Disney has confirmed speculation that Rosita will be making her debut at The Tropical Hideaway opening later this year in Disneyland park.

WHO IS ROSTIA? For the uninitiated, she’s one of Disney’s most infamous characters in that she technically never really existed! In the Walt Disney’s Enchanted Tiki Room attraction, there’s a moment in the show when the cockatoo’s appear and emcee bird Jose asks “I wonder what happened to Rosita?” It’s a small throw-away line that for several years has spurned many a Disney fan to wonder the fate of the long-lost bird who never technically existed in the attraciton.

At the Tropical Hideaway, Rosita has taken her career solo and is a friendly cockatoo looking forward to greeting travelers from around the globe. You’ll find her on the river’s edge at the loading dock waiting for her boat to arrive and beware… she has a repertoire of jokes and one-liners that would make any Jungle Cruise Skipper proud!

This new Adventureland outpost that will serve as her new home will offer an exotic marketplace with unique food and beverage options. In addition to experiencing delicious tastes from all corners of the world, you’ll also encounter colorful wildlife.