As we head into the final bits of the Disney Holidays (and mass blockouts for a majority of Disney Annual Passholders) we’ll take a final pictorial look at the Disneyland Resort.

Aside from all the wonderful goings on for the holiday season — which we’ve chronicled for you in depth the past few weeks — we’ll take a look around all corners of the resort for a pulse check on Downtown Disney (Wetzel’s Pretzels finally reopened, Ballast and Black Craft remain on-going), the expansion at Mickey and Friends Parking, Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge, Pixar Pier, and more!

Of course, a nice little merch run for you at the end plus much, much, more in our latest (and final for 2018) pictorial! ENJOY!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge


20181215_112754 20181215_112801 20181215_112805 20181215_112808 IMG_0871 20181217_150048 20181217_150056 20181217_152841 20181217_152855 20181217_152857 20181217_152901 20181215_112745

MORE INFO: News and Information about STAR WARS: GALAXY’S EDGE

Pixar Pier

Although the land officially opened this past summer, there’s still a lot going on at Disneyland Resort’s newest land.


The ADVENTURE IS DOWN THERE billboard has been removed and the Coco billboard was swapped in to replace it.

Here’s the billboards as they appeared this summer.

20181217_123207 20181217_123212
20181217_123240 20181217_123441

The removal of that fourth billboard opens up vistas at the launching point for the Incredicoaster.


You can now peep a look at Edna in the first Incredicoaster show-scene. You can also now see the nuts and screws bolting her into place.

IMG_0874 IMG_0877

Some of the details in the “lounge.”


IMG_0883 IMG_0906


INSIDE OUT: Emotional Whirlwind is gaining some ground.

IMG_0889 IMG_0891 IMG_0879 IMG_0888




Not sure when it appeared but there’s now graphic artwork on the front of the Poultry Palace. It wasn’t there when the land opened.


The new entrance marquee for Toy Story Midway Mania debuted a few months ago.



Sorry to barge in here.


No word yet as to whether or not WORLD OF COLOR will make a last minute holiday debut. By the looks of it, it seems quite likely.

20181217_123645 20181217_124000


Behold the Turkey Carnitas Poutine at the Lamplight Lounge. The new holiday dish continues the location’s mission of providing fun and unique twists on popular cuisine. This colorful dish features malted fries topped with slow-cooked turkey carnitas, Yucatan-inspired gravy, cranberry-bacon habanero gelée, crumbled queso blanco, and green onions.

MORE INFO: News and Information about PIXAR PIER

Around Disney California Adventure


The Disney Holidays are in full effect. We took in Viva Navidad one last time for the year (alas, our APs block out this weekend)!


Is SNOWY supposed to be a pun on an existing movie? Frosty?

Taste of the Holidays


If the Turkey Carnitas Poutine at Lamplight Lounge is not your speed you can cruise over to the Cozy Cone for Luigi’s Chicken Pesto Cone which has creamy pesto Alfredo pasta with marinated chicken, balsamic reduction, bruschetta tomatoes, and Romano cheese. We asked them to put tomato at the top AND bottom of our cone and man was that a great choice. Really satisfying!


We also had to get one more taste of the amazing Studio Catering Co. holiday offering; the Plant-etarium Street Tacos are filled with brussel sprouts, salsa verde, and pickled red onions with an apple pomegranate slaw.

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: New food options make things tasty and bright for the 2018 Disney Holidays!

Marvel Themed Land

As the heavy equipment so eloquently states, “a bug’s land” is GOING GOING (almost) GONE.


You can see a majority of the land has been peeled away.

IMG_0899 IMG_0901


Around Disneyland


Our favorite half-tree decoration from this Main Street window display is no more.


Still no sign of what’s to come when walls come down at Peter Pan’s Flight. More queue-space for FastPass perhaps? New wifi hub?


Walls are also up on a small area near Star Tours. More queue-space for FastPass perhaps? New wifi hub?

20181215_145119 20181215_145133


Rumor has it this Skellington Key opens every door in the Mansion. You know how rumors go.


Roast Beef TV Dinner at Carnation Cafe is a magical dinner-only option to enjoy. Roast beef topped with roasted shallot and sun-dried cherry demi sauce, mashed potatoes, haricot verts, and carrots and served with chocolate croissant bread pudding and crème anglaise. Come hungry!

20181215_132105 20181215_132201 20181215_143009 20181215_143026


Carnation Cafe menu.


The Bengal Barbecue Jingle Julep is the holiday party you want to be invited to every year. It features frozen white Hot Chocolate with a Cookie Butter bottom and a Pretzel Stick.

20181217_142020 20181217_142624

Cinnamon Spiced Fritters with eggnog dipping sauce from the Royal Street Veranda are a simple kind of magic.

20181215_164434 20181215_164443

New treats are available at the Jolly Holiday Bakery in celebration of MARY POPPINS RETURNS.

20181215_164439 20181215_164447

Holiday sweets are also available.


Dole Whip with Tajin. So good. Packets are usually available, just ask!


TROPCIAL HIDEAWAY is looking quite finished. We wouldn’t be surprised if it starts seeing its first guests this week…

MORE INFO: First look at TROPICAL HIDEAWAY; Rosita, market stalls, historical tributes!

12_2018_DL 1974b

Image is © Disney. All rights reserved.

Rosita will be found on the docks near the Jungle Cruise, greeting guests. Notice the small hat and cane rested below her perch, a tribute to the former Barker Bird who used to greet guests at the Adventureland decades ago.


Image is © Disney. All rights reserved.

A new Dole Whip stand will be opening up at the location (potentially replacing the bottlenecking location at the Adventureland entrance) and it’s name is a tribute to Disney’s past. The stall selling Dole Whip appears to be called “Dole Whip, I Presume” which is a tribute to a former Adventureland resident by the name of “Sunkist, I Presume.” You can see on the bottom left of the photo above part of the new marquee.


Image is © Disney. All rights reserved.

The other showgirls inside the attraction have new homes in-between show sets!

20181217_154255 20181217_154259

The merge point has shifted slightly at the Haunted Mansion. The touchpoints were removed and the merge point was moved further back just a bit. The ugly bird house is still a thing.




Baby Fox is finally back!






20181217_145610 20181217_145727


Did you get your final ride in yet for the year?


20181215_153551 20181215_153612

Here’s a better look at the new gingerbread portal in the Europe section of “it’s a small world” Holiday.


Around the Resort


White Water Snacks is still closed for renovation.

MORE INFO: New pool bar and quick service Dole Whip window, plus restaurant updates for Disneyland Resort Hotels


Have you tried the December flavors at Salt & Straw yet?

Peppermint Bark Cocoa, Cinnamon Coconut Eggnog (and it’s vegan!), and Gingerbread Cookie Dough. Of all the limited edition flavors released thus far, these are perhaps the least interesting but all three are sure to be palate pleasers. We opted for a single split scoop of the first two flavors.

20181208_130255 20181208_131154


Wetzel’s Pretzels has officially reopened.

20181217_173432 20181217_173407
20181217_173246 20181217_173325

Ballast Point and Black Craft are still speeding along to open early next year.


20181217_172927 20181217_172954 20181217_173017

Mickey and Friends Expansion


Concessions at Mickey and Friends.


The expansion at Mickey and Friends is moving very quickly along. Escalators are quickly starting to appear as concrete finishing is going up and other details are starting to all come together. Looks like this should definitely be ready by the time Galaxy’s Edge opens in June, ready to soak up those crowds!

20181215_112609 20181215_112625 20181215_112615 20181215_112618 20181215_112302 20181215_112305 20181215_112310 20181215_112604 20181217_103555


Merch Run

20181215_143332 20181215_143601

Fancy a Doom Buggy of your own?

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This is so random. I love it. 🦇

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20181215_150310 20181215_150328

Small World Build Your Own Diorama.

20181217_124316 20181217_124320

Woody’s Toy Chest opens up to reveal a playset. How fun is that?

20181217_124301 20181217_124305 20181217_124426 20181215_163328 20181217_160933 20181217_160954


20181217_105641 20181217_105646 20181217_105814 20181217_105818 20181217_105831 20181217_105624

Holiday Flavor

The 2018 Festival of Holidays are here and we got our chance to get our first taste of what the booth has to offer. The flavors span the continent bringing salty, sweet, and spicy combinations to tempt the palate!

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: 2018 ‘Festival of Holidays’ bring celebration of flavors


The holidays are a time of joy, merriment… and FOOD. We hit the Disneyland Resort to get our first taste of the new offerings at the Merriest Place on Earth!

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: New food options make things tasty and bright for the 2018 Disney Holidays!


The Disney Holidays take place now through January 06, 2019.

MORE INFO: Find more news and info about the 2018 Disney Holidays.

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