It was a warm and busy weekend at the Disneyland Resort. Although crowds were relatively “light” (read: not oppressively packed) there was still A LOT going on at the Happiest Place on Earth.

This weekend was the unofficial “Dapper Day” spring event which brings denizens of vintage fashion together in their retro best. Of course, it was also Earth Day and Disney had special activities going on in Downtown Disney to celebrate.

At Disnelyand, we found that the new Castle Holiday Shoppe opened its doors next door to Peter Pan’s Flight creating once more a dedicated space in the park for year-round holiday merchandise.

We stopped by Disney California Adventure for a look at facade progress of the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT attraction. We also tried some of the new goodies available on the temporary Paradise Garden Grill menu while the nearby Corn Dog Castle is under refurbishment. We also scoped the new Pirates of the Carribean: Dead Men Tell No Tales sneak peek.

We’ll obviously have a merch run for you with a decidedly heavy lean on Cars 3 and Mickey Mouse. All of this and more in our latest pictorial! ENJOY!

Dapper Day

Our first stop is a the Disneyland Hotel!

The Dapper Day Expo invited fashionistas to come get a dose of dapper magic. A bunch of options, vendors, and designs to take in!

Becca sported a dashing BB8 ensemble.

There was a bunch of great retro and vintage items available too including a host of Disney goodies!

Earth Day

Downtown Disney got in on the Earth Day celebrations this year with a host of activities and learning opportunities!

Various Earth Day activities were setup throughout the shopping center.

We got to release lady bugs!

We missed the name of these really pretty little green bugs, they were calling them pixies.

Also shout out to those SANDALS!

This has been moved around the Resort a few times this month but for this weekend the Disney Environmentality Art Challenge found its home in Downtown Disney. Cast Memberse were asked to showcase their imagination and environmentality by creating art using recycled commodities collected at the Disneyland Resort. Basically… trash art! 🙂

Environmentality magnets were being handed out.

DON’T FORGET! If you see BORN IN CHINA during opening week, Disneynature will make a donation to World Wildlife Fund to benefit wild pandas and snow leopards.

And now from Earth we depart to a Galaxy far, far away…

Star Wars Land

Information vital to the Resistance has been placed into the memory systems of this BB unit. I have not been able to retrieve it.

In the meanwhile, we can continue to take a look at the construction efforts to bring the new Star Wars themed land to life!

More Concept Art

Coming in hot off of the Star Wars Celebration Orlando 2017 event, Disney and LucasFilm have released the latest peek into the upcoming Star Wars themed land coming to both Disneyland Park and Disney’s Hollywood Studios Park.

Read More: More concept art, details on upcoming ‘Star Wars’ themed land, plus new STAR TOURS destination

Hyperspace Speeding Away

Disney also confirmed that the last day to experience Hyperspace Mountain is May 29, 2017. That means there is only 35 more days to take it in!

The first day to experience the return of classic Space Mountain is June 1, 2017.

Based on our Twitter poll, it seems that the audience is split on whether or not this is a good thing! Share your thoughts with us in the COMMENTS section below!

Taming the Frontier(land)

Meanwhile in Frontierland, there is a lot of work going on to get the area opened in time for this summer.

The crazy new rockwork is starting to get some color giving us a first peek at the color pallette coming to the new Star Wars themed land…

Doors were open at Fort Wilderness.

Scaffolding was back up on the Sailing Ship Columbia. Hmmm…

Ready for visions fantastic to return here?

Fantasmic! Changes Confirmed

Disney confirmed that summer activities this year will include the return of Fantasmic! which will be enhanced with new scenes and features.

Guests will find Mickey Mouse in more scenes than ever before, and they’ll discover new roles for Genie from “Aladdin,” “Rapunzel,” “The Lion King” and “Pirates of the Caribbean.” Rumors abound for changes to the show including Rapunzel replacing Snow White in the iconic princess segment and Jack Sparrow and crew replacing Peter Pan aboard the Sailing Ship Columbia.

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Pirates Have Landed

PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES has sailed into Disney California Adventure with a new exclusive sneak peek at the Sunset Showcase Theater. The preview includes costumes and a 4D presentation!

Read More: Exclusive 4D sneak-peek debuts at Disney California Adventure for PIRATES OF THE CARIBBEAN: DEAD MEN TELL NO TALES

More Pirates at the D23 Expo

A new exhibit will display exclusively at the D23 Expo 2017 amassed by the Walt Disney Archives with hundreds of props, set pieces, photographs, and costumes celebrating the rich history of Disney pirates: “WaltDisney Archives Presents––A Pirate’s Life for Me: Disney’s Rascals, Scoundrels and Really Bad Eggs”

Read More: A PIRATE’S LIFE FOR ME exhibit announced for D23 Expo 2017

Christmas Comes Early

After its closure a few months ago, the Castle Heraldry Shoppe has reopened its doors as the Castle Holiday Shoppe. Out are the coats of arms and other medieval types of memorabilia and in their place is a host of year-round baubbles, decorations, and other goodies for the holidays.

The window display out front was not changed much, a few holiday decorations were added to fit the new theme.

Ornament personalization is available.

Scaffolding Breakout

With just 33 days left until the grand opening, scaffolding has come down on the facade for Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT.

A look at the new entrance…

Closer look at the new entrance.

Working backwards on the updated lighting pieces.

Not all traces of the Hollywood Tower Hotel have been irradiated.

Peek Inside

A new commercial launched by the Disneyland Resort features Marvel superheroes assembling Disney California Adventure for their upcoming SUMMER OF HEROES marketing campaign and even takes us inside the queue for the upcoming Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT.

Read More: First peek inside MISSION: BREAKOUT plus supers assemble in DCA in new commercial

Around Disney California Adventure

Now that the 2017 Disney California Food and Wine Festival has ended, the walkways seem so much wider! If you missed the celebration, get a look at what you missed here: INSIDE AND IN DEPTH: Disney’s California Food and Wine Festival 2017 debuts at DCA.

The Corn Dog Castle is closed for refurbishment. But worry not, you can still get your fried goodies plus new offerings right next door…

A new menu has temporarily taken over the Paradise Garden Grill.

We were off-put by this at first solely by name but quickly realized that the “deep fried corn” is really just an ear of corn with corn dog batter. Combined with the special cilantro lime mayo and Parmesan, it’s a pleasing treat and it’s served with apple slices or chips. Crispy Battered Corn on the Cob will set you back $8.49.

We asked for a small side of extra sauce as the amount provided while aesthetically pleasing wasn’t quite enough to cover the cakey creation.

We also quite enjoyed the Chicken & Waffle Skewer which was comprised of a waffle batter-dipped chicken breast that was fried and served with a Maple Bacon Sage dipping sauce. $9.29.

Elena of Avalor is still greeting guests in the Gazebo.

Hola, princesa!

Took a minute to enjoy the contributions of the late Don Rickles who provided the voice of Disney-Pixar’s fiery spud, Mr. Potatohead.

If you missed it, Toy Story Midway Mania recently debuted FastPass.

The new readers presumably coming with the launch of Disney’s MaxPass, are seemingly ready for use!

Over in Hollywood Land we saw signage for the Canadian Anaheim Music Festival.

There was nothing going on at the Hollywood Pictures Backlot Stage.

But there was some Performing Arts at a new stage in the back of Hollywood Land.

Catering Truck is still offering the Tot-chos and Fanta Orange Slush. Perfect now that Summer is just around the corner…

We decided to release our Downtown Disney Earth Day ladybugs here. A little on the nose, right?

Lovely blooms in a bug’s land, as always.

Roses in Paradise Pier were also quite lovely.

Around Disneyland

It was a lovely Earth Day inside Disneyland, too.

One of these is not a statue…

Moat was partially drained.

An enormous red-eared slider in the moat of Sleeping Beauty Castle.

Not much to see at Snow White Grotto.

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This majestic steed turned into a unicorn right before my eyes. May it inspire you to brave what we’re showing in our Instagram feed below.

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Statues have appeared in New Orleans Square…

Kinda liked the wiry nature of these branches.

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Found a vantage point in the Resort in which the Guardians of the Galaxy – Mission: BREAKOUT naturally blends!

Due to the heat, the Monorail was closed. The train is not air conditioned, unfortunately.

There were normal sized lines at the Red Rose Taverne so we stopped in for some Poutine. It tastes great but it’s not as satisfying as the Poutine Flatbread.

Also had to get Lemon Rose Cake, yum!

And we think the Grey Stuff is delicious!

Around the Resort

Planters around Downtown Disney seemed to have been refreshed for Earth Day.

Still not much visible progress on the vertical construction for the upcoming Splitsville location coming to Downtown Disney.

They mercifully widened the walkway to the theme parks by moving back the handicapped parking. The walkway was formerly not wide enough to let two wheelchairs/ECVs pass each other.

To account for the extra walking space, they had to remove the row of parking spaces on the opposite side of the driveway.

Electric vehicle charging handicap accessible spaces.

This is just NOT good.

Merch Run!

Cars 3 merch has overtaken Big Top Toys at Disney California Adventure.

DCA is on a decidedly Mickey heavy fixation this weekend.

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