Imagine walking through a magical land where fairies, dragons, trolls, and other magical creatures could be lurking around any corner. Not in a video game, not with some VR goggles. A place you can actually explore yourself. That is EVERMORE.

If you’ve ever seen and been captivated by works that take you into mythical worlds — reading LORD OF THE RINGS, watching THE LABYRINTH, or taking in any other similar fantastical realms — then you’ll be extremely excited to learn that you’ll soon be able to step into a **REAL** place not unlike those wistful worlds with the opening of EVERMORE.

Currently under construction in Pleasant Grove, Utah — 30 miles south of Salt Lake City — EVERMORE will unfold like the vision out of a dream with a bustling Towne Square, enchanted gardens, seasonal events, and themed parties to explore.

The selfie-inducing, Instagram-ready, park promises to be a fantasy lover’s dream. EVERMORE is touted as a “first-of-its-kind ‘smart’ park” combining old world mythologies, botanical gardens, and new technologies with the goal of crafting a unique destination unlike anywhere else.

It’s less of an amusement park with cheesy rides and more of a living breathing experience of pure fantasy. They brand themselves as “living theatrical experience park.” So think more along the lines of WestWorld where the world is yours for the taking… but, you know, without the creepy robots taking over the world.

As a “theatrical experience” you can expect every single detail to be considered from locations in the park to the people and characters within it and down to the buttons and clasps on their clothes. It’s all carefully assembled to realize a lovingly-created new world to explore.

You can discover an enchanting Norse lantern festival in the summer called Mythos, a haunted Celtic experience in the fall called Lore, or a magical Dickens-style story come to life in winter called Aurora. Other plans include Ghost Pirate Adventure parties and Victorian Masquerades. You’ll be able to explore four beautiful themed gardens interspersed amongst the village that will be complete with shopping, dining, fanciful menageries, and even a chapel!

And, yes they will allow and encourage guests to come in costume. So get your elf ears, orc sheilds, enchanted diadems, and/or house robes, and get ready for an adventure of your own making!

The all immersive world is being dreamed up by top creative minds including Chief Creative Officer Josh Shipley (a former Disney Imagineer) and Studio Director Logan Long (an alumnus of Syfy’s FACE OFF) who are working together under the guidance of the park’s CEO and Founder Ken Bretschneider (founder of THE VOID).

It’s all expected to be ready by July of 2018 but an official opening date has not yet been given.

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