On yet another decidedly gloomy summer morning at the Disneyland Resort we found ourselves running around the parks for a look at the goings on with various construction and refurbishment projects.

The Star Wars themed land continues in its expected flurry of dirt pushing, rebar building, and pipe laying as the new land’s overall layout starts to become more… well, concrete. We find that demolition is STILL not complete as more areas of Disneyland’s backstage areas continue to make way in the name of progress.

On Tom Sawyer Island, work seems to be picking up once again with various elements of the island continuing to get more paint and rennovations. The old mill used during Fantasmic! had its scaffolding come down a second time to reveal relatively no overtly obvious change except for a new “Lafitte’s Tavern” logo painted on the side of the building.

Meanwhile refurbishments around the park continue including the Market House Starbucks, New Orleans Square train station, Mickey’s ToonTown Depot, and now at Peter Pan’s Flight which now finds itself behind scaffolding and tarps yet still open.

All of this, plus another merchandise run and more! Enjoy!

AP DAYS again

After a successful launch in February of this year, Disney confirmed the return once again of AP Days which will run from September 6 through October 2, 2016 at Stage 12 in Hollywood Land and the Paradise Garden Gazebo in Disney California Adventure Park.

A slew of freebies for APs are expected along with exclusive character appearances. Earlier this year, Roger Rabbit proved to be quite the popular surprise during the event.

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Star Wars Themed Land


The walls have pushed further into Critter Country, removing access to the Critter Country restrooms.

Here’s the other side of that wall, you can see they just demolished the walkway that led to the lower dining area and restrooms.

Closer look, you can still see the Davy Crockett Explorer Canoe loading dock still in place.

There’s a new way to get to those restrooms at the Hungry Bear, you have to go a little further down…

To the Many Adventures of Winnie the Pooh.

A temporary new walkway has been built over the creek to lead back to the restrooms.

Another look at the walkway leading up to the Hungry Bear.

Tom Sawyer Island

Tom Sawyer Island continues to move along with its refurbishments.

The scaffolding came back down revealing… not much visibly different. The building still sports the red and green paint scheme that sent many on Disney social media into debates about the stark contrast form its former dull brown weathered appearance.

A new sign has been painted on the side for Lafitte’s Tavern.

Scaffolding is back down again here too.

Not clear if Will Turner is still proprietor here.

Maleficent’s lair under the island.

The treehouse was also revealed.

There’s no safety netting on the railings which makes us think that the treehouse will remain off limits to guests when the island returns to service.

Still scaffolding here.

Dry dock for the Sailing Ship Columbia.

You can see the water pumping out of the green hoses on the left.

Haunted Mansion Holiday

Gotta love rope drop. Nobody around!

Jack is wrecking the halls once again for the Haunted Mansion Holiday which debuts this year on September 9.


Decorations staged and ready.

September 9 is just around the corner.

Disney unveiled the design for this year’s Ginerbread House which will sit in the Haunted Mansion Holiday ballroom scene. Made with actual gingerbread, the giant masterpiece will pay homage to the character Sally while still feeling reminiscent of a scene in the regular version of the attraction.

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More Halloween Time

Halloween continues expanding its presence around the parks.

The Disney Showcase has some Halloween Time decorations up inside.

Halloween Time treats!

Hot Chocolate Cauldrons are super cute.

Goofy Coffin Gummi Worms!

More treats.

Not Halloween Time specific but classic Candy Apples are classic for the season.

More Disneyland

And now more Disneyland! Hi Minnie!

The Disneyland Story and Great Moments with Mr. Lincoln are closed for refurbishment.

Existing refurbishments at the Main Street Train Station and Market House Starbucks continue.

None of the shops were open on Main Street ahead of rope drop.

Peter Pan’s Flight is under wraps but still open.

Rope drop crowds, beautiful.

Just ’cause.

Refurbishments continue at the New Orleans Train Station.

They are not kidding at the Big Thunder Mountain Mining Co.

There was a major storm brewing at the Frontierland Shootin’ Exposition.

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The signage pieces are still being refurbished for the Fantasyland Theatre.

Not much progress at Mickey’s ToonTown Depot.

Over at Disney California Adventure

Not much of a wait to meet princess Anna and Queen Elsa this early in the day.

Nothing going on at the Sunset Showcase Theatre. Ok!


Crush sipper.

Merchandise Run!

BB-8 Ear Hat to top your noggin.

Recreations of the classic story books.


Lumiere and Cogsworth just can’t stay out of the spotlight lately…

Some definitely not Chris Evans mugs.

Saw a kid pick one of these up and throw it on the ground as hard has he could, screaming HULK SMASH as he did it. No, not really.

Still annoyed that these are not Disneyland designs.

Lots of Disney Infinity merchandise not moving off the shelf.

Disney travel Colllapsible Cup by TAG.

Want a castle? Just a week left to pick this up at the Disneyland Resort before #Disneyland60 glows away forever.

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