We’ve been pretty excited about EVERMORE ever since we found out about it so we jumped at the chance to learn more about the project at the San Diego Comic-Con panel.

Ken Bretschneider (CEO, Evermore Park; co-founder, The VOID), Josh Shipley (CCO, Evermore Park; former Walt Disney Imagineer), and Logan Long (creative studio director, Evermore Park; Face Off : multiple season contestant) were in attendance to talk about the special project which is set to make its debut this September.

Billed not as a theme park, amusement park, or ride park, Evermore will be the first-of-its-kind “living experience park”. Think of it as a fantasy-themed Westworld but without the robots, illicit sex, and murder.

The park — which is being built in Utah — will incorporate authentic European historical architecture, professional prop building, full-body character costuming, and puppetry.

A lot of what was covered in the panel are elements we’ve already highlighted previously (SEE: EVERMORE park will be the fantasy kingdom you’ve always wanted to visit… IN REAL LIFE) but there were a few new things that we learned about including:

  • Story Parties are scheduled to take place once a month, each with a unique theme that require costumes. Guests will interact with character performers and be a part of a narrative that unfolds throughout the evening. Once month might be a ghost pirate adventure, another might be a Victorian masquerade. The themes of each party are intended to vary on a 12-month cycle.
  • Enchanted Amulets that are RFID-enabled will be available encouraging guests to stay within the story avoiding the need for credit cards while in the park. Other uses for those amulets will also unfold in the park.
  • Narratives move you around the park. While there is definetly the opportunity for exploration and self-discovery, the park’s characters are part of bigger narratives to encourage you along and include you in the story. Pretty awesome, right? But the minute anybody in the park says “That doesn’t look like anything to me” will be the minute I run for the hills!



Overview map and an in-story overview map.


LORE is the first seasonal event in the park featuring a parasite that unleashes a flurry of Halloween scares and thrills.


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