SNOW WHITE is often credited as the one who started it all. Sure, there’s Mickey Mouse who put the Disney name on the map but it was the fair-skinned princess who launched the small Disney Studio into the major wheelhouse that would eventually spawn many of the wildest dreams of Walt Disney.

It’s no surprise then that when Disney now launches a new re-issue of its library of films that it always starts with SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS. This time, she sets off the new WALT DISNEY SIGNATURE COLLECTION with the first-ever Digital HD release of the film. And yes, it’s still available on Blu-ray and DVD.

With the current digital landscape making it incredibly easy to get access to favorite Disney movies (and accessing them easily through just about any type of web-enabled device) Disney Home Entertainment faces huge hurdles to encourage people to shell out money for a movie that within the past 15 years or so they may have purchased two three or even four times already. So Disney has sweetened the pot yet again with even more bonus features for this release…

Bonus Features

In Walt’s Words: Snow White and the Seven Dwarfs is a fun listen for fans of Walt Disney proper. The various clips for the most part have all been heard before over the years but now they’re all compiled into completist’s assortment for the listening. We get some great insights from Walt–the insatiable story man–as he tells about the struggles and strife of turning “Disney’s Folly” into the record-breaking feat that it would ultimately become when it debuted in theaters in 1938. The audio is accompanied with great archival footage making it more than just a snip of audio playing.

Iconography is a fun bit of pop culture retrospective about how the striking basic color scheme for the girl with a super-hero colored outfit (think about it, she wears blue, red and yellow which are classic super hero colors… and she wears a cape) along with her squad of seven miniature men have inspired pop culture over the years in various realms including art and fashion. The piece features three artists Nathan Sawaya, Brittney Lee, and Leslie Kay who talk about the iconography of the film and use it to create pieces of art in their own signature styles: LEGO sculpture, paper art, and Disney Bounding outfits, respectively.

@DisneyAnimation: Designing Disney’s First Princess is another fresh take on looking back at the challenges and victories of working on the film and how the learnings from its creation would ultimately morph into the trademark style that is synonymous with the studio and its stable of timeless characters. The expected clip is an updated look at the making-of documentary that’s been created for this film with new interviews as well as archival interviews with Disney Legends long since departed.

The Fairest Facts of Them All: 7 Facts You May Now Know About Snow White is a little bit of fluff to get the tween set interested in the history of the classic feature. Here we find Disney Channel star Sofia Carson (who plays the daughter of the Evil Queen in Disney’s DESCENDANTS) who basically does a video listical of seven intriguing facts about Snow White.

Snow White in Seventy Seconds is… well… we’ll just give you the official synopsis from Disney on this one and you can gauge your own reaction… “Rap along with this hip reimagining of the story.” Yep. Moving on…

Deleted scenes and alternate sequences are always a fun way for fans to get a behind the scenes look at the evolution of a final picture. Here we get Alternate Sequence: The Prince Meets Snow White” which takes a look at a never–before-seen storyboard sequence showcasing how the Prince first meets Snow White. It’s fascinating to see the amount of time and effort goes into creating these full-length animated features but most especially when you consider that this was the first full-length animated feature that had ever really been done to this degree.

Final Thoughts

By now, it can be quite difficult for people to justify dropping even more money on a film that they’ve now likely purchased several times already in their lifetime but for the simple fact that this is the first Digital HD release of the film we somehow feel we know where your pocketbooks are angling.

To its advantage, this first DISNEY SIGNATURE COLLECTION release also brings with it a host of new goodies to enjoy. Sure it would be great if there were some more geeky in-depth pieces looking at production artwork or even more in depth looks with D23 and the Disney Archives but being able to see the film in digital HD format is quite a big plus, making the film look possibly better than it did even when it opened in theaters just over 78 years ago. That makes this release the fairest yet of them all.

SNOW WHITE AND THE SEVEN DWARFS is available on Digital HD, Disney Movies Anywhere (DMA), and on Blu-ray™ Combo Pack on February 2.