Orphan Black made their final visit to Comic-Con before their farewell season!

Moderator Scott Aukerman (Comedy Bang! Bang!) was joined by Graeme Manson and John Fawcett (co-creators and writers) as well as cast members Kevin Hanchard (Art), Kathryn Alexandre (Tatiana’s body double), Jordan Gavaris (Fleix), Kristian Bruun (Donnie), and Tatiana Maslany (Sarah, Cosima, Alison, Helena, AND EVERY OTHER CHARACTER IN THE SHOW!) When Tatiana joined the panel she received a standing ovation from room 6BCF.

 Did you know the actor’s sound NOTHING like their characters? It’s true! Jordan does not have a British accent and sounds much less flamboyant than his character Felix. Kevin’s personality is vastly different than his very serious detective role as Art; his voice has great range and comedic variance.

Obviously, Tatiana has her work cut out for her with her multiple characters, and amazingly she personally doesn’t sound like ANY of them. The most interesting part was realizing that we’ve never heard her REAL and TRUE laugh as Tatiana! Though this seems like a small and silly detail, it actually displays Tatiana’s ability as an actress to completely remove herself from her characters and create entirely new personas.

Top 5 moments that made us laugh during the panel:

  1.  Fans were curious whether Cosima and Delphine got physical in the last episode. Tatiana explained that although Cosima was very sick, she probably didn’t have any trouble ‘getting it up’
  2.  That moment when Tatiana realizes she’s “made out with a lot of people” on the show after watching a sizzle reel
  3.  Tatiana got her acting start in improv so they did a little game where Scott gave her a clone to impersonate and a situation. One scenario included Donnie and Allison at a Trump rally where Donnie was feeling frisky!
  4.  Moderator Scott asked Tatiana if she had a thank you speech for WHEN she wins her Emmy, and then told her to not ‘pull a Melania’ and plagiarize it.
  5.  If Christian could write the worst line to end the show it would be, “I guess this truly was, a game of clones…”

If you consider yourself a member of the #CloneClub you will be ecstatic to hear that they will be hosting a contest in the near future where the winner will get a walk-in role for Season 5!

The series finale of Orphan Black premieres on BBC America in 2017.