It was another soggy weekend at the Happiest Place on Earth and we were there to get a quick look at the goings on including Project Stardust, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, and more! Of course, a nice merch run for you at the end in this latest park pictorial. ENJOY!

Mickey’s Rainy Day Cavalcade

When inclement weather forces cancellation of the parade at Disneyland, they run a Plan B option called Mickey’s Rainy Day Cavalcade. A bunch of characters are loaded up onto Main Street vehicles and they head on down the parade route!


20190217_154629 20190217_154802 20190217_154836 20190217_154751 20190217_154756 20190217_154822

Let’s do brunch?

If you’re looking for more personal face-time with the characters and you LOVE brunch, you’re in luck as Disney’s PCH Grill is bringing a brunch option to Donald Duck’s Seaside Breakfast on Fridays, Saturdays, and Sundays starting March 29, 2019! Catch some waves on the dance floor with Donald, Daisy and Stitch as you chow down on an all-you-care-to-enjoy brunch buffet.

MORE INFO: New character dining options debut July 10 at Disneyland Resort hotels

Around Disneyland

Valentine’s Month has now come to a close. Did you enjoy this year’s offerings?


20190217_160559 20190217_160659

For Valentine’s Month, the Gibson Girl Ice Cream Parlor served a warm Donut Sundae.


Curb re-sloping on Main Street continues under Project Stardust. Walls around this planter near City Hall spell certain doom for the plants that lived there previously. Will it be removed all together or made smaller? We shall soon see…

MORE INFO: ‘Project Stardust’ initiative is widening walkways, adding seating, and other enhancements at Disneyland



New curb re-sloping in front of the Disney Showcase.


Walls are down at the Disneyland Emporium which sports its new curb-free joie de vie.

20190217_150109 20190217_150123



Sleeping Beauty Castle is also part of Project Stardust as it gets a fresh coat of paint and some other enhancements including roof repairs.


It’s still a #Mickey90 good, good, good, good time at the Happiest Place on Earth despite refurbishments!


20190217_155519 20190217_155559


New VS. Old. You can see the castle will be decidedly cooler in color palette with more blues and purples. Make it blue, make it pink!



Astro Orbitor will be returning this spring.


It seems the flux capacitor is broken on the Disneyland Railroad. No visits to the Primeval World, land of the dinosaurs.

20190217_152915 20190217_152927

Frontierland in the rain, with blue skies at the same time.



River Belle Terrace exterior work continues, the restaurant is still open, though. I love that the vintage concrete planter on the left has thus far remain un-touched over the years, save several shades of paint.



Always sauce on the side at the Bengal Barbecue!



Fantasmic! comes back March 8.


So does the Sailing Ship Columbia.


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Moonlit cruises on the Rivers of America.

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Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


Moving along for a June opening!

20190217_123448 20190217_123453 20190217_123455 20190217_123457 20190217_123505 20190217_123513


MORE INFO: News and Information about STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE

STWGALAXYSEDGE2018001_DC11 reviseExplore Early?

The public won’t get their chance to explore Galaxy’s Edge until June when the new land opens at Disneyland (and then again later in the year a clone of the land opens in Walt Disney World) but Marvel is ready to take you to the planet of Batuu — and specifically the Black Spire

Around the Resort


Disneyland Hotel has a cute photo-op for #Mickey90.


Monorail Slide is down for refurbishment at the Disneyland Hotel.

20190217_125346 20190217_125329


New tables and seating at the fire pit.


We popped over for a look at the newly reopened Tangaroa Terrace and it subsequently started to rain. The restaurant and bar were very crowded so we opted to run for shelter instead.

20190217_125312 20190217_125420


Here’s a look at the new menu. Nine bucks for Edamame?

20190217_131516 20190217_131455

ESPN Zone will soon become a new pop-up exhibit with selfie photo-ops.

Zoned Out


Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration is coming to Downtown Disney at the Disneyland Resort and it promises a “whimsically immersive experience” celebrating 90 years of both Mickey and Minnie Mouse. This separately ticketed exhibit will be located near the Downtown Disney District Monorail station in the former space of ESPN Zone.

MORE INFO: NEW separate-cost ‘Pop-Up Disney! A Mickey Celebration’ exhibit coming to shuttered ESPN ZONE



Still no Rain Forest Cafe.


Still no Black Tap!


Still no movies. =(


Work continues on the pool bar expansion at Disney’s Grand Californian Hotel & Spa.

Meanwhile, we decided to stop for a bite at the newly reopened White Water Cafe. Based on our visit this weekend, it seems that the kitchen is still woefully unprepared to handle capacity. We mobile ordered our food and it took just about a half hour before we finally got our food. One person in our party, who mobile ordered AFTER us, got her food 10 minutes before us.

Aside from the backlog in the kitchen, we found the food to be VERY tasty but also EXPENSIVE. Considering the hotel it aims to serve the price point is not surprising but we were unimpressed with portion sizes for the price. While the flavor of the food definitely justified a higher cost we still found ourselves reeling a little from the prices.


Shwarma Chicken Skewer ($14) is not advertised to have a curry flavor which surprised us a little but it was flavorful and juicy. Served over warm pita with a parsley-celery leaf salad and tzatziki dip! One pita, no sides.


Cali-Grilled Angus Cheeseburger ($15) served with grilled asparagus-celery salad and artichoke aioli and crinkle cut fries. Very very tasty and probably the best bang for your buck.


Chicken-Fried Brisket and Waffle ($18) was both the most interesting, flavorful, and disappointing dish. Normally protein+waffle dishes are not served with a side but we found that to be a vital missing element for this dish, especially considering the whopping price tag. This features a ground brisket patty smothered with BBQ sauce and pimento cheese spread. A very tasty dish. It technically does come with a side of house-made pickles but that hardly satisfies (despite how TASTY they are) if you’re hungry.

Presentation seemed a little odd with the waffle on TOP of the beef patty but perhaps aided in keeping the warm fluffy pastry from getting soggy. Everything here worked incredibly well together but for the price tag might not be worth the jump.


20190217_144130 20190217_144124

As tasty as all three of these sounded the wind, cold, and rain prevented us from even considering a scoop of Salt & Straw’s February flavors.

New Parking Structure



Looks like they’re assembling the roof component on the ground and will be lifting it up over the round part of the structure.

20190217_123237 20190217_123246 20190217_123252 20190217_123255 20190217_123258 20190217_123303 20190217_123310 20190217_124125 20190217_124128 20190217_124130   20190217_124200 20190217_124201 20190217_124237 20190217_124255 20190217_124257


Merch Run


Happiest Place on Earth ear hat.


St. Patrick’s Day Mickey Plush.

20190217_190617 20190217_190629 20190217_190642


A bunch of “it’s a small world” merchandise is ready for the taking.

20190217_144641 20190217_144658 20190217_144725
20190217_144744 20190217_144844 20190217_144755 20190217_144818


Mad Tea Party themed merchandise.

20190217_144904 20190217_145019


It almost looks like they’ve created a hybrid color of Rose Gold and Millennial Pink. Rosennial Pink?


20190217_145319 20190217_143236

More Up-Charge Events Assemble

disneyland after dark heroes assemble

Disneyland After Dark continues on this year with a third event and it’s decidedly… SUPER. The new Disneyland After Dark: Heroes Assemble event at Disney California Adventure park promises an action-packed line up of experiences with entertainment, character encounters, event-themed food, merchandise and more.

MORE INFO: HEROES ASSEMBLE for new Disneyland After Dark event at Disney California Adventure

Disneyland Freebies?!


Whenever anybody talks about visiting a Disney Park, prices and cost will always invariably end up coming into the conversation. So, when there’s potential for a FREE bit of Disney magic, it’s always worth a note! Last year, Disney rolled out a fun new freebie in the parks but it takes just a little bit of work!

MORE INFO: Have you been collecting your free Disneyland souvenirs from Esmeralda and Red?

Get Ready to Eat!

Starting March 1, visitors to Disney California Adventure can enjoy a whole host of offerings tempt the palate and tickle all the senses with the return of the Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival!

MORE INFO: WHAT TO EXPECT: Disney California Adventure Food & Wine Festival 2019 bringing tempting tastes for all the senses



GET YOUR EARS ON – A Mickey and Minnie Celebration is a new festival at the Disneyland Resort to celebrate the 90th Anniversary of everyone’s favorite mouse duo. #Mickey90

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: Disneyland celebration invites you to GET YOUR EARS ON with new offerings

New Nighttime Spectacle

In celebration of the 90th Anniversary of Mickey, Disneyland has debuted a brand new projection show that, on select nights, will also feature fireworks: Mickey’s Mix Magic. The new nighttime spectacle is touted as a high-energy dance party in the park and on weekends and peak days will also be supplemented with fireworks — weather permitting.

MORE INFO: WATCH: Disneyland debuts new ‘Mickey’s Mix Magic’ nighttime spectacle

Hungry for More Mickey?


MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: Disneyland’s festive menu for ‘Get Your Ears On’ Mickey 90th celebration

Save Money in the New Year

Disneyland is currently offering several ways to save a little money and visit the Happiest Place on Earth. Each have various restrictions so you’ll want to find the one that works best for you.

  • $60/day; Disneyland Resort.  MORE INFO
  • $70 ticket offer, hotel discounts; Disneyland Resort   MORE INFO
  • US military discounts for tickets and hotels; Disneyland, Walt Disney World.  MORE INFO

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