month when Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge officially opens, we suspect the new Pixar Pals Parking Structure will be close to ready by the end of the reservation-only access period which ends on June 23.

20190518_134557 20190518_134601 20190518_134619 20190518_134609


20190518_075552 20190518_075557 20190518_080040 20190518_080046 20190518_075548 20190518_075730


Downtown Disney parking lot is preparing for construction of the new Sky Bridge that will allow guests to avoid having to cross over street-traffic to get from the parking structure into the Resort area.



Every single parking lot at the Disneyland Resort was filled to capacity on Saturday causing for huge delays and backup on the streets around the Resort.

20190518_134850 20190518_134931


Merch Run


Please try to avoid nibbling on your ears. These Mexican sweet bread concha ears with traditonal blanket ears are freaking adorable!


Don’t lick your ears, either please. These Dole Whip ears are not a snack.


You might be a fan of Dole Whip but now it’s ready to be a fan for you.


June is Pride month, expect lots of red and rainbows in the coming weeks!


20190518_132128 20190518_132155


May Showers?

20190518_132237 20190518_132322

As Dolly Parton would say, if you want the rainbow, you have to put up with a little rain.

Patriotic Pride


We chronicled last week the extensive amount of new fourth of July merchandise, here’s another look at some more of it!

20190518_132631 20190518_132652

Toy Story 4


20190518_123904 20190518_124337 20190518_123921 20190518_124210 20190518_124351 20190518_123930 20190518_123948 20190518_124047 20190518_124230 20190518_124243 20190518_124144 20190518_132506 20190518_132535 20190518_124124 20190518_132447


Mickey and Minnie

The #Mickey90 celebration might be coming to an end but there’s still lots of merch continually hitting the shelves to get your hands on!

20190518_084654 20190518_084803

Duck Butt

After Mickey’s Philharmagic opened last month with the debut of Donald’s butt we thought that was the extent to which we’d experience the fowl visage. Alas, we were wrong.

20190518_133101 20190518_133042

Retro Magic

20190518_132745  20190518_132735 20190518_132757 20190518_132803 20190518_084751 20190518_132844 20190518_132825 20190518_132905 20190518_132714 20190518_132856


20190518_103422 20190518_103427


This carpet bag!

More in Store


Hakunah Matata!

20190518_122446 20190518_122849
20190518_091513 20190518_132346 20190518_091539 20190518_091605 20190518_091611 20190518_123714


20190518_122636 20190518_124954 20190518_122532 20190518_123152
20190518_085442 20190518_085519 20190518_085534




In the ever-evolving world of Disney ticket levels, packages, and options the Disneyland Resort has added a new Annual Pass to the lineup: Disney Flex Passport. Priced at $599, this pass is different than the one you might have in your wallet today as it introduces a reservation system that effectively guarantees your visit (and potentially limits how many times you can come) with a flexible new system.

MORE INFO: DISNEY FLEX PASSPORT: Everything you need to know about Disneyland’s new Annual Passport option

Roaring Soon

Screen Shot 2019-05-07 at 2 56 02 PM (2)

Tale of the Lion King is coming to Disney California Adventure and this this imaginative story-theatre production is bringing with it not just the iconic songs from the upcoming live-action reboot of the film but also scenic, prop and costume designs celebrate the spirit of Africa.

MORE INFO: FIRST LOOK: ‘Tale of the Lion King’ bringing authentic sounds of Africa to Disney California Adventure

Pop-Up Disney!


We had the opportunity as guests of a Disney Parks Blog event to check out Pop-up Disney! A Mickey Celebration at Downtown Disney. On our voyage into the former ESPN Zone, we found a delightful and bright space ripe with literally countless photographic opportunities.

MORE INFO: Inside and In-Depth: POP-UP DISNEY! A MICKEY CELEBRATION at Downtown Disney

Fireworks Forever!

As we gear up for a busy summer with the opening of Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Disney will be bringing back fan-favorite fireworks spectacular DISNEYLAND FOREVER. The popular fireworks show will replace the current MICKEY’S MIX MAGIC show that kicked off in January as part of the Get Your Ears On – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration.

“Mickey’s Mix Magic” runs at Disneyland daily through June 6, 2019“Disneyland Forever” fireworks spectacular returns to Disneyland on June 7, 2019.

MORE INFO: DISNEYLAND FOREVER fireworks returning, MICKEY’S MIX MAGIC confirms end date



GET YOUR EARS ON – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration is a new festival at the Disneyland Resort to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of everyone’s favorite mouse duo. The #Mickey90 celebration comes to an end on June 6, 2019.

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Disneyland celebration invites you to GET YOUR EARS ON with new offerings

Hungry for More Mickey?

With the June 6, 2019 end-date in sight, there’s not much time left to enjoy the limited eats, treats, and sweets celebrating Mickey’s 90th birthday!


MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: Disneyland’s festive menu for ‘Get Your Ears On’ Mickey 90th celebration

Magical Savings on Admission

It’s one of the questions we get asked the most, how can you save a little money on Disneyland tickets? Below is what’s available now.

  • US military discounts for tickets and hotels; Disneyland, Walt Disney World.  MORE INFO

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