Dumbo 4KDUMBO has soared out of theaters and right into homes with the first home issue of the new Tim Burton live action adaptation of the 1941 animated classic. The film was not an elephant-sized hit and so the bonus materials on this release are proportional in size. Still, there’s a decent set of goodies to take in here to sweeten the pot.

Easter Eggs are amongst my favorite part of movie making when filmmakers take inside jokes and references and hide them in plain sight and EASTER EGGS ON PARADE delivers just that pointing out some of the ways in which the live action film nods back to the animated feature. The featurette is short because there’s truthfully not really all that much to reference.

A Featurette section on movies anywhere is broken up with the four remaining pieces worth specific not for this release. They work together like chapters in a bigger picture but unlike other releases there’s not really a consistent through-line with the scattering of each of the four 3-minute featurettes.

  • CIRCUS SPECTACULARS is the longest of the pieces show how the film’s stars learned new tricks and honed in on their own talents for the film from horse riding and juggling to choreography and aerial work.
  • ELEPHANT IN THE ROOM is perhaps the most anticipated featurette for movie-magic geeks as it goes all-in on bringing to life the film’s titular CG star. From green-glad actor Edd Osmond to realistic stand-ins to CGI recreations, there’s a lot of techniques used in this production to craft the adorable protagonist. As always with Disney behind-the-scenes, I wish there was just a little bit deeper of a dive into the technical hows and whys but it still features some great shots and visuals.
  • BUILT TO AMAZE is the final piece coming in just under 8 minutes long going from pre-production to final piece with great looks at concept art, makeup, costuming, sets, production design, and music. It’s a full-scale look at the film that is my bread and butter of my favorite kinds of bonus materials. Dreamland features in more here which adds to the awesomeness of this piece.
  • The digital exclusive for this release is DREAMLAND – ANATOMY OF A SCENE. The Dreamland park is my favorite component of the film and unfortunately the 3-minutes and 33 seconds don’t go super in depth into the wonder-filled park. Instead it features quite a bit on the performers and costumes for the people in the park. We do get to see the surprising among of practically built sets to bring the park to life but that’s about it, unfortunately.


DELETED SCENES are a requirement for any self-respecting home release and this production featured a lot of material that was left on the cutting room floor. For this release, Disney has provided nine total scenes removed from the final picture.

  • Roustabout Rufus
  • Pachyderm Plans
  • The Other Medici Brother
  • Monkey Business
  • A Star Is Born
  • Where’s Dumbo
  • Elephant Heist
  • Backstage
  • A Seat at the Show

The “BABY MINE” music video for the song performed in the credits by Arcade Fire. A feature you didn’t necessarily crave but it’s nice to have.

CLOWNING AROUND is a great collection of bloopers and gags from the productions. Always welcome on a home release to round out the offering. Two minutes of hijinks and ha-has to behold.

See it for Yourself

DUMBO is available now Digitally in HD and 4K Ultra HD™ and Movies Anywhere and physically on 4K Ultra HD,  Blu-ray™ and DVD.

Dumbo 4K