It’s the merriest, yes the merriest! So merry, in fact, that each year it changes its name. Knott’s Merry Farm is back again this holiday season bringing with it its unique brand of holiday charm. Located in Buena Park, not too far from the Happiest (and most crowded) Place on Earth at the Disneyland Resort, the charming park is a great way to spend the holidays if you’re feeling a little bummed out by the crushing crowds with Mickey and co.

We were invited by Knott’s Merry Farm to check out the park’s holiday offerings and are happy to present some of our most favorite sites and sounds…

  1. Meet Snoopy at Santa’s Christmas Cabin

    It’s Santa, it’s Snoopy. In a single line. Best Christmas card photo EVER!

    20181209_115811 20181209_115918
  2. Snow and Glow in Ghost Town

    One of the most robust and heavy snowfalls in southern California! Get yourself thoroughly powdered in a fresh dusting of stage snow!

  3. Christmas Entertainment

    From the Merry Christmas, Snoopy ice show to the joyous It’s the Merriest Christmas Show Ever, Charlie Brown stage show, there’s some high-profile Christmas cheer to take in but there’s also lovely holiday stories at the Birdcage Theatre, Carolers, and more to enjoy.

    20181209_153224 20181209_161607
    20181209_124641 20181209_140051

    The Gift of the Maji and A Christmas Carol told in beautiful simple stage form. Always a simple joy every year.

  4. Christmas Gifts


    Calico Lanterns to make your evening merry and bright during Snow and Glow. The Christmas market place offers tons and tons of hand-made goods and gifts. Really unique offerings to satisfy even the most tricky gift recipients.

    20181209_115308 20181209_115326 20181209_132329 20181209_203216
  5. Christmas Photo-Ops

    The holiday decor around the park makes for beautiful backdrops for the holidays and for photographs!

    20181209_145815 20181209_182705 20181209_192509 20181209_192351 20181209_193254 20181209_203410

A Look Ahead


Big Foot Rapids are closed to make way for the lavish retheme of the attraction into a show-scene-heavy Calico River Rapids.

MORE INFO: KNOTT’S BERRY FARM unleashes 2019 plans; massive new Bigfoot enhancements, special events, and more

Calico River Rapids - Bigfoot


Knott’s is ready for the Big Foot mania to strike next year when the new attraction opens.

20181209_210038 20181209_210045