Dolby Vision and Dolby Atmos are two technologies that have elevated the quality of the digital moving going experience. From pristine picture boasting vibrant true-color and immersive all around audio, the Dolby Labratories experience is really a fantastic way to enjoy the latest blockbusters. Theaters around the country, including Disney’s El Capitan Theatre in Hollywood have capitalized on the technology and now that magic is coming to the home market.

Services including VUDU and Walmart’s Streaming Movies Service will now be releasing the first slate of titles now available in UHD with Dolby Vision™ high dynamic range (HDR) imaging. Dolby Vision titles now available for purchase and rental on VUDU® include the all-new release “The Huntsman: Winter’s War,” and fan favorites “Lucy,” “Oblivion,” and “Lone Survivor.” In addition to Dolby Vision HDR imaging, “Lucy” and“Oblivion” will feature Dolby Atmos® moving audio.

Dolby Vision combines two powerful capabilities—high dynamic range and wide color gamut—resulting in astonishing images that, compared to standard pictures, deliver brighter highlights, more light-to-dark contrast, and colors never before seen on TV. Dolby Atmos-enabled home-theater products allow sound to move around the room in a three-dimensional way in order to create a more powerfully immersive and emotive soundscape and experience. Together, these groundbreaking technologies provide viewers with a premium home entertainment experience.

From content creation to distribution and playback, Dolby Vision has support as an end-to-end solution from A-list Hollywood directors, executives at major studios, streaming service providers, and TV manufacturers worldwide.