First Look: The Tropical Hideaway at Disneyland Park

We’ve been chronicling the construction progress of of the new Tropical Hideaway for some time and Disney recently confirmed that the much-anticipated new dining area will be opening before the year’s end.

The trader’s market is filled with details to discover around every nook and cranny and will feature market stalls offering “extraordinary eats from all corners of the world.” One cockatoo who has packed up her bags and spreading her wings is Rosita. As she waits on the dock for her boat to arrive, this friendly bird makes small talk with visitors!


As far as the eats, Disney has previously confirmed that noshable treats at the new location will include:

  • Steamed bao bun in three different types: Spiced Vegetable Bao, Kaffir Lime Chicken Bao, and Bulgogi Beef Bao.
  • Chilled ramen salad
  • Tropical-inspired snacks
  • Sweet Pineapple Lumpia 

Plus, new photos revealed today that a new Dole Whip stand will be opening up at the location (potentially replacing the bottlenecking location at the Adventureland entrance) and it’s name is a tribute to Disney’s past. The stall selling Dole Whip appears to be called “Dole Whip, I Presume” which is a tribute to a former Advntureland resident by the name of “Sunkist, I Presume.” You can see on the bottom left of the photo below part of the new marquee.


Ron Fleischer shared on Yesterland some of his memories working at the location:

It was right across from the Jungle Cruise and the Swiss Family Treehouse, and across the alley from Aunt Jemima’s Pancakes. It had a more relaxed atmosphere. The costumes there were V-neck pullover Hawaiian print shirts, Bermuda shorts, and huarache sandals. Very cool. For the girls—floor length Hawaiian patterned dresses.

Source: Yesterland

Tropical Hideaway Photos

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Rosita will be found on the docks near the Jungle Cruise, greeting guests. Notice the small hat and cane rested below her perch, a tribute to the former Barker Bird who used to greet guests at the Adventureland decades ago.


The other showgirls inside the attraction have new homes inbetween show sets!


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First Look: The Tropical Hideaway at Disneyland Park

See it for Yourself

The Tropical Hideaway in Adventureland at Disneyland does not have an official opening date although Disney recently confirmed the location would open this month.