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“Sky Bridge” was the big buzz term being bandied about before Disney ended up nixing the Eastern Gateway Project at the Disneyland Resort but now we have confirmation that a bridge is still on the way to the Happiest Place on Earth, just not in the location we expected!

The new parking structure currently being built next to Mickey and Friends Parking Structure is going to have a pedestrian walkway that will take guests immediately over busy Magic Way; avoiding the street traffic below that has currently always been a small inconvenience since the initial structure was first built. It appears the new bridge completely eliminates the sidewalk on that entire block making for a hopefully safer and quicker means of getting guests to and from their vehicles.

Set to be completed next year, these parking and transportation enhancements—along with other existing parking options throughout the resort area—are designed to help improve parking and traffic flow. The new parking structure is expected to significantly speed up guest arrival by providing a 60 percent increase in the number of access lanes and by adding parking capacity on the west side of the resort. In addition, the tram boarding area will be reconfigured to enhance the transportation experience for guests parking at both the new structure and Mickey & Friends.