Halloween might be just around the corner but the Disneyland Resort is distracted-boyfriend-meme.jpg and already moving full steam ahead towards the Disney Holidays.

The Haunted Mansion Holiday has already debuted and it will soon be joined by “it’s a small world” Holiday and a host of other returning favorites. Meanwhile, decorations are starting to go up all around the parks including snow on the castle!

The Happiest Place on Earth remains one of the most crowded too as tons of fans descend to take in the last bits of Halloween Time cheer. Meanwhile, tons of construction continue from Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge and the new Marvel-themed Super Hero Land, and more.

We’ve already taken you inside the recently-opened World of Disney but we’ve got a super in depth look at the new shop and some of the new magic awaiting customers inside.

We’ve got a massive Merch Run for you this week with a detailed look at the new Mickey Mouse Club collection, the myriad of new Disney Holiday merch, and much much much more in this latest park pictorial. ENJOY!

Star Wars: Galaxy’s Edge

20181028_081826 20181028_081907 20181028_161107 20181028_161054 20181028_161057 20181028_161100 20181028_161103 IMG_0503

World of Disney: A Closer Look


The new Downtown Disney World of Disney has officially reopened and we’ve got a great look at some of the details and layout for the new space which offers a layout that is far easier to navigate and a design aesthetic that is much more modern and relaxed; letting the merchandise stand out. JOIN US FOR A LOOK AT THE NEW SHOP!

MORE INFO: PICTORIAL: A Closer Look at Downtown Disney’s new WORLD OF DISNEY

20181028_083759 20181028_083803 20181028_083405 20181028_084852 20181028_083917 20181028_084443 20181028_083347 20181028_083327 20181028_092409 20181028_092429

Final Taste: Halloween Time Treats


So much to eat so little time left. See our full pictorial for more info and details!

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: The good, the bad, and the ugly of Disneyland’s 2018 Halloween Time dining options!

Around Disneyland


Still no sights on the new wall that separates the Enchanted Tiki Room from Main Street. The Matterhorn Bobsleds, seen in the background, reopens November 16.


Tropical Hideaway is finally seeing some big changes.

Meanwhile, we’re still celebrating Halloween Time but work is already under way to bring in the Disney Holidays. Snow has appeared on the castle as it usually does at the end of October.


Christmas merchandise started creeping in last weekend and now the usual spat of decorations are also starting to appear in New Orleans Square. it seems a nice fresh batch is going up this year.

20181028_103409 20181028_103423 20181028_103448 20181028_103518



Gingerbread Cookies like the ones you can find inside of the Haunted Mansion Holiday ballroom can be purchased at the French Market. They’re ok but probably not worth a special trip on their own.


Haunted Mansion Holiday switches from Scary Christmas to Merry Christmas, at least in spirit.


Christmas lights are starting to appear on the facades of “it’s a small world” Holiday which is currently closed for its seasonal layover. The attraction reopens November 6!

20181028_123723 20181028_123728

20181028_123654 20181028_123711

The Toy Shop is still behind refurb walls.


Baby foxes have been missing for a few weeks now. I wonder if they were stolen. 🙁


Did you get your Redd Funko figures?

Around Disney California Adventure


Demolition continues in “a bug’s land”.

IMG_0513 IMG_0515 IMG_0516 IMG_0508


Disney California Adventure is also seeing the signs of the holidays coming what appears to be a proper stage for the seasonal entertainment that usually takes place here.

20181028_132848 20181028_132841

World of Color continues to move along through its extensive refurbishment.


Restaurants usually always go through a bit of tweak and adjust after opening and now that the Lamplight Lounge has been opened for a few months, we popped in to take a look. As far as we can tell based on our visit for the grand opening, it seems the only difference on the menu is that the Lobster Nachos no longer tout “house-made tortilla chips.”

20181028_140944 20181028_140429

The 2319 is still our favorite mocktail. The non-alcoholic drink features Frozen Strawberry Purée, Cream of Coconut, Pineapple Juice topped with Coca-Cola. ($6.50)


Crispy Piggy Wings still have a horrible name for what is possibly our favorite thing on the entire menu.  The crispy tender juicy Pork Drumettes are tossed in Chili-Ginger Glaze with Toasted Sesame Seeds, Cilantro, and Slaw. ($17.00). We always ask for sauce on the side and it’s such a great call so you can control the heat.

20181028_143509 20181028_143539

Cheddar Burger and Salmon PLT are solid sammies, each served with fries and pickled veggies.


Made-to-order donuts are still so wonderful, espcially when you dip them in the chocolate and raspberry sauces.


Pixar Pier is still missing Bing Bong.


Jessie’s Critter Carousel is coming along.

IMG_0512 IMG_0510

Inside Out Emotional Whirlwind is still a ways off from awakening your imagination.

Around the Resort

20181028_090724 20181028_090741

Still think the fall decor in Downtown Disney is its strongest.


Random sponsor Honda still parked randomly in the esplanade without any sort of signage or context.

20181028_090211 20181028_090215

Napolini grab-and-go is hustling along towards completion.


Wetzel’s Pretzels is still looking pretty open-air at the moment. It is expected to return before end of year.


Above the Wetzels is a new dining patio going in for Ballast Point. If we’re not mistaken, that will probably offer some of the best views in all of Downtown Disney for Disneyland’s fireworks.

20181028_090306 20181028_090309


It looks like a new dining area might be going in at the entrance of the new Black Tap as evidenced by what seems to be a new tree/plant behind the walls.


Have you tried Salt & Straw yet?

MORE INFO: FIRST TASTE: ‘Salt & Straw’ opens at Downtown Disney, fancy ice cream for all!


The new Mickey and Friends parking structure is quickly coming together.

20181028_081623 20181028_081628


Escalators foundation going in quickly.

20181028_081538 20181028_081449

Bridges connect each level to the existing structure.


20181028_081459 20181028_081514

Wready to Wreck It Wonce Wagain?

Ralph Breaks the Internet: Wreck It Ralph 2

We’re pretty excited about the upcoming about the upcoming RALPH BREAKS THE INTERNET sequel and starting next month, Disney Parks will be offering an exclusive sneak peek of the new film from Disney Animation.

MORE INFO: RALPH preview wrecks Disney Parks in November

Merch Run

A nice big look at the latest purchasbles to drain your wallet!

Mickey’s Halloween Party

As Halloween creeps around the corner, Disney has started to try to offload its selection of Mickey’s Halloween Party merchandise by offering it during regular park hours to non-party guests.

20181028_095117 20181028_095125


Purchase with Purchase Offer

Meanwhile, Purchase-with-Purchase offers have already moved onto the Disney Holidays.

20181028_095206 20181028_095211

Mickey Mouse Club Merch


An entire collection of Mickey Mouse Club merchandise has been unleashed offering tons and tons of adorable new items paying tribute to the leader of the club that’s made for you and me…

M-I-C-K-E-Y — M-O-U-S-E!

20181028_091914 20181028_091933 20181028_092230 20181028_091650 20181028_091657 20181028_091704 20181028_091737 20181028_091744 20181028_092128 20181028_092140 20181028_092004 20181028_091951 20181028_092008 20181028_092108 20181028_092111 20181028_092121 20181028_091711 20181028_091721 20181028_091809 20181028_091816 20181028_091959 20181028_092022 20181028_092055 20181028_092100


Holiday Merch


Of course, more and more holiday merchandise is starting to hit shelves around the entire Resort. Ready to dive in?

20181028_094348 20181028_094418 20181028_094454


20181028_090451 20181028_090500 20181028_090507 20181028_090516 20181028_092918 20181028_092621 20181028_092649 20181028_092711 20181028_094956 20181028_084111 20181028_084123 20181028_100144 20181028_094607 20181028_100215 20181028_083928 20181028_130030 20181028_130040 20181028_130122 20181028_100153 20181028_092609 20181028_095013 20181028_095037 20181028_095044 20181028_095056


20181028_092805 20181028_094628 20181028_092939 20181028_094654 20181028_094721 20181028_095019 20181028_094905 20181028_094915 20181028_095004
20181028_095221 20181028_083944
20181028_083952 20181028_084000 20181028_084015

More Merch

20181028_103534 20181028_103613

Adorable new Minnie dress at the Disney Dress Shop.



20181028_092820 20181028_083337 20181028_083550 20181028_083609 20181028_083622 20181028_083628 20181028_083640 20181028_083651


Ready for a whole lot of Ralph?


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