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The voice of Mickey Mouse Bret Iwan was on hand at San Diego Comic-Con to talk about the history and legacy of the Big Cheese at the Walt Disney company. Joining him were two masterlass Disney notables including Becky Cline (director, the Walt Disney Archives) and Mark Henn (master Disney animator) with moderator Justin Arthur.

This panel was special for two unique reasons; for one, it was the first-ever Disney D23 panel at SDCC and it was also the first time the public was shown the Mickey Mouse official birthday portrait created by panelist Mark Henn to celebrate Mickey’s 90th birthday. Learn more about that painting here.

The panel in essence was like a Mickey 101 running the gamut of details from his early inception through his storied history over the years leading up to his current achievements and special 90th Anniversary Celebration going on this year.

We got to see great photos and video clips from the archives wih a mix of the stuff any diehard fan knows about but even some surprises that were new to us including Mickey Mouse branded pocket knives that were sold in the early days.

Of special notice for me was seeing footage of the late Wayne Alwyine (former voice of Mickey) talking about his process of getting to be the voice of Mickey and then hearing Bret Iwan (current voice of Mickey) tell his story.


There’s a lot in store this year for Mickey’s birthday and this panel was just the tip of the iceberg. Find out more after these photos:


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Attendees for the panel were given this special magnet set featuring Mickey's official Birthday Portraits

Attendees for the panel were given this special magnet set featuring Mickey’s official Birthday Portraits

But Wait, There’s More

Mickey Mouse has a lot going on this year. This portrait is just the beginning. Here’s a taste of what Mickey has going on for his 90th birthday!

  • This fall, ABC will air a star-studded celebration of Mickey in honor of his birthday, with special guests, musical performances, and more.
  • D23 will present Destination D: Celebrating Mickey Mouse, a two-day event at Walt Disney World Resort featuring panels, presentations, and fun-filled entertainment.
  • Disney Channel will debut season five of the Mickey Mouse animated shorts, taking the Emmy® Award-winning series total to more than 90 shorts, including a special seven-minute extended-length birthday episode.
  • Walt Disney Parks and Resorts around the world will celebrate Mickey’s 90th on November 18, marking the day with commemorative merchandise, photo locations, and more.
  • Beginning in late 2018 and into 2019, the World’s Biggest Mouse Party, saluting Mickey and Minnie, will take place at Disney Parks worldwide.
  • Disney On Ice will salute Mickey as the “True Original” host of Disney On Ice since its inception in 1981 by creating Mickey’s 90th pre-shows for productions touring the United States, Europe, Middle East, Africa, and Latin America.
  • Disney On Ice presents Mickey’s Special Celebration, a new production showcasing Mickey Mouse’s memories throughout the years, will launch in Japan in July 2018 and continue touring throughout the Asia-Pacific region until August 2019.
  • In France, 38 design and art schools will take part in “Mickey Is Art,” a unique contest in which students will craft works of Mickey, inspired by their favorite artistic movement. The winning designs will be displayed this summer in 12 major train stations in France and for sale this September at Galerie Glénat in Paris.
  • Disney store will continue to celebrate milestone moments for Mickey Mouse with the Mickey Mouse Memories Collection (launched in January 2018), a monthly, limited-release series of 12 collectible plush, mugs, and cloisonné pins inspired by Mickey’s most memorable movie roles.
  • Disney Publishing Worldwide will introduce more than 30 titles globally as part of Mickey’s 90th, including books, arts & crafts, and comics.

More to See!

We are at 2018 San Diego Comic-Con the entire weekend with plenty to see! Check it all out by clicking below!

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