The new Downtown Disney World of Disney has officially reopened and we’ve got a great look at some of the details and layout for the new space which offers a layout that is far easier to navigate and a design aesthetic that is much more modern and relaxed; letting the merchandise stand out.

The new backstory centers a bit around a popular trend of late: Gentrification. Based on paintings on the walls and thematic elements throughout the shop, the store evokes a previous history as a bus depot that would eventually be taken over by Disney animators and ultimately become a springboard from which Disney creations come to life on a variety of merchandise items in a new store.

According to Disney:

The transformation begins with the store’s exterior, which features new marquees and magical window displays. When guests step inside, they discover an open, loft-style atmosphere with such great visibility they may even fall in love with an item from across the room.

Join us now as we walk around the new shop!

Eastern Entrance


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Western Entrance

Various segments of merchandise can be found at the western end of the store including pods for Marvel, Star Wars, and more. Knick-knacks, mugs, home essentials, can also be found here.

The merchandise also serves as décor in the new World of Disney. In one area, a giant Mickey Mouse Club ear hat beckons guests to the new Mickey Mouse Club Collection. Several spaces throughout the store will change regularly, showcasing the newest and hottest Disney offerings of the season.


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The vast majority of the eastern half of the store is dedicated to apparel of all kinds.


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The middle of the store, which also has its own entrance, seems to be a giant seasonal flex space. For now, it’s featuring a ton of Holiday merchandise.


20181028_084101 20181028_084136



The middle of the store has a dedicated section for toys


20181028_084234 20181028_084322

Cash Registers

Registers are centralized into three main areas in each section of the store with big roomy queues that should hopefully handle the demand of the upcoming holiday season.

Complementing these displays are enchanted flourishes inspired by the history of the Walt Disney Animation Studios and the “Nine Old Men,” the legendary animators who created classic films such as “Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs,” “Peter Pan” and “Fantasia.” For instance, ink jars suddenly swirl with color and animate artwork on the walls.


Out of nowhere, blank pages fill with pencil sketches as if drawn by an invisible hand. Magical movie posters twinkle with pixie dust before coming to life. When making purchases, eagle-eyed guests may notice the store’s sales counters are inspired by the desks and furniture used by animators of generations past.


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Re-Usable Bags

Plastic bags are still available but you can opt to buy a re-usable bag starting at $1 for the smallest of the three sizes available.

20181028_092409 20181028_092429

See it for Yourself

World of Disney is an anchor location at both Downtown Disney District (Disneyland.com) and Disney Springs (DisneySprings.com). Theme park admission is not required. Select products may also be found at ShopDisney.com.

World of Disney will regularly roll out exclusive Disney Parks merchandise, reinforcing its reputation as a must-visit shopping destination for devoted Disney fans. Unveiled earlier in October was a new Mickey Mouse Club Collection with apparel and accessories featuring a vintage Mickey Mouse from the original television show.  Also revealed with the store’s grand reopening is the Nordic-inspired Disney Parks Holiday Collection 2018, complete with Disney-themed holiday décor, ornaments, apparel and more.


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